Page 1, 3rd April 1970

3rd April 1970
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Page 1, 3rd April 1970 — African bishop attacks Church in Angola

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African bishop attacks Church in Angola


ARCHBISHOP Emmanuel Milingo of Zambia has attacked the Catholic Church in Portugal's African territories of Angola and Mozambique for accepting money and privileges from the Portuguese Government.

The Archbishop was consecrated as Zambia's first African archbishop during the Pope's visit to Uganda last year.

In his Easter message broadcast on , Zambian radio and television, the Archbishop said that because of these privileges the Church was unable to speak out against social injustice and oppression. "The Catholic Church receives enormous amounts of money from the Government, which puts up churches, schools, hospitals and anything which the Church may need in the form of financial help. With these privileges the Catholic Church is muzzled.

`No freedom of speech'

"From the agreement of patronado derives several privileges to the Government. No priest will be allowed to work in Portuguese East Africa unless he first promises not to say anything against the Government. His preaching there is from the outset the Gospel of the Government. "There is no freedom of speech for a Catholic priest in Portuguese East Africa. Again, the Government has kept and stuck to its other privileges of not allowing any bishop to be appointed to Mozambique or Angola who is not accepted and approved by the Government.

"That is why the evils in these countries, called Catholic countries, are perpetuated by the Catholic Church. We Christians, therefore, who know the message of Christ, which unites us in love, cannot tolerate nor suffer the existence of this special privilege, patronado, to continue. It must be abolished immediately so that the message of peace and the realisation of human dignity among the people of Angola and Mozambique may be facts, not only desired goals."

S. Africa & Rhodesia

Turning to South Africa and Rhodesia, Archbishop Milingo said, "Again, here it is one Christian Church which is backing the policies of these two countries. This is the Dutch Reformed Church. Now do not mix the Dutch Reformed Church of the Netherlands with the local Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa and Rhodesia.

"The Dutch Reformed Church believes on Biblical grounds in separate development. Poverty, inferiority complex, degradation of the majority of Africans in South Africa is said to be a sign of the Divine Curse imposed on the people of Africa. They continue to say that if God loves them they, too. should come up.

"The fact that they accept their fate as inferior human beings means that that is what God had planned for them. You know the story of the three sons of Noah, and the cursed one was Kham, who is said to represent the Black race. This doctrine is maintained by the Dutch Reformed Church, which is also one of the Christian Churches.

"This Church has refused

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