Page 2, 3rd April 1958

3rd April 1958
Page 2
Page 2, 3rd April 1958 — German Observer of Mass in G.B.

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German Observer of Mass in G.B.

SIR,-Ever since I became a regular reader of the Certiotie HERALD in 1956 I have paid special attention to your vigorous efforts in making English Catholics more liturgyminded. During a 10 months' stay in England as assistant teacher. from which I returned only last year, I had plenty of opportunities to observe the life of the Church as if presents itself in your country. There are many aspects of it which left a very strong impression on me and 1 keep pointing to them as an example for Catholic activities over here

But I learned with deep regret that the benefits of the "liturgical movement" seem to have bypassed most Catholic parishes in England.

This leads me to a letter which you published in a recent issue under the unduly generalising title "The Mass in Germany". What we have to strive for is a middle way between the two extremes : that of over-organised, enforced and thoughtless participation on one side. which. by the way, you will not often find in German churches, and on the other side that of absolute silence with people praying during Mass and not praying the Mass as an act of community-worship. which I found to be the general custom in England.

A large number of varied forms of participation offers itself to he made use of and it is only by this means that people can he made aware of the fullness of the Mass as the central mystery of our fa ith.

There is much more which has to be borne in mind in this respect: for instance, the results of recent research work into the history of the Mass, the effect our method of saying Mass must have on non-Catholics. the importance of a sermon during Mass which unfortunately by many people is appreciated so little.


A CATHOLIC Tennis and Social Club In North London now has vacancies. Glynn, 60, Southbury Road, Enfield, Middx.

APPROVED home for mental defectives managed by Catholics for twelve boys over sixteen. Spacious home and grounds adjoining Cetiroh in small market town. 2 hrs. from London on main line near sea. Individual attention and care given "to comfort always." Fees by arransement according to needs

Armly to The Principal or Matron, Tower House. Ilownham Merlin, Norfolk.

AUTHORS invited submit MSS all types (including Poems) for book pubilcatinn Reasonable term,. Stockwell Ltd., Ilfracombe. Mod, tree).

B EGINNERS Class for Catholics only. Learn to dance at Westminster Etallmorn. Every Monday commencing April 28th, 8-10.30. 3/-. -Strutton Ground. Victoria Street. S.W.!.

COMMISSION for your church. On Paintings 8 x 4f1. any sublect 25 girt. Exhibitor London, Paris, Also presentation portraits.-Box 598.


time evenings. Westminster A South-East London. Phone: SYDenham 6498.

COITAS, cotton cambric; tmos

15/6, nine16/6; men's. 261ns. 19/6, 2Rina. 21/6. Albs. 561na.„ 40/-' 60ins , 45fApproval. Cassocks, price list from makers. -MELROURN DAY. Milverlon. Somerset.

HOULTS LTD. Expert Removal inc Storalle Service Smite articles. of COMCele house effects delivered anywhete Reasonable Estimates. Anderson Buildings, Market Si.. Newcastle, I. Tel. 28118. 15. Castle Si., Carlisle, Tel.: 22592. The Depositories, Chase Road. Southgate, London, N.14 Tel.: PALmers Green 1167 IRISH Traditional Set a Flier. Dancing. -Booking now open for Species Adult Course in July. Write to Sexton School of Dancing. Mangerton View, Lakes of Killarney. Ireland.

LADIES REQUIRED. pan-time work

(refreshments), evening. Westminster district. -Phone: SYDenham 6498.

MEMORIAL CARDS. Distinctive, Original. Samples. Edward Westbrook, 17. Dorset Road South. Bexhill-on-Sea SCOTTISH Country Dancing (with instruction). Every Wednesday. Commencing 261h March, 7.30 to 10.30. 3/.. Catholics only. -Westminster Ballroom. Stratton Ground. Victoria St., S.W.I. • SUPPLY HOUSEKEEPE.R., Would take the place of priests' housekeepers during illness, holidays or appointment gain. -Boa 569.


AN APPEAL TO YOUNG WOMEN . . . • recognised Lay Association working for the aged and infirm and other apostolic works is in need of vocations. Would you give yourselves to Chnst in a work so

urgently needed Li so. write for pant culars.-Rox 601.

