Page 8, 3rd April 1981

3rd April 1981
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Page 8, 3rd April 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: AGM Diocesan Schools commission, High School, Caribbean Catholic Association, Northern Bishops Review Committee, Austin Friars School, St John Fisher High School, Catholic Church, AGM National Board of Catholic Women, Bishop's Missionary Commission, Hens Area Justice and Peace Commission, York School, Free Association of Nuns, Ushaw College, Children's Society, Church of The Immaculate Conception, Marist College, St Nicholas High School, Diocesan Schools' Commission, Council of Administration, AGM Union of Catholic Mothers, Wallasey Rescue Council, Newman School, Ffickrnansworth Church, Camnion Association, Vocations Commission, Blessed Edwin Oldcorna School, King Alfred College, Congress, English College, Upholland Northern Institute, Pastoral Council, Review Committee, USCA Council, All Saints Pastoral Centre, Newman Association, JFK School, ArchbIshOpe House, Northern Bishops' Review Committee, Secondary Education Review Working Party, St John's Ambulance Brigade, Herts Area Advisory Council, Harrytown High School, St Joseph's Academy


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Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Kum*, Archbishop of Westminster: Friday: Presents prizes. St Braniface's Collage,

Guildhall. Plymouth. 7.30 pm.

/Wednesday: Presides at AGM Secretaries of Bishops" Conference of Europe. Wednesday: Consecrates Ffickrnansworth Church.

7 30 pm.

Archbishop Dwyer of EllrmInglsami Sunday: Maw and confirmalion. Sr Elizabeth, Coventry. 3 Pr" Tuesday: Chapter meeting and masa St Chad's Cathedral, 11_45 am.

Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool; Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. St Ember's, Liverpool. Monday: Attends Chapter Meeting, Austin Friars School, Carlisle, 5.30 pm. Tuesday: Meeting ot Deans. Archbishop's House. Liverpool, 7 pm. Wedneeday: Attends Conference on Ministry. King Alfred College, Winchester. 8 pm. Thursday: Financial Secretaries meeting. Archbishop's House. Westminster, 11.30 am.

Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Sunday: Visitation_ Mass. 8.30 am. 10.30 am. St Patrick's. Corsham. Tuesday: Cirencester Deanery Leman Station Mass. The Church of The Immaculate Conception, Stroud, 7.30 pm. Wednesday: Visits, Sr Patrick's School. Corsharn. 10.30 am. Gloucester Deanery Lenten Station Mass, St Peters Church Gloucester, 7.30 pm. Thiamin: Attends meeting of Diocesan Schools' Commission, Clifton Cathedral House. 10_30 am. Masa, St Bede'. Comprehensive scowl. Lawrence Weston. 7.30 pm.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliery of Shrewsbury: Friday: Address Newman Association. Chester, Saturday: AGM Diocesan Schools commission. St Nicholas High School. Hartford. Sundm/Monday: Visitation and Confirmation, Sr Mary s. Madelev. Tumday:ViSilS St Mary s College. Wallasey Rescue Council, Aitrinc ham. Wedneed•y: Confers Ministries, Ushaw College. Thursday: Northern Bishops Review Committee. Hazlewood. Thomas Worden Memorial Lecture. Upholland Northern Institute.

Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Friday: Visits school and sick. Centime. Sunday: Visitation. 11 aro Confirmation. 3 pm. St Gabnel. Castieton. Tuesday: Lenten Station, St Mary. BoltOn, 7.30 Pm. Wednelday: Lenten Station, St Patrick. Collyhurst, 8 pm Thursday: Clergy recollection. Deane Convent_ Bolton, 10.45 am.

e i•hop Clark of Emit Anglia: Sunday/Tuesday: Vititation, Our Lady ard English Martyrs. Cambridge. Mondey: Commissioning Mass. Sawston. 8 pm. Thursday: Vocations Commission, Poringland.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Friday: Mass and confirmation. Our Lady. Stourbridge. S pro Tuesday: Chapter meeting and Mass, St Chad's Cathedral, 11 45 am. Mass and confirmation, Sr Joseph's, Nechelle. 7 pm. Wednesday: Mass and confirmation. St Thomas More school Willenhall, 9.45 are, Mass and confirmation. St Francis, Handsworth, 7.30 Pm.

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Sundry: Confirmation. Our Lady Immaculate. BOUrnerriceah. Confirmation, St Thomas More, Bournemouth. Tuesday: Lenten Station Mass, St James'. Reading, 7 30 per Wednesday: Conference on 'Ministry in the Church. Winchester. Thursday: Lenten Station Mass, St Joseph's. Newbury. 7.30 Pm.

