Page 5, 3rd January 1969

3rd January 1969
Page 5
Page 5, 3rd January 1969 — Albrow and the priests on the pyre

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Albrow and the priests on the pyre

I AM glad that Desmond Albrow believes there is a case to be made for the abolition of the celibacy rule but I don't agree with him that the prose style of a letter is important. Many people with deep and sincere feelings cannot put them into words. I know, because I am one.

Is he saying that unless you can be a first class writer it is impossible to get the message over to the right people? Surely we, as Christians, could read the real pleading in the letter in The Times—but as Roman Catholics we are helpless.

Isn't it time that the Church offered a blessing instead of a dismissal to a priest who found that he could do his work better in the married state? How long is Rome going to continue to fight for a celibate clergy, and how can we, as people of God, help to make Rome realise that until this law is abolished there will always be unrest in this matter?

John N. Needham Burnley, Lancs.

MAY I protest against Desmond Albrow's superior and contemptuous dismissal (December 20) of the priest's article on celibacy which appeared in The Times. I know it is hard to find something to write each week, but Mr. Albrow should take himself, other people and his job more seriously.

Fr. Alan Hurst, S.M. Blackburn.

IT is distressing to read such -1 a flippant article as "Priests on the Pyre" by Desmond Albrow, in a Catholic paper. Not one answer to the anonymous priest's plea for abolition of the law of celibacy (The Times, December 14) treated the matter in such a callous, sarcastic tone as your paper did.

Too bad if Desmond Albrow does not understand French: But I wish he could put forward his feeble criticisms in a tone of understanding and compassion, rather than in a cynical attitude of self-satisfied unconcern for other people's problems.

Farr Oxford.

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