WELCOME to young women wishing to give their lives to God in works of hosMalay; simple Sanity life under Our Lady's Protection; all talents welcome -Box 573


ST. ANTHONY'S Bread DOnors prayed For daily. Convent of the Good Shepherd. saliash. Cornwall


Words in CAPITAL letters (eseepl Nest word In advertisement) Is. each. (Minimum 12 words 6s.) plus 1/3d. extra per Insertion It using a Box Number c/o " Catholic Herald." Wording of ad■ertisements shotdd be on a separate sheet. SPECIAL RATES FOR ORDERS OF SIX OR MORE INSERTIONS SEND FOR DETA tt,S AND ORDER FORM.

REPI IFS TO BOX NUMBERS, ORDERS AND ENQUIRIES tor Classified Advertlaement Department. CATHOLIC HERALD, 67 FLEET ST., London, E.C.4.

W.14 Good food Central B B Road, Kensington. LONDON. Broadway House Hotel, 39-40. Dorsci Stature N.W.I Clow Batter Street Station. Bed and breakfast Man 17/6. other meals if required H & C. all rooms, some MOMS always available. Children welcome-write or ohone PAD mama 101 . MONACO. Very attractive Hotel, 15

Charlwood Street, S W.I. 3 minutes Westminster Cathedral. Victoria Rail A Coach Station... All modern comfortn, furnishings. television. AccomenorLation for 80. 'Parties & children welcomed. 17/6 B. A 13.-Tel. VIC 1831.

PARK COUR! HOTEL, ittree nuns.

Marhle Arch. Overlooking Hyde park. All rooms central heating, private bath or shower cabinets, radio. phones. Special Winter Terms. 75, LANCASTER GATE, W.2.-Tel PAM a411 %items. Parcohotel London


A BRIGHT-HOTEL (nr. MARBLE ARCH/ WINTER RESIDENCE from : Singles 34 ens., double, 5i gnu. Weekly daily from 21/6. H & C W. Pbone• Restaurant.don. W 2_ White Park Hotel, 9 Lancaster Gate. Lon(PAD. 8406).

BECOME London Wise Oy oaring at IBURY HOUSE. 102 abuts' Street. S-W•I iSTOane 1330). in spotless murroundings h and c in all twin-bedded rooms. divan beds. telephone,. etc.: from 1106 single rooms. 57/twin-bedded, inn l of in ample breakfast: 4 mins Victoria Station. 2 mina. 13.0.A.0 Air terminal 1 min Victoria Coach Station HOME COURT HOTEL, Prince of Wales Terrace, Kensington High St. WE S 2849 for Kensington Air Station. Victoria R1Y. Station and all parts Dbl. twin bedded rooms from 25/-. also Family moon (3/4 iHsoti6are,' bberedaskli raftriomtervfel dealochyop:roseolaw,n inmoclumsling full I UNMAN. Always comfortable at "Seaton We5sterlinol4l5an564 LONDON. Vacancies during April in comfortable student guest house Bed and breakfast 4 guineas dinner optional. Centrally situated. -Davison, 43 Marlborough Place, N.W.8. (Maids Vale 2662).

MRS. BAKER. 11 Nadine Street. London,

S E.7 Red A. Breakfast 106. highly recommended.-GREenwich 4395.


APRIL. MAY. SPECIAT OFFER. Eastbourne. Granville Lodge Private Hotel. Vacancies. full board. 61 guineas p.w. Home comforts. Excellent cuishre. 32, Inanition Gardens, Eastbourne 2988.

BON VWEUR and R.A.C. recommended. SMUGGLERS FARM Country Hotel. near Herstmonceux. for lovely food and comfort. Enjoy the tranquillity and beautiful countryside of Sussex.-Tel; Herstmonceux caB022;61U3l:RNF:MOUTH. Crag Head. East The Family Hotel which Is open I seasons Ow your comfort and service; by day or night. At terms to suit all but the moat modest pocket. Children welcomed Brochure by return-free BR1S'TOL HOTEL, Deal. Kent. High standard or comfort and food. 100 yards RseTa.. AiPeltruri attention. A.A.-R.A.C.

BRIKHAM, South Devon. Pola Hotel, Berry Head Road, on sea front. H. A c. in bedrooms moderate terms.-'Phone 2019.

