Page 6, 3rd July 1936

3rd July 1936
Page 6
Page 6, 3rd July 1936 — The News That Interests and Matters JUNE 21 JULY

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The News That Interests and Matters JUNE 21 JULY


Dardanelles Conference

The Dardanelles Conference opened at Montreux, Lord Stanhope heading the British delegation. A sensation was created by the Turkish request to re-fortify the Dardanelles at once in view of the unsettled state of Europe. A further incident occurred when the Italian delegate referred to Turkey's " over-indulgence towards Russian ships.


The recent incidents in Danzig were followed by Government-inspired attacks in the Berlin Press upon the League of Nations and the League Commissioner in Danzig, Mr. Sean Lester. The commander of a visiting German cruiser refused to pay the customary courtesy call upon the Commissioner and likewise to attend his reception, while the local Nazi leader also attacked Mr. Lester.


The Polish government decided drastically to curtail payments upon debts due to foreign countries. Polish state loans are also presumed to be affected. This measure is aimed primarily at countries that have restricted trade with Poland and Great Britain will in all probabilty be affected considerably less than France or the United States.

In Poland the Nationalist leader Doboszynski, together with a few hundred supporters marched upon and seized the town of Myslnice, near Cracow. After holding the town for some hours they were repelled and put to flight by detachments of soldiers and police. The Nationalists are a violently anti-Semitic party with Nazi tendencies. It is thought that this rising was to have been the signal for a general Nationalist rising through Poland and that the movement has secret Czech support.

Conference in Paris

Mr. Eden conferred with MM. Blum and Delbos, the French Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in Paris prior to the opening of the session of the League of Nations Assembly at Geneva. The general position in Europe and the future of the League of Nations were among the subjects discussed in what is described as an atmosphere of " complete cordiality." An agreement is said to have been reached as regards the attitude to be adopted by the governments of the two countries in question concerning these two vital problems.


In Palestine further desultory rioting eontinues. Jews, Arabs and British soldiers and policemen are included among the victims. Bombing outrages against trains are also becoming increasingly frequent. Heavy fines have been imposed upon various localities, notably Lydda. The latest indications are that a lull has set in, although the possibility of a further serious outbreak is not to be excluded. Ten British battalions are now in Palestine. It is announced that the Emir of Transjordania has sent an emissary to Jerusalem to negotiate some settlement to the troubles.

Heidelberg Anniversary

The University of Heidelberg has celebrated the 550th anniversary of its foundation. Representatives of universities in thirty different countries attended, but representatives from Great Britain and other countries were conspicuous by their absence.

The Strikes

The epidemic of strikes in Belgium and France has abated considerably, particularly in the former country. The situation in the Paris area has improved greatly, but strikes of a minor character are still continuing to spread in some parts of the country.

On the Riviera some four hundred and fifty hotel-keepers have started a lock-out as a protest against the local prevalence of Communism. Some hotel-keepers in Nice and Cannes have refused to co-operate, but the movement is causing grave anxiety to the French government and may causb much prejudice to the heavy tourist traffic of the summer season, which is due to start at the beginning of July. Many bookings have already been cancelled and visitors are pouring into Monte Carlo and the Italian Riviera.

A New French Party

Jacques Doriot, Mayor of St. Denis, and stormy petrel of the French Left, has founded a new party. Its ideology appears to have vague Socialist and Fascist leanings. Doriot, a former Communist leader and now bitter anti-Communist, is thought to have the support of M. Laval in this new venture, which may prove to be a future rallying-point for the numerous French nationalists of the Left.


At the Democratic Party convention held to nominate him as candidate for the forthcoming Presidential election, President Roosevelt made a stirring speech in justification of his policy and delivered a slashing attack upon the " money aristocracy," who, he claimed, have persistently endeavoured to obstruct all progressive measures.

Japan and China

The Japanese smuggling campaign in China continues unabated and is causing heavy losses to the Chinese revenue. Japanese official circles have actually expressed indignation at the recent attempt by a Chinese destroyer to hold up Japanese ships engaged in smuggling.

League of Nations

Perhtps the most momentous session for many years of the League Assembly opened on Tuesday afternoon in Geneva. The Assembly heard an address in Amharic from the Emperor of Abyssinia, claiming that the Italian victory was due to gas and warning the 52 nations of the doom that awaited them if they bowed to the aggressor. The League also heard a memorandum from the Italian government. The latter proved surprisingly moderate and pledged the Italian government to rule Abyssinia in accordance with the principles of League Mandates.

