Page 6, 3rd April 1958

3rd April 1958
Page 6
Page 6, 3rd April 1958 — iL t L Helping the ‘Have-nots ) 111 F OR some years now women's

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Organisations: Sexton School, United Nations
People: John S. Cassidy


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iL t L Helping the ‘Have-nots ) 111 F OR some years now women's

organisations in Switzerland have been responsible for arranging holidays to help needy and r e f ti g e c children throughout Europe. Through their efforts, parties of British children suffering from chest complaints have enjoyed holidays in the Swiss maimtams.

Now they have turned their attention to the underdeveloped Countries and a new and broader organization—"Swiss Assistance to Non-European Areas"—has been set up. This body aims to give help to the have not" countries and to educate the Swiss in the problems of such areas.

Working with various United Nations agencies, the Swiss women were responsible for craftsmen going to Nepal to teed' bridgebuilding, and for farmers teaching Nepalese peasants better methods of dairy farming.


"RICE Action " was one of the imaginative ways used to bring home to the Swiss the problems of others. Gifts or rice were asked for and received. These were

made into !mall hags with a leaflet

explaining that what was in the bag was the daily diet of millions in Asia.

The leaflet suggested that Swiss families might have a symbolic rice meal once a month and send the money saved to the fund. Subatantial contributions were received.

This work is broadly based now, but the beginning of it was made by women through their organisations.


THE new—or perhaps I should say the restoration of the old —times for the Goad Friday Liturgies certainly make it much easier for full family participation. However, meals still have to be thought about, and of all the days in the year simplicity of catering is one of the essentials for Good Friday.

Here is a simply prepared

casserole suitable for the main meal. You will need:

2 tins of Norway Slid.

6 hard-boiled eggs.

2 ox. butter.

4 tablespoonfuls mayonnaise.

I tablespoonful prepared mustard.

Pinch of pepper.

Pinch of curry powder.

4 oz. noodles.

pint of cheese sauce.

teaspoon salt

Cut the hard-boiled eggs in half lengthwise and remove the yolks. Mash the yolks with softened butter. mayonnaise. mustard. salt, pepper, and curry powder. Drain the oil from the &Id and put six aside for decoration.

Mash the Sild into the yolk mixture. Fill the egg halves with the mixture. Place the cooked noodles at the bottom of a casserole and arrange stuffed eggs on top.

Pour cheese sauce and arrange six Slid on top. Bake in an oven (350 deg. or Regulo 5) for 15 to 20 minutes. Serve piping hbt with croutons or toast.


NORWAY Sild is also used in

the attractive-looking salad illustrated. The ingredients arc: 2 tins Norway Slid.

6 hard-boiled eggs.

1 tablespoonful mayonnaise. 1 teaspoonful curry powder. Green salad, Russian salad. etc. Halve the hard-boiled eggs and

scoop out the yolks. Mash together

with the site!. mayonnaise and curry powder. Fill the halved whites of egg and serve with green and Russian salad, tomatoes, etc.


AN attractive opportunity for a

holiday with a difference is created by the holding of a summer course in Irish traditional dancing by the famous Sexton School in Killarney. The desire for such a course was expressed by the many English and Continental visitors to the Sexton School Exhibitions during 1951.

The promoters of the course say that it will " provide the most untutored beginner with a sound working knowledge of these intricate figure and step dances and will permit the more experienced aspirant to acquire such theoretical and practical values as to render their further impartation both pleasurable and profitable."

The dates of the course are June 30 to July 5 (inclusive). Accommodation is available in all grades hut should be booked as early as possible.

There is no need to enlarge on the beauty of the setting. "The Lakes of Killarney " speak for themselves. Further particulars will be found in the classified advertisement column.


HAVE also received this letter

about family holidays: "Some time back you mentioned the idea of exchange holidays for families.

"Through a letter to the CATHOLIC HERAT CI a couple of years ago our family had a very Mee holiday in Cornwall. and I believe the other family thoroughly enjoyed a near town holiday. Another year we exchanged homes, this time at the sea, and again the other folks seemed to enjoy the exchange.

"From a financial point of view, it is almost impossible for families such as my own—five children— to go to hotels or boarding houses and, having had successful eechanges twice. I feel that it would not be too difficult to get a small index of people who would join., in a series of exchanges.

" I would be willing to run a centre for such an exchange, as a Christian gesture. It would, of course, be necessary for those interested to enclose a stamped envelope." So would anyone interested in the idea write to Mr. John S. Cassidy, 6 Holmes Road, Strawberry Hill, Middlesex.

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