Page 13, 3rd July 1936

3rd July 1936
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Page 13, 3rd July 1936 — G. K. CHESTERTON

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The Requiem In Westminster Cathedral

Westminster Cathedral had a very large congregation, on Saturday last, for the solemn requiem for G. K. Chesterton, K.C.S.G. The Archbishop, assisted and gave the absolution. The Rev. John O'Connor (Bradford, Yorkshire) was the celebrant, with Dorn Ignatius Rice, 0.S.B., as deacon, and Father Vincent McNabb, 0.P., as sub-deacon. The Rev. Ronald Knox preached the panegyric.

Among the many other prelates and clergy present were the Bishop of Lamus, Mgr. Canon Howlett, D.D., Mgr. Canon Jackman, D.D., Mgr. Canon Brown, Canon Kernan, Canon Mahoney, the Rev. Sir John O'Connell, K.C.S.G., Dom Clement Sherlock, 0.S.B., Father J. S. Leonard, C.M., Father J. Hurley, C.M., Father Raymond, C.P., Father Antoninus Maguire, 0.P., Father Brendan, C.P., Father H. Burrows, &J., Father Seyres, S.C.J., the Revv. W. S. Bainbridge, J. Breen, J. Chatterton, E. Gonzales, E. Langdale, D. Mathew, Litt.D., B. Murphy and

G. L. Smith.

The Belgian and the Polish Ambassadors, a representative of the French Ambassador, and the High Commissioner for the Irish Free State, were present. Mrs. Chesterton (widow), Mrs. Cecil Chesterton, and Miss P. Oldershaw, were among the family mourners. Among many well-known writers in the congregation were Mr. Walter de la Mare, Mr. Arnold Lunn, Mr., J. B. Morton, Mr. Wyndham Lewis, Mr. Max Beerbohm, Mr. W. R. Titterton, Miss May Bateman, Mr. Michael MacDonagh, Mr. Wilkinson Sherren, Mr. Stacy Aumonier, Dr. Halliday Sutherland, Mr. E. J. Macdonald, Miss Rose Macaulay.

The lay attendance included also the Earl and Countess of Iddesleigh, Viscount and Viscountess FitzAlan, Lord Lovat, Lord Clonmore, Lady (Hugh) Clifford, Sir Patrick Hannon, Algernon Bowring, K.C.S.G., Frederick W. Chambers, K.S.G., Lady Armstrong, Lady Butt, Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Pepler, Lt.-Col. N. FitzHerbert, Mrs. John Boland, May Lady Hemphill, Mr. Maurice Healy, K.C., Mr. Vincent Connolly, Mr. Egerton, Clarke, Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gatty, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Gill.

Mr. and Mrs. G. H. M. Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Paynter, Miss Bastable, Mrs. Burke, Miss Burke, the Secretaries of the Belgian and Polish Embassies, Mrs. Connolly Hewitt, Miss Galbraith, Mrs. E. Glanville, Miss Dorothy Gordon, Mr. J. L. Hammond, Mr. P. Taggart, Mrs. P. Lucas.

Mrs. St. Lawrence Toner, Mr. and Mrs. P. Seton Crisp, Mr. M. H. Ratton Lanktree, Mrs. Da Costa, Mr. H. J. Cody (president, University of Toronto), Professor A. S. P. Woodhouse, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Roberts, Mrs. Frank Schwab, Miss Barbara Ling, Mr. J. F. Thomas, Mrs. J. Diamond.

Mr. John Hitchcock, Captain Arthur Rogers (Liberty Restoration League), Mrs. Lenningan Lake, Mr. John Cargill, Mr. F. E. Yarker, Mr. A. Buyers, Mr. Francis Cowper, Mr. Stanley Morison, Mrs. Carey, Miss Borton, Mrs. F. B. Callaghan, Mrs. J. L. Garvin, Mr. Oliver Woods, Miss Clare Richmond, Dr. Hartigan.


Miss E. Maddock, Mrs. Hamilton Leigh, Mrs. S. Warden, Miss Green-Wilkinson, Major Green-Wilkinson, Dr. Roland Bramley, Mr. Richard Fletcher, Mrs. Alan Lister-Kaye, Mr. W. F. Tamplin, Mr. J. J. H. Consterdine and Mrs. Consterdine, Miss Raymond Barker, Miss Arrowsmith.

Mrs. Perrott, Miss Wardrop, Mrs. Gielgud, Mrs. Ernest Hernu, Mrs. Ferrers Guy, Mr. G. Ferrers Guy, Mrs. E. Dickinson, Miss V. Mead, Dr. Melville Smith, Lady Paget, Mr. P. Moloney; Mr. Denis Aspell (Grand Director, Catenian Association) and Mrs. Aspell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Collins, Miss Collins, Mr. H. de Lacy Costello, Mr. J. F. Miller, Captain Colbeck, R.N.

Mr. H. B. Lloyd Jones, Mr. R. H. Saules, Mr. Basil Morant (representing the Philosophical Society of England), Professor and Mrs. G. Temple, Mr. Wilfred Porter, Mrs. O'Gorman Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. K. de S. Isaacson, Mr. L. Travers, Captain and Mrs. Firth, Mr. C. F. Lohle (representing Messrs. Sliced and Ward).

Dr. and Mrs. Craig, Professor F. E. Hackett, Mr. Cecil Palmer, Dr. N. Bentley, Captain and Mrs. B. E. Porter, Mr. John Cargill, Mr. J. C. French, Mr. H. P. Morgan-Brown, Mr. A. J. Smith, Mr. Ralph Neale, Mrs. Gillett, Mrs. Geoghan, Mrs. Austin-Leigh, Mr. Gregory MacDonald, Mr. E. Mackinnon, Mr. J. J. C. Murphy, Mr. C. Shiel, Miss Walpole, Mrs.

H. Wallis, Mrs. Armstrong White.

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