Page 5, 3rd April 1970

3rd April 1970
Page 5
Page 5, 3rd April 1970 — CRITICS OF CELIBACY RULING

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OUR correspondent J.

Laws (March 27) continues to beg the question. Critics of the Papal line on clerical celibacy do not doubt that the Pope should be supported in protecting Christian teaching, morals and ethics.

What we maintain is precisely that compulsory clerical celibacy is not part of this "packet" and therefore fully open to criticism. Mr. Laws' appeal to close the ranks in defence of Christian values against paganism, humanism etc. is valid only in so far as it is genuine Christian values we are defending and not some disciplinary aspect which may well be harmful to those values rather than otherwise.

The Editor's heading to my last letter was perfectly correct, criticism of policy is not sabotage of Christian faith, morals or values.

A. F. Brooks Wigan.

Editing to edify

ALAN McELWAIN's Rome Diary of March 20 contained a story headed "Priest introduces Fiancee". Had I not have been conscious of picking up the CATHOLIC HERALD, I would have easily thought I was reading one of the sensational Sunday papers. I have always understood the Catholic Press was first and foremost edited to "edify"— excuse the old fashion word— and to give Catholics a feeling of oneness and sense of involvement in a country where they are very much a minority. Such topics, as the above only help to disunite and add doubts to many already bewildered with so much under the guise of progress Bro. John Hegarty London, S.W.19.

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