Page 7, 3rd December 1937

3rd December 1937
Page 7
Page 7, 3rd December 1937 — I.L.O. Views Catholic Social Action

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I.L.O. Views Catholic Social Action

The Church is doing something. In the year book for 1936-1937 published by the International Labour Office, there is a full summary of Catholic activity in social matters throughout the world (pp. 28-35).

The International Labour Office was established in Geneva on January 10, 1920, with the benediction of the League of Nations. Fifty-six States have joined the organisation, whose object is to improve world labour conditions.

Below we give a " summary of the summary," which gives some idea of the Church's social activity throughout the world as seen by the I.L.O.

Great Britain The Bishops' collective pastoral condemning social injustice. . . The work of the Catholic Workers' College. . . The C'S.G. Summer school at Oxford. .. The beginnings of the Young Christian Workers' movement. Their work for the young unemployed in Bristol.

Belgium The Belgian episcopate protests against the falsities of modern life, and calls for justice and truth and love, and true freedom, among the workers. . . Belgian Catholics assemble at Malines to discuss social economic and moral problems arising out of modern conditions. They agree on the need for reform of limited companies and the banks. . At Louvain there is a fortnight's congress at which the in of curbing financial dictatorships was emphasised. . . New centres for the unemployed set up by lodges. „ France Messages from nearly all the dioceses salting for good-will in attempting to solve the social problem& . . . The repeated attacks on social and economic injustices by Mgr. Salieges, Archbishop of Toulouse, by Cardinal Lienart, and by Cardinal Verslier. . .

The efforts of the Jocistes to obtain better wages and working conditions for young workers and their ceaseless attempts to improve the lot of the unemployed.

Switzerland The celebration by 5,000 Jocistes of their first national congress. . . The establishment of social centres for the unemployed.


Cardinal Innitzer's vigorous attacks on those who destroy social justice, and thost commercial firms who make profit out of the distress of the people. . . The establishing of Christliche Arbeiter Jugend, which corresponds to J.O.C. and Y.C.W. in four dioceses.


The second international congress of Catholic journalists at Rome. Cardinal Pacelli in addressing these journalists of 28 countries asked them to fight the antiChristian ideas in the world, among which he included: "The maxims and practices of plutocratic Liberalism which, ignoring or despising the intrinsic dignity of labour, and considering the worker as a tool for profit, rather than a subject for justice, persevere in shackling or at least hampering the organised and progressive redemption of the proletariat."


A feminine branch of the J.O.C. is established and there are now 46 branches of I.O.C. in this country.


Mgr. Teodorowicz and Mgr. Twardowski call upon Catholics to interfere in social and economic spheres in order to alleviate the miseries of the working-class.


Cardinal Pacelli's interview with President Roosevelt, at which reference was made to the President's high regard for Quadragesimo Anno.

The great celebrations in May under the patronage of all the bishops and archbishops, on the anniversary of the social Encyclicals of Leo XIII and Pius XI, when the social teaching of the Church was discussed and explained all over a continent through pulpit, press and radio. The National Catholic Welfare Conference tries strenuously to obtain relief for rural landowners and to develop distributive co-operative societies and mutual credit societies.

The Catholic Conference of Industrial Prohlarns hold sessions in Chicago, Schenectady, Philadelphia, Washington, and San Francisco.

The Jociste movement is started among Portuguese workers.

Canada The Jocistes, under the guidance of the religious authorities, organise relief for young unemployed persons, and plan means by which their spare time may be used.

Brazil A first and most successful Social Week is held at Rio de Janeiro (June 8-12).

There is considerable increase in the general interest on social subjects, and courses and lectures are instituted. The Jociste movement develops strongly in all, the Brazilian states.

Argentine Republic

The activities of the Economic and Social Secretariat, set up barely three years ago, now cover the whole country.

The organisation institutes a vast enquiry, in 22 dioceses, into the conditions of urban and rural workers. Under its auspices a culture week, which deals exalusiveiy with social problems, is held at Santiago-clol-Estero.

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