Page 16, 3rd February 1939

3rd February 1939
Page 16
Page 16, 3rd February 1939 — FOREIGN RADIO FOR YOU

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LILLE: 8.30 p.m., " Asmodee "-Play (Francois Mauriac) from the Comedie Francaise. paris, LUXEMBOURG: 9 p.m., " Saint-Christnphe Secourable "-Play after Genevieve Lambharit (Bectlet); Incidental Muoic by Emile Ginieux. MONTE CENERI: 4.36 p.m., Fifteenth and Sixteenth Ccutury Motets.

PARIS (Poste Parisien): 8.10 p.m., Review by Fr. Roguet, 0.P.

RIGA: 4.39 p.m., Organ Recital.


BEROMUNSTER: 8.40 a.m., Organ Recital, 9 a.m., Rev. Fridolin Miller. 4.30 p.m., Talk by Fr. Werner Schmid: Youth and the Church. BORDEAUX-LAFAYETTE: 12.5 p.m., Organ RReDdEtal; BO 11X-SUD OUEST: 11.45 a.m., Addrese.

BRFArernlesiteAaVnAL:reah:m.. High Illeee from the BRUSSELS (1): 7 p.m.. Address.

BRUSSELS (2): 6 p.m.. " Franz Liszt "-Play (Schrader). 6.45 p.m., Address by the Rev. Fr. De Pauw: The Mystery nf Man. BUDAPEST (1): 10 em., High Ma9S. II/LVERSUM (2): 8.10 a.m., Religious Transmission conducted by the Rev. Fr. Poeis. 11.55 a.m., Talk The Catholic Press. 1.40 p.m., Fr. °lien. 0.1'. 2.M p.m., Symphony Concert. 3.40 p.m., Servicc fur tlie &eh. 10.20 p.m., Choral Epilogue.

LUXEMBOURG: 11.30 a.m., Address by the Rev. Fr. eslay: Lourdes-The False.

MILAN, NAPLES & ROME GROUPS: 10 am., Misoa Cantata front the Basilica of the Annunciation, Florence.

PARIS (Eiffel Tower): 2.35 p.m., Three Plays, including " La Volk du Desert "One-Act P(Blaey,geainud;Vemrsuesicabtâ– ipyutuFaarctheieire de inaFgoeTauld PARIS (Radio-Pane): 11.50 A.m., Rev. Fr, Litande. 2.10 p.m., Organ Recital by Line PRZIlgien.

AOttE (1): 6.30 a.m., Organ Recital.

PRAGUE (2): 9 a.m., High Mass from St. Adalberto.

RADIO EIREANN: 6.15 p.m., Esperanto Talk: Robert Emmet.

SCHENECTADY: 11 ptn., Catholic Hnur. Address by Mgr. Fuiton .1, Sheen: Social Freedom-Labour and Property.

SOTTENS: 5.20 p.m and 6 p.m., Organ Recital by Andre Bourquin. 7 p.m., Organ and Song Recital.

STRASBOURG: 5.5 p.m., Strasbourg Catholic Orchestra and Lee Petits Chanteure da Schiltigbeint M a Programme of Viennese Secular MIMIC.

VIENNA: 9 a.m.. Organ Recital; Address by Fr. Heibel.

WARSAW <1): 8.15 a.m. (for all Polish Stations), Masa from St. Theresa's.

ZAGRE13: 10 a.m., Mass from St. Marra.


BEROMUNSTER: 8.45 p.m., " Solothurn and the Cathedral of Ursus "-Play.

KONIGSBERG; 9.35 p.m.., Modern Organ Musk -Paul Krauss Recital by Werner Hartung. MILAN GROUP: 6 p.m., Organ Recital by Fernando Gerraini.

PARIS (FTT): 6.30 p.m., Organ Recital by Guy Lambert front the Schola Cantorum.

RADIO EIREANN: 8.10 p.m.. The Weird In Unman Experience, by John Howley.

STOCKHOLM: 7 p.m., Act I. " Samoan and Delilah " (Saint-SaEns), from the Royal Opera.


BRUSSELS (1): 5 p.m., Transcendental Studies (Liszt). 6.3(3 p.m., Apostolate of thee. Sick. 7 p.m., Review by Mgr. Pickard. 7.15 p.m., " Ainsi vet la vie . . . " (Maurfae), with Haydn and Chausson Music.

LILLE: 11.30 a.m., Records of Strasbourg Cathedral Choir.

MONTPELLIER (PTT): 4 pin.. Talk by M. Fliche: The Study of Medireval French Ecclesiastical History.

PARIS (Radio-Paris) : 3.5 p.m., Lecture by Leon Brunschvicg: Nineteenth Century French Philosophy, RADIO EIREANN: 7 p.m., From the Four Cornere of IrelandMrs Coatello on the music of Connacht. 8.50 p.m., Prose Portraits: King Leopold of Belgium, by Kees van Hoek.

STUTTGART: 8 p.m., Haydn Cycle: The Coronation of Franz II, Frankfurt, 1792. (The music for thie evening's Haydn Cycle will be the Martitzell Musa.)


ALPER GRENOBLE: 4.25 p.m., Organ Recital front St. Andrew's.

BEROMUNSTER: 6 p.m., Talk by Dr. Hans Heusser: Heart of Spain.

LILLE.: 4.25 p.111., Organ Recital by Pierre Peers from Notre Dame, Roubaix.

LUXEMBOURG: 9.45 p.m., Extracts from the Lectare by Mr, Louis Gillet at. the Societe des Conferences: Dante and Italy-The Comedy: The Poem /edam.

PARIS (Radio-Paris): 6.30 p.m., Idendelseohn Organ Recital by Marcel Dupre from the Church of St, Suispice.

PRAGUE (1): 4.40 p.m.. Catholic Action Talk. 4.65 p.m., News from the Catholic World.

RADIO EIREANN: 7 p.m., From the Four Corners pi Ireland-Donal O'Sullivan on the Music of Leinster.

RADIO NORMANDY: 9 p.m.. Concert of Sacred Music by tire Choir of St. Evade from the Archbishop's Hall, Rouen.


HTLVERSUM (2): 11.10 a.m., Fr. Bite, 0.5'. LILLE: 6.29 p.m., Talk: Francis Jammes. LUXEMBOURG: 11.15 a.m., Muse for the Sick

from Clervaux Denedietine Abbey. Feria of Septuagesima. Masa: Circurn dederurtt.

Kyrie VI.

PARIS (Poste Parlsien): 5.45 pan., Fr. Rognet, 0.1'.

PARTS (PTT): 5.35 p.m., Organ Recited by Mart-he Braque:re:1nd from the Sehrda Cantornra.

RADIO EIREANN: 7.5 pal.. From the Four Corners of Ireland-Norman Flay on the Music of Ulster.


FRANKFURT: 7.15 p.m., " Ii Seraglio " (Mozart), from the Opera House.

LUXEMBOURG: 11.35 a.m., Extracte from the Lecture by M. Louie Gillet at the Societe des Canferences: Dante and Italy-The Comedy; The Poem /slam. 10.5 p.m., Extracts from the 'Lecture by Pere Gillet, Superior General of the Dominicans, at the Societe des Conferences: Our Holy Father the Pope.

RADIO EIREANN: 7 p.m.. From the Four Corners of Ireland-The Music of Muneter. RADIO NORMANDY: 9 p.m.. Mozart Concert. WARSAW(1.): 4.10 p.m., Organ Recital (Liszt, Reser).

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