B ishop Foley of Lancaster: Friday: Mass. St Edmund Campion High School. Preston. 10.45 am. St Joseph's Deanery Lenten Station mass. Our Lady of Lourdes. Carnforth, 7.30 pm Saturday: Attends Congress Delegates meeting, Castlerigg. Keswick. 1030 arc Sunday: Vlsitation. St Teresa's, Preston, 11 am, Confirmation. 3 pm. Tuesday: Attends Chapter Mess and meeting, Cathedral. 11 arr. Wednesday: Visits school and housebound. St Teresa-a, Preston. 2.15 pm Mass end presents papal award, St Thomas Mores, Lancaster. 6.30 pm. Thursday: Mass and blesses altar. St John Fisher High School. Preston. 10 ern B ishop Bray of Shrewsbury: Saturday: AGM Diocesan Schools Commission. St Nicholas High School, Hartiord. Sunday/Monday: Visitation and confirmation, St Joseph's. Winsfore Tuesday: VP-Cations teem meeting. Shrewsbury Wednesday: Schools executive meeting, Ellesmere Port. Deanery. Mass Sr Paul's, Hyde. 7 30 pm. Thursday: Harrytown High School speech night. 7.30 pm.

B ishop Gummili, Bishop in East Lander,: Monday: Confirmation of group horn St William of York School. pot B ishop Harri• of Middlesbrough: Seturday/Sunday: Attends Medical Conference, St John's Ambulance Brigade. Nottingham. Tuesday: Attends Governors Meeting, Marist College. Hull. 4 30 om B ishop Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday: Meeting of Caribbean Catholic Association, 7 Om Sunday: Confirmation. Si Francis de Sales. Tottenham. 1030 are_ Meeting of Handicapped.

wamolev _ Preston Road. 3.15 pm Monday: Meeting reconfirmation Cricklewood. 8 pm Tuesday: Deans meeting, I 30 pm. Chapter, 4.15 dr Wednesday: Mass. Cardinal Hinsley school. Willesden 9 30 am B ishop Henderson, Auxiliury of Southaverk: Friday: Pretty Foneral Mass. Kiln Green, 330 Dir Saturday: Knights of St Columba Dinner, Sydenharn 7.30 pm Sunday: Attends Youth Seminar. St Joseph's Academy, Blackheath, am. Mass and confirmation. Orpington. 3 pmMonday: Presides at Diocesan Finance Meeting, 11 am Meeting with Secondary Education Review Working Party, ArchbIshOpe House, Southwark. 4.30 pm_ Tuesday: Chapter Mass and meeting. Sr Georges Cathedral, 11 am.

Malmo Hitchen, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Frklay: Ecumenical Sponsoring BOdv Church House. 10.15 ern. Confirmation. St Bartholomew s. Rainhill. 7.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation al St Michael's. Dillon Tuesday: Meeting wile Deans. Archbishop's House, 7 pm Thursday: Bishops

review Committee. Hazelwood Castle, Leafy.

B ishop Holland of Salford: Friday: Visitation. Didsbury. Sunday: Visitation. 11 art: Confirmation. 3 pm. Sr Catherine. Dicishory Tuesday: Lenten Station Mass St Joseoh. Heywoad B pm Wednesday: Lenten Station Sacred Heart. Accrington. 8 pm Thursday: Clergy recollection Deane Convent Bolton 10.45 are Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: Attends ceremony of the installation of High Sheriff of Kent. Tuesday: Confirmation. Heme Bay 8 pm Wednesday: Presides at Lenten Station Mass, Swanley. 7.30 pet. Thursday; Confirrnation, Birchinguan B pin

Bishop Konstant, Biehois in Centml London:

Saturday/Sunday: Visit Pimlico parish Wednesday: Nahanni advisers on religious education meeting, All Saints Pastoral Centre. Thursday: Meeting with priests and parish sisters. Maria A5sumpta 3 DM.

B ishop Lindsay of Herham end Newcastle: Sunday: Visit and Confirmation. St Francis. Newcastle. 3.30 pm Wednesday: Finance Committee, Bishop's House, 2 30 pm Thursday: Northern Bishops' Review Committee. Hazelwood Castle. Yorks, B ishop McCartie, Auxiliary of Birmingham: Saturday: AGM National Board of Catholic Women. Sr John's Wood, London. 11 are Sunday:

Mass end confirmation. SS Anne ano Patrick, Chlmsley Wood. 11.30 arn. Mass and confirmation. St Anthony's Kingshurst 3 ore Monday AGM Luncheon for L/CM Botanical Gardens. 1 pm. Tuesday' Chapter meeting and Mass. St Chlads Cathedral. 11.45 prn Wednesday: Blessing of new buildings. Blessed Edwin Oldcorna School, Worcester. 12 noon. Thursday: Diocesan Schools cemmiSsiOn priests Consultative Committee, 10.30 arn

Bishop Metkul nnnnn of Nottingham: Saturday: AGM Union of Catholic Mothers. Mass. 12 noon Cathedral Sunday: Visitation and confinhation. Melton Mowbray, Monday: Star., mass. Ilkeston. Tuesday: Chapter meeting Station mass Mother of God. Leicester_ Wednesday: Attends Leicester Deanery meeting. Station Mass. Louth. Thairedm: Station Mass, St Edward s. Nottingham Bishop McMahon of Brentwood: Friday/Saturday: Parish Retreat. Stock. Tuesday/Thursday: English College. Borne.