Government and Sanctions

The Opposition vote of censure on the government's foreign policy and abandonment of sanctions was heavily defeated in the House of Commons, only two Conservative members, Messrs. Adams and Macmillan, voting with the Opposition. A large volume of protest, however, continues to be heard in the country and mass demonstrations of protest were held in many places on Sunday, including Hyde Park.

Death of Bishop of Exeter

The death of Lord William Cecil, Bishop of Exeter, brought to a close the career of one of the most distinguished and outspoken prelates of the Church of England, renowned for his independence and fearlessness.

Negus Leaves

The Emperor of Abyssinia left London for Geneva and was cheered by a large crowd, assembled to bid him farewell at Victoria.

Derby By

The writ for the by-election at Derby caused by the resignation of Mr. J. H. Thomas, was issued and polling day fixed for the 9th July. The two candidates are Professor Noel-Baker (Labour) and Major Church (National Labour). A keen contest and a close result are anticipated.

Ulster Rule

A Committee meeting was held in the House of Commons to discuss the outrages that occurred in Belfast on the Twelfth of July last year, and it was decided to send a deputation to the Prime Minister.

Lloyd George and Chamberlain

Mr. Neville Chamberlain replied at Manchester on Saturday to Mr. Lloyd George's sweeping indictment of the government's foreign policy and referred to his " bellicose criticism " and " hysterics." Mr. Lloyd George in turn lost no time in replying to this attack and in a vigorous speech in London compared the Chancellor of the Exchequer most unfavourably with his father, Mr. Joseph Chamberlain.

Londonderry and Baldwin

Speaking at Newcastle, Lord Londonderry, the former Air Minister, declared that it was untrue that Mr. Baldwin had been misled with regard to German re-armament in the air and that he, when Air Minister, had invariably kept the Prime Minister informed as to the true facts of the situation. This statement was interpreted as a personal attack upon Mr. Baldwin and created a major sensation in political circles, despite subsequent denials that any attack was intended.

Duff Cooper's Speech

Much comment on Mr. Duff-Cooper's speech in Paris, advocating a policy of AngloFrench co-operation amounting to little short of an alliance, has been aroused in Parliamentary circles. The Speaker granted the Opposition's request for a special debate. In the course of this debate Major Attlee, for the Labour Party, and Sir Archibald Sinclair, for the Liberals, accused Mr. Baldwin of inability to control his Cabinet and maintained that the speech was contrary to the spirit of the League Covenant. Mr. Winston Churchill and Sir John Simon defended Mr. Duff-Cooper and declared that the speech was in harmony with the government's policy and allegiance to the principle of collective security.

National Peace Congress

The National Peace Congress held in Leeds was well attended and many wellknown public figures, including Mr. George Lansbury and Mr. Vyvyan Adams, spoke. A resolution was passed demanding an immediate General Election in order to put the government's foreign policy to the vote in the country.

Imperial Airways

An attack was made upon Imperial Airways in Parliament, speakers on both sides of the House declaring that Imperial Airways refused to co-operate with other smaller companies and even attempted to boycott them.

Civil Service Strike

A stay-in strike on the part of the Civil Servants' Clerical Association was threatened and legal opinion consulted, but a crisis has been temporarily averted by the acceptance of an offer to act as mediator by Sir Guy Fleetwood-Wilson, who was connected with the Civil Service for close upon 60 years.


The Government has decided to accept most of the Ullswater Committee's recommendations for the future control of the B.B.C. These include the continuation of the ban on advertising, the maintenance of the present licence fee and an increase in the B.B.C. revenue. The B.B.C. is to improve Sunday programmes and modify its attitude towards the private life of its employees.

Lancashire Weavers

Lancashire weavers have presented a request for an all-round increase in wages. This claim is being considered and it is thought that a partial concession will be made.

New Unemployment Asistance Regulations

The Government have announced that the new regulations will be issued on July 14th. The fact that there will only be a fortnight in which to discuss them has aroused much hostility among the Opposition.

Rumanian Patriarch's Visit

An interesting visitor to London was His Beatitude the Patriarch of Rumania, Mgr. Miron Cristea. He is paying his first official visit as head of the Rumanian Orthodox Church to Western Europe and is the guest of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Palace. He acted for some time as one of the Regents for Prince Michael after the death of King Ferdinand.

Air Display

The customary Air Display was held at Hendon last Saturday and as usual attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors. Various new features were seen this year for the first time.

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