CORNWALL tot apong eon:lays. 17th century waaide farmhouse, now licensed hotel-Mill House, Trebarwith, Tintagel EDINBURGH, COUNTY HOTELt Nearest to St. Mary's Cathedral 4 A.. ERD.Aw.mE C AWDAV 2333/4 HOTEL, BOVEY TRACEY, ideal centre South Devon. Opening Easter. GURNSEY. CLEVELAND HOTEL. St. Martins. Vacancies May, June. September. -Tel /1974.

HARROGATE. The Octagon Hotel. Valley Drive, for Yorkshire Holidays. Touring or Business. Facing beautiful Valley Gardena. Full Board or Bedroom and Rreakfast Phone 2611.

OXFORD. ST. GILES Private Hotel. 56 St. Giles A.A. recommended. Phone t50831

PAIGNTON. Torviesv Lodge Select

Hotel In lovely position 3 nuns beaches. Well recommended for good food. every comfort. Terms from S gni. Tel S9161 -1 Kevafirld Rd RAMSGATE. REGENCY KENT'S LUXURY SEAFRONT HOTEL--CHURCH ADIACEN1. Peak Season only 84-10 Ons. week. Inclusive. 100 rooms, 5 bars. TV. Ballroom Billiards. Table tennis 2 acres lawns -THANET 5I212

SEAFORD, Sussex. Tel. 2733. Court Lett Private Hotel. Quiet central: Catholic-a-Send for brochure SIDMOUTH. Knowle Grange Hotel.

Situated own grounds. Quiet, comfort. excellent food assured (Diets). Easter

Vacancies. Winter terms, Brochure.

Proprietor . Tel. 790. A.A.. R.A.C. SPEND YOU! Holidays in Einglanclai green A pleasant land " THE SPINNING WHEEL.' Old World Country House, BARHAM. Ni. CANTERBURY. .KENT Lovely Holidays for those with discrimination, amidst country charm. within easy reach of the sea: wonderful Mr & menet": ideal centre foe towing by car. of Ho

'hug services ‘n hiatorical towns Home

grown foods Attractive TOY honeymoon vacations Winter /Ronne 7 re a any SWANAGE. THE MALVERNS, Park Road. A well-appointed Private Hotel overlooking Swanage Bay. 5 mm,. sea and shops. Children welcomed. Television. Brochure.-Mr. and Mrs. G. S. Kendon. Telephone 2575.

WALSINGHAM. Guild Hotel. A.A.. Guesthouse-Club ficence. B. A B. from 171el 35 6an2d71 ens. rtw (Parties catered for) WEST SOMERSET. Kingswar Hotel. Minehead. Five minutes sea; every com

fort from 21/a day. R.A.C., A.A. Brochure.-Tel. 313.


BLACKPOOL. Good Friday Tea to Easter

Monday Tea. £2 10s. full board. Next Choral. ace. prom.-Farrar. 47. Chrystal Road.

RI scaroot. Good Friday Tel to Easter

Monday Tea, £2 10s full board. Five minutes Church. adi. prom.-Earrer. 68. Tyldeslev Road Phone 25913.

BLACKPOOL, Board 16). tad. B. & B. 10/6. Homely. near sea.-Staunton. 119 High Street.

BOURNEMOUTH. Bed/breakfast. Even

ing Meal. Morning tea. Late evening refreshments. Serino interiors, H. A C , bedside lights. ADJACENT CHURCH. near sea. shops and buses, 54 ans. inclusive.-Mra. Little. J. Parkwocid Road. Boscombe ret, Southbourne 43087.

BOURNEMOUTH. Catholic Guest House for happy holidays, close church. Liberal meals, h. A c.--Farr (K.S.C.). 28 Chigwell Road. Phone Winton 4436.

BOURNEMOUTH. Holiday enquiries invited. Reasonable terms. Near Church --Spriasrove. King Avenue. Parkstone DOUGLAS. 1.0.M.t " Ellen Vannin.' Loch Promenade Every modern comfort. Full board from 18/6 Mid-week bookings accepted. -Tels 2524 EASTBOURNE. sea/Downs. full board or, breakfast/evening meal. moderate.-53, Wannock lane, Lower WiIljngdon. (Carmelite Tertiary).

