Page 4, 3rd July 1992

3rd July 1992
Page 4
Page 4, 3rd July 1992 — Breach within the Church?

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Breach within the Church?

YOUR correspondent Sian O'Leary (Catholic Herald, June 12) says that a schism is in the making in the Catholic Church. I quite agree, but not over the beatification of Mgr Escriva.

In the last year in both Great Britain and Ireland, there have been increasing signs of dissent from the teaching authority of the Churi4.

There have been strident demands for the abolition of clerical celibacy, and the ban on contraception. Many Catholics are questioning the teaching on abortion. Some are demanding women priests.

The National Board of Catholic Women has been hijacked by the radical feminist Catholic Women's Network.

Unbelievable though it may seem, the Catholic homosexuals

organisation QUEST has been recognised as a National Catholic Organisation in spite of the fact that its members seek to reconcile active homosexuality with the