Page 2, 3rd April 1970

3rd April 1970
Page 2
Page 2, 3rd April 1970 — African bishop's attack

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African bishop's attack

cooperation with other

Churches at any time when they have been called upon to discuss the implications of apartheid, which means that they know that they are to blame for the promotion of apartheid."

The Archbishop said that they had come, in Africa, to understand the truth wh;ch Christ left. "We are able today to explain it as we understand it. There is no more chance for our brothers to twist the truth and give it to us as they would like it to suit their whims.

"The Catholic Church in Portuguese East Africa is certainly wrong in going around with explanations of prudence, which in this case means fear and hypocrisy. The Dutch Reformed Church. too, has to admit that they are supporting the wrong regimes in South Africa and Rhodesia. There is no escape from the truth. "Whatever the enemies of these oppressed people in the countries mentioned above may try to do to prevent this message reaching the people concerned, may I assure them that they will not succeed in preventing this. It is going to reach them all the same. Truth is truth."

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