EASTBOURNE. Cill Dare, 48, lipperton Gardens Homely accommodation. Catholic Moderate -Pbone 2659 EXMOOR. Sc'; guests: beauty. comfort, good food Moderate. Holmes. Weatwood. Lynton, Devon.

FOLKESTONE. Horse Shoe House, 29 Central uhrneeatiGneardceonistioloTel En ga4 l L81, am Select, oriental New management

GOODRINGTON SANDS. Comfortable guest house, children welcome: happy tunicsvhere: brochure. Sea Joy, 10 Eimsleigh Park. Grodrington (Pahmton 58825).

GORLESTON-ON-SEA. Felix, 73 Avon

dale Road. Best poaition on front, full board or breakfast. evening meat 64 guineas.

HASTINGS 6632. A friendly welcome awaits You at "Comberencre Guest House," highly recommended for excellent cuisine.

comfort and service. 5-7 ratites. A.A. listed. Illustrated brochure on avoitcation. -Combermere ed.. St. Leonards HOVE. "Merrledene." Si. Tisbury Rd., Board Residence, minute R.C. church. Central -Hove 37566.

ILFRACOMBE. CONVENT, Torn Park Lady boarders received Every comfort, moderate terms-Phone 369 JERSEY. Haute Rive Guest House. High Street, ST. AUBIN.-Write for Brochure.

JERSEY-quiet holiday accommodation in small guest house. Good food. Brett!,

" Oakdenc." Clarendon Road. ST. HELIER. JERSEY.

KENT Coast, St Anthony's, Dover Road. Bookings available now those needing rest and change. Also Easter. Excellent Food. Warm, comfortable, friendly atmosphere.

KDP.SalW14108.2 LAKE DISTRICI, OsUaolic

Holiday Guild Guest House. Terms

lOsbr.octhourr to Secretary. season.--Send 1"m CATHOLIC HOLIDAY GUILD 8. MARKET PLACE. DER BY LEWES. Taller Guest House, High Street. Quiet, unspoilt Sussex countryside, from 7 inn -For brochure. 'phone Lewes 510 LI-TTLESTONE, Kent Scotia. Guest House. facing sea, satisfaction guaranteed: Mose to golf course.-Mrs. Lilian M Payne. New Romney (2237k OLD COLWYN. Restful holiday.. Ladle Three minutes am. Every comfort. Open through year. SuParieweas. ST. auGusT1N.E'5 PRIORY.

NITDMOUTPI. "Oreeageral.'''Vpper RUBfield, offers comfort, inegltfalt/evenine meal 44-51 guineas

SOMERSET: St Anthony's Cottage. Goatburst wrist:a:tut Quantock village) Moslem standards of comfort.

ST. JUDES. SOUTHDOWN RD.. SEAFORD, Sane,. Every comfort. mood food. Horne Produce. Ni. church Moderate Phone 3431.

SUSSEX. Convent Guest House. Ceatrai heating H & C.-Apply Superior. Syon House, Anirmertna TORQUAY. Comfortable Catholic board. jug house, near church. sea, shoot.. Bed. breaktast A evening dinner ES %JCS 10s. Children welcome. Forrest, "Brampton," 5 Windermere Road, Babbacombe. Torquay


HOUSE. Minute sea. Excellent food. FLC Every comlort. Mrs Hardy. 19. Nal/Arlan Road IC 7888

HOLIDAYS IN IRELAND B RAY. Sugar Loaf Hotel, Co. Wicklow, 3 miles from bray. Fully Licensed. Beau

tiful mountain scenery Own produce. Term. l47/-.-'Phone: Bray 21091 B RAY. Convent Guest House, Ravenswen. Open Whit. to Sept.-Apply Rev. Mother.

DURUM. Bed/breakfast/lisle supper 10(6: modern home, 15 min,. from city centre. convenient to all Northern seaside resorts. -Mrs. Nolan. 6 HarmenstoWn Avenue, Coolock.

DUBLIN. Exclusiae accommodation en route Dun Laoghaire/ Bray. Bed/breakfast

(4-course), light supper II/6, Excellent food. Spring Interiore-Synnott Eldon. Woodlands Drive, antimafia.

DUBLIN. Brooklawn Guest House. Howth.

