Page 11, 3rd February 1939

3rd February 1939
Page 11
Page 11, 3rd February 1939 — ULSTER UNDER ARMS " I Was Searched by Black and Tans"

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People: T. Maguire, Negrin
Locations: Dublin, Belfast


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ULSTER UNDER ARMS " I Was Searched by Black and Tans"

Front Our Irish Correspondent

The Six Counties are in the grip of armed rule. Curfew is expected soon.

I travelled six miles at night, and was searched by armed parties, who. dressed like Black and Tans, guarded the streets with rifles, and halted every traveller.

I doubt if any place in Europe save Catalonia to-day is so posted with armed men as the Six Counties—every town, down to little places of 500 inhabitants, has its riflemen at the cross-roads every night, holding up all folk who move abroad on the most innocent errand.

After being searched thus, I went up to Dublin, and what did I see as I crossed the border? A line of heavilyladen lorries, driving northward, with huge Spanish revolutionary flags fluttering over them, and inscriptions about Food for Spain along their sides.

These, I assume, were loads of food being sent to Dr. Negrin's Spain as a result of the great drive made in Dublin recently for funds in aid of the AntiFranquist territory.


Father T. Maguire, of Newtown Butter, Is reported as saying that a secret cabal In Belfast is forging documents in the name of the I.R.A., such as the alleged " execution list " which was reported to have been found lately.

Father Maguire's warning is addressed to all who take every outrage as the enemies of Ireland would like it to be taken. Don't believe all that is told is his word to all concerned.

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