Bishop Moverley of fallen.: Friday: Yisilst.on cif dearer, of Saint Marie. Cathedral. Sunday: Confirmation Bentley. Monday: Cgelmailon at the English College. Vallodlid,

Bishop O'Connor, Auxiiimy of Liverpool: Sunday: Covenant Mass Metropolitan Cathedral. 3.30 pm Coofirmation St Dominic's. Huyton. pm. Monday: Meeting at Upholland Northern inmate, Tuesday: Chapter Mass. Metropolitan Cathedral, 11 am Wednesday: Confirmation. St Ambrose. Spoke. 7.30 Pm B ishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Saturday: Visits Strew. Council of Churches Conference, Worth Abbey. Visits Bognor Parish. Attends Provincial Ball, Camnion Association. Brighton. Sunday: Visits Bognor Parish Monday: Attends meeting of Heads of comprehensive schools with diocesan education team. Sneaks to Free Association of Nuns, Worth Abbey. Wednesday: Attends Plenary meeting o' Council of Administration. Storrington.

B ishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfoadshire: Friday: Hens Area Justice and Peace Commission. Pin Green. Stevenage. 7 45 pre Sunday: Visitation at Immaculate Conception and St Joseph a Hertford. Sunday; Memorial M885 for Fr Michael O'Cranner, St Aloysius. Somers Town. 12 noon Herts Area Advisory Council at All Saints Pastoral Centre, a pm Wednesday: Bishop's Missionary Commission at

Bishop s House. Northampton. 11 am. Adult Education Lecture at JFK School. Hamel Hempstead. B pm.

B ishop P•054051, Bishop in Coned': Friday: Gives talk to the Carlisle Fellowship, on the -Catholic Church'. Saturday: Commission, special minister* of Holy Communion, Penrith. 5_30 pm. Sunday: Confirmation and visitation, Sacred Heart, Coniston. Tuesday: Mass with the Augoatiniana. during their provincial meeting. Lenten Station Mass. Whitehaven Deanery_ Wednesday: Mess for school Inseam. Newman School. Carlisle Thrradey: Lenten Station Mass. Carlisle Deanery B ishop ReiStlee•S of Plymouth: Friday: Attends St Boniface Speech Day at the Guild Hall, Plymouth. Saturday: Visits Convent of the Daughters of the Cross, St Michael a Hay's Cornwall. Sunday: Visitation Mass at Church of the Immaculate Conception. Penzance, 11 am. Confirmation, 3 pm. Monday: Visits Islas of Scaly.

• Mau, Our Lady Star of the Sea and confirmation. 1 t arts. Wednesday: Attends Children's Society at the Cathedral. 3 pm.

Bishop Swindlehurat, Aualliery of Helium and Fil•wc•stl•: Sunday: Visit and confirmation, St Cuthbert's, Durham. Tuesday: Deanery Mass. St Joseph's. Durham. 7 pm, Wedneaday: Finance meeting, Biahop's House. 2.30 pmThursday: Deanery mass. St John Vienne!, Hartlepool, It pro Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Sunday: Attends Civic M855 St Margarets. Twickenham, 10.30 are Confirmation. St George's Cathedral. 3.30 pm Wednesday: Attends Fr Redding's 65th Anniversary of ordination Mass Tr:martin. 10 am Presents Papal Award to Miss Maw at Reigate 8 pm

Bishop Waimuley„ Bishop ol the Forego: friday: USCA Council meeting. London 2.15 prm Bishop Ward of Menevis: Friday: Lenten Station Mass. Cardigan Saturday: Meeting of Pastoral Council. Aberystwyth Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Newtown Wednesday: Fr Paschal. OEM Cap., Jubilee Oxford.

Bishop Wheeler. of Leeds: Saturday: Mass. Sr Michael's College. Leeds. 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation. Habden Bridge. Tuesday: Attends Day of recollection, Ilkley. Wednesday: Lenten Station Mass. Huddersfield. 7.30 pm. Thursday: Attends Church Leaders' meetirig Leeds, 11 am.

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