Ilennely. comfortable. H. A C. Good food. large gardens. sea, country. Tele vision Open April /October.

DUBLIN. Beautiful, comfortable home, 10 minutes bus City. llectilareakfatt. write particulars-Box 554.

maws. Swiss Chalet Hotel, Murton Row, for Hamm Inexpensive Holiday. Write now for Illuatrated Brochure giving full details

DUNLAUGHAIREI Adelaide Road. S andycove, Select Private House. B/B. 10/6. Tea optional-Box 592 FAILTE CARAVANS. 34. Nephine Road, Dublin, offer 4-Berths at Skerries. Co. Dublin.-Write for brochure.


Madeira of Ireland. GOLF LINKS HOTEL A.A., R.I.A.C. Fully licensed. 34 bedrooms. A different Holiday. Write for brochure GOING TO IRELAND! Then contact JOHN PURCELL CAR HIRE, SMITH FIELD. DUBLIN. Phone 75729. Self• Drive and Chauffeured Cars. Service with the Personal Touch -Write for illustrated brochure and Rates

KILLARNEY, IRELAND, Catholic Holiday Guild centre.-Send for brochure and full details to Secretray. CATHOLIC HOLIDAY GUILD. 8. MARKET PLACE, DER BY

MODERN house in select locality offers comfortable accommodation full or partial board Moderate terms-Logan, 7 Beechwood Grove, nun Langhalre.


offered and rewired Furnished Apartments. Board Residence. B. la B., ere AVMS, to the Catholic Accommodation Bureau. 24, Telford Avenue. London. S.W.2, enclosing addressed envelope.

FURNISHED bed-sit t I ngroom (Wimbledon), linen. etc.. gatifire facility for simple cooking. Suit business Person/teacher. Neat R.C. Church.-Box 588 FURNISHED bed-sitting room, cooking facilities, Catholic house, nice district, N. London Near buses, church. Single business lady, 35iweekly. Phone TUDor 5414. evenings.


London preferred. 1-2 bed*: £3 5s.44 155. p.w. Neuritis church, Max: f. & I. £250.Box 605.


Class Residential district. Detached Bungalow comprising Large Lounge. 2 good Bedrooms, DInIng Room or 3rd Bedroom, Bathroom. Sep. W.C., Kitchen (Boiler). Sun Lounge. Garage. medium garden with fruit trees. 5 minutes Catholic Church. 'bits stop, shops & station, Freehold £3.750. Another Post-War Bungalow available at £3,950.Keys with Patching A Co.. 72. Goring Road. Worthing. Tel.: 5820.

HYTHE. Bungalow for sale, close to shops. buses and Catholic Church.Box 604.

MILL. mu, near stations, school, church.

4 :lying. .5 beds, brick garage. Mature garden. Good cond. 0.600 o.n.o.-MIL 1633.

WIMBLEDON. off WorDle Rd. 4 bedroomed semi-detached house :unable for family or as 2 fiat, 5 'Mimes Catholic

Church and schools. Good condition small garden overlooking field. Freehold

£3.000 or near offer.-WIM. 5247.


CHURCH Woodwork In Oak: Benches.

Vesurrni Presses, etc Sponge Roarer& Knecterei Can he fitted to the exiatial kneeling board'. Rubber flooring Invaluable for your Church Aisles. Our prices are very keen: All enquiries welcome

McCarthy A Co., Manufacturers' Arista II Church Furnishing, 32, Qum Road, London. N.W 6 Telephone • Maids Vale 07112.


BLACK Lace Mantillas: This dignified and modest headdress is very becoming for all women Beautiful design for Lourdes Centenary Year: only 12(6 each leash with order). McCarthy A Co.. Church Fur• nrshers. 32 Poet Road. London. N.W.6 BUY YOUR TEA AT WHOLESALE PRICE. Grays Superfine Tea as supplied to Convents, Hotels A Caterers throughout Rritaln. Is now avatlahle for household use. 71b. airtight economy tin 35s. post paid. lin. sample 5s. 6d. c.w.o. Money refunded if not deliatried.-Gravs. Dent CH.. Green. bill, Worcester.

CATHOLIC Printer often Distinctively printed private A commercial letterheads, cards, etc . reasonable charges: samples free.-MURRAY, 44 YORK WAY, LONDON. N.20.

