Page 4, 3rd December 1943

3rd December 1943
Page 4
Page 4, 3rd December 1943 — IN A FEW WORDS

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"Socialism is Dead" THE last time I saw Joseph Clayton, who died last week, he expressed the view, which seems strange in these days, that the cause of Socialism was lost. Perhaps recent developments caused him to change his mind, hut I think not. For what he wiled Socialism was a very different thing from that which has triumphed. His .keen disappointment at the meagre results of the eager crusading and tine moral enthusiasm of the movement in which, in his pre-Catholic days, he had been engaged expressed itself in a mordant humour, It is sad to chronicle the death of another of the dwindling hand of pioneers of Socialism's heroic age."

Topical References 1 QUOTED a sentence last week from Evelyn Underhill's letters. Here are two further quotations from 1910 letters that are very relevant indeed, About Rome: " When you go about everyWhere and see how completely Christian Rome is the Pope's city and how every great building and fountain is inscribed with the Pontifex Maximus who did it, you do feel it is absolutely a thing in itself, and they are the true heirs of the Pontifex Maximus who used to light the fire of Vesta every year; and that it is a mere farce to pretend that the place is simply the capital of modern /taly."

My second quotation is a retrospectively sad description of a visit to now bombed San Lorenzo; " Such a beeutiful basilica, rip.h \away from every where, standing by the side of the road in a clump of cypresses and a flock of sheep feeding in front of it.There was hardly anyone there but a nice brown Cistercian lay-brother who gave me pious cards: and it seemed so peaceful and far from the world." Clearly in those days people were not railway-linefrom-the-strategical-point-of-view conscious!

Think About It A WRITER in Horizon discussing the quislingism of the French novelist. de Montherlant, has written a sentence. that surely epitomises one very impor tent aspect of Our tittles. He Is talking of the novelist's attitude to love (spelt lurv) and states: " Its aim is not to create life hut to kill time." Worth remembering (and quoting).

Seventy Page Pastoral AM grateful to Bishop de Hemptinne, 1. Vicar Apostolic in the Belgian Congo, for a personally inscribed copy of his long Lenten Pastoral Letter, L'Ordre Chretien, which runs to 70 pages. 1 don't know whether the natives of Elizanethville are tough enough for such a generous gift of episcopal instruction, but we in this country could well afford to read and study a very remarkable summary of Christian teaching in the face of modern secularism. And how admirably brought out and printed! And what paper! Wells in Verse SOME readers have expressed disappointment at a lack of follow-up in this paper to the Wells controversy. However, the following is a selection of comments in verse received:

" Qui mange du Pape en meurt," the adage runs, In grave, sad warning to the witless

otties. undeterred, behold our Mr. Polly Yet. Tucks in his bib-0 rash, dyspeptic

folly! J. R. M. PHEW 1 We knelt on knees To lap those waters up Which flowed from wells Before didactic cup Was thrust against our lips So we might drink The deeper neath the foam On frothing brink.

If now a scum Has thickened the damned pool Old Time and naked Truth Will drain the drool To stagnant source:

While we sniff travesty

In giving to a smell

Publicity. 1. M.

A Quiet Life A DELAYED telegram from the " Vatican, forwarded from the United States, describes the Life of diplomats in the Vatican City these days. Here it is: " Harold Tittman, the American representative, frequently visits the Seeretariate of State and converses with its head, His Eminence Luigi Cardinal Maglione. Ile receives Isis diplomatic colleagues, rides or walks about the Vatican, alone, or in

the company of his wife.

" Sir D'Arcy Osborne, the English Minister, just returned from a vacation ill England, has renewed his tennis rivalry with the Ambassador of Poland. Some of the South American diplomats, like the Ambassador of Bolivia, spend much of their time in studying, and hence do not feel so much the narrowness of the confines within which they are forced to live.

" The children of the diplomats play tbeir games in the Vatican gardens. As may be seen. it is not a very brilliant life, for the mundane attractions of the Vatican are naturally limited. But if one may judge from external appealance, the diplomats have adapted themselves quite well to this novel experience which will doubtless serve to enhance their own political personalities," Wartime Nursery THE baby is howling and the mother is busy. The four-year-old is sent to pacify baby. A few minutes later the mother enters the nursery to find baby beaming at toddler, " How did you do it, Simon?" she asks. " I was an aeroplane, Mama. I first machinegunned Stephen and then bombed him."


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