Page 9, 3rd January 1969

3rd January 1969
Page 9
Page 9, 3rd January 1969 — Pope asks young people to work for world peace

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Pope asks young people to work for world peace


DOPE PAUL, in his New Year's Day message to the world, said : "The first -1sun of the New Year must shed upon the world the light of peace." The Pope, who has proclaimed January 1 of each year as World Peace Day, celebrated Mass on Wednesday in an eighth century church on Rome's Capitoline Hill before returning to the Vatican to bless the crowds in St. Peter's Square at midday.

"We dare to hope that. above all. it will be youth who will grasp this invitation as a demand which can interpret everything new, lively and great, yearned for by their impatient spirits, because peace demands the correction of abuses and coincides with the cause of justice."

Recalling that the 25th anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights had just been celebrated. Pope Paul went on: "The theme of World Peace is precisely this: The promotion of human rights, the way to peace.

"Peace is necessary so that man may be guaranteed the right of life. to liberty, to equality, to culture. to the enjoyment of the benefits of civilisation. to personal and social dignity.

"When peace loses its equilibrium and efficiency, human rights become precarious and are compromised. When there is no peace, right loses its human stature, Moreover, where human rights are not respected, defended and promoted. where violence or fraud is done to man's inalienable freedoms, where his personality is ignored or degraded, where discrimination, slavery or intolerance prevail. there true peace cannot be. Peace and rights are reciprocally cause and effect . . .

`VOICE OF A FRIEND' "Our voice is that of a friend. who wants it to be heard not so much because of who says it, but of what he says. It is addressed to the world that world which thinks, which is capable, which grows, which works, which suffers, which waits . . .

"For us Christians, peace is not only an external equilibrium, a juridical order, a complex of disciplined public relationships. For us, peace is above all the result of the implementation, of that design . of wisdom and love through which God willed to enter into supernatural relations with mankind. "Peace is the first effect of that new divine economy which we call grace 'grace and peace,' as the Apostle says, It is a gift of God which becomes the style of Christian life. It is a messianic phase which reflects its light and hope upon the temporal city also, strengthening with its superior motives those reasons upon which that city bases its own peace.

"To the dignity of citizens of the world, the peace of Christ adds the dignity of sons of the Heavenly Father. To the natural equality of men. it adds that of Christian brother

hood . .

"The peace of Christ, which understands pain and human needs, which finds love and gifts for the little, the poor, the weak, the disinherited, the suffering, the humiliated, the conquered, is not cowardice tolerant of the misadventures and deficiencies of man with no fortune or defence. In a word, the peace of Christ is. more than any other humanitarian formula, the guardian of human rights."

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