CHILDREN'S white dresses!. Processions, etc., from: 22/6. 26in.-S.A,E, for details.

" Pretty Miss Dresses." Dolronwsi," Dolgelley. Merioneth.

EMBASSY 2nd Cup Tea. 6 lbe. 36/-, lb. 3/8 oost free. Rowland Stlmson A Co.. 99. Minories. London. E.C.3.

GOOD Strong Rosaries I/. to 51.. Serviceable Scapulars ed., 9d.. 1/-. All hooka and Devotional Articles sent by post speciatity priest's or nun's Jubilee cards hand illuminated. -Friar's ReposilorY. Ayiesford, Maidstone, Kent.

A SPECIAL BARGAIN In Lancashire unbleached Twill Sheeting Billanee of • South *Wean Hospital



al 5/6 per yard 72' wide

You can have a free sample of tell

Bradley Textiles Co. IS Stott Street, Nelson, Lanes.

GARDENING PRIVATE DRIVES, FORECOURTS, ESTATE ROADS. etc., resurfaced or reconstructed by specialism. Tarrnacadam or Tarspraying. Estimates free.-STANLEY LUCAS (Slough) LTD., Alexandra Road Slousth 21279.

GLADIOLI; Mitch grown; guaranteed quality; colours separately packed; 10/12 ems.; 20/100; 451i250; 8011•00. 150/1.009: carriage paid: c.w.o.; 041ninutm 100). -SUMMIT, Ma. Little London, Long Sutton, Lincolnshire.

WHITEHEAD FARTNERS, Billingshurst Sussex, are highly reputed GARDEN DESIGNERS and craftsmen. Lawns a speciality Enquiries welcome


STAMPS. Wanted. Large quantities of used stamps, Gt. Britain, all values. Good Prices Stare collecting now. Dayrnar Stamp Company, 88 Margaret Road, New Barnet. Herts.

VATICAN. Lourdes complete 3/2. Prance (new) 86. Monaco expected May. Par ticulars. Colombia, St. Vincent 645. Also apProvala, Foreign. Clesioni&L-Foeld /dam Saki Road. Livemool. 19 APPOINTMENTS AND SITUATIONS VACANT

A GENERAL Maid for 4 bedroom modern house. Excellent home, food, wages. Own bedroom. Refs. essential. Harris. 3111 Golden Gardens. Golders Green, N.W.11. CATHOLIC MUTH StELTETY requires Adrerna Operator. Apply: Organising Secretary, 38/40 Eccleston Square, London. S.W I COOK-HOUSEKEEPER wanted toe Northern city tatesbyiery 5 priests. Recent references. State age.-Box 595. PIARISSIIERS (London) require young lady (18-25). knowledge Sri. to train is Manager's Secretary Must have initiadve, Proriat Box 5wPos.ition. (Catholic saff). W PUBLISHERS REQUIRE Young Man Of good education who has completed National Service, as Assistant to Editor of Technical Journals. Excellent prospects, early promotion to Manager of Editorial Department for right applicant. Technical knowledge not necessary. Must be prepared Sc, work on own Initiative and take responsibility. Pleasant offices situated in southern outskirts of London. -Apply in writing marking envelope "Private and Confidential" to The Director, Trade and Technical Priem Ltd.. 1/9 Tudor Drive. Morden, Surrey. SHORTHAND TYPIST required (London). Interesting work, 5 day week. 'Phone Chancery 9538.

SHORTHAND-TYPIST required. Matson sante position Some figures. Junior or senior would be considered (London/. Write Box 600.


BEXLEY HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT Bexley HospCit°alN.MrirriRDartfordF.Heath,__Beling„, Kent. Student Nurses required. Why not train to do a worthwhile and satisfying lob of work, by training to be a Psychiatria commence June and Octobet. Nus,rsitte?,015 1958 Salary whilst trainIng-£320 age 111, 031 age 19. 4347 age 20, £4104441 its 21 or over, plus £90 proficiency bonuses Oil passing examinations. Write to Matron for full particulars of training and also for the course tar nursing assistants,


London Road. Chelmsford 061 beds). Female Student Nurses. resident. Vacanciel for limier, and October schools Good standard ol education rim quired Candidates on supplementary registei accepted lot two years' training Application err Matron of above Hospital DO YOU like children and want to help them? If so, you are needed as a NURSING ASSISTANT (female) earhss for those who are mentally defective at the Fountain Hospital, looting Grove. Opportunities for suitable Hum= London. Assistants to become Student Nurses. Apply in voitine to Matron.

KING GEORGE V HOSPITAL, ooDAL.miNo. SURREY. STUDENT NURSES (female) 18 years of age or over required for two years' training for certificate of the British Tuberculosis Association, or four years' training for combined Iteheral and B.T.A. certificates, training allowance of 1278 first year and £289 second year, less E123 OCT annum for board residence. Bonus of £60 on the completion of two rears' trainlox: annual leave four weeks: uniform Provided Possession of B.T.A. certificate entitles nurse to additional £90 during general training. Ex-tuberculosis patients considered. There is a Roman Catholic Chapel in the hospital grounds and guff are permitted to attend Mass on Smitten and nn days of obligation. AoplvThe Matron MIDWIFERY SISTER, Vannes OMNI for Midwifery Sister in busy Department in FGorenefurartihetic' resPait!tairol3a0 rsi beds. to matron, Bethnal Green Hospital. Cambridge Heath Road. London, E.2.

NURSING Assistant (Resident Female) for small private home for mentally handicapped children (Medium to High Grade). 24 beds, Whitley Council rates of so. Plus £20 per annum after three months' satisfactory aersice for taking charge during Matron's absence. Comfortable Red-Sating Room. Good Homely Atmosphere. Liberal off-duties, Apply Matron. St. Christopher's Trust. Redcourt Glonop.


Complete Training School for Norma. There are vacancies for STUDENT NURSES at the above hospital. A Boos standard of education is required. Training allowances: lit year-4273, aid year-4284. 3rd year-iE299. Lam g year for residential emolumenu. Preliminary training School-3 mouths. Qualified Slater TotOr Nurses whole names are on the Supplementary part of the Register accepted as second year nurses. For further particulars apPIY to the Matron STAFF MIDWIVESs Vacancies exist for Staff Midwives; busy depanmcnt in General Hospital: good experience available Rest. dent or non-resident.

Anolv for further particulars to Matron, Bethnal Green Hospital. Cambridge Heath Road, London, E.2 STAFF NURSE& For Wards and Departments. Vacancies. exist for Staff Nurses in busy General Training schutu-301 bed,. 01 special interest to nurses wishing to gain experience in ward administration and the teaAcohoinlyg ofol p ic r further n rl particulars to matron, Rethnal Green Hospital. Cambridge -Heath Road. London. E.2.

ST. ANN'S GENERAL HOSPITAL (Formerly North Eastern Fever Hospital) ST ANN'S ROAD, TOTTENHAM. LONDON, N.15. Student Nurses of 18 years and Cowr required for two years' training In the Mining of Infectious Diseases, chiefly &monism babies and young children. Ten weeks in Preliminary Training School before entry to wards. Study Day system in force, Schools consmenee Lis January. April. July and October. Training allowance commencing 1260 on annum less 019 for board and residence, etc. S.R.Na accepted for one rear's Postregistration Fever Training, Vacancies in January, May and September_ Trainire allowance £375, less £123 board and residence. ApplicatiOnS are also invited trons women over the age of 18 years for training as Assistant Nurses. Two years' course commencing with four weeks' practical Instruction heroic entering wards. A simple test of practical efficiency Is made at the end of one year's training. No further

exammarions. The course is suitable for

those interested in bedside nursing, but not willing to undertake intensive stuchr, also for those who have attempted full General Training. but have failed the Preliminary Training School Examination. Schools commence in January, Fruary, April. October and November. TTaining allowance commencing at £260 per annum less £119 for hoard and residence.

A 48-hour week is in operation, Four week's annual holiday with pay. Comfortable Nurses' Home with single bedrooms; wireless, television and tennis courts Provided. The Hospital is pleasantly situated in its own grounds, within easy reach of West End and Country. Appfication forms may be obtained teem the Matron_ WARD SISTERS: Vacancies exist for ward sisters in busy General Training School: 301 beds.d

F further particulars apply to Matron, Bethnal Green Hospital, Cambridge Heath Road, London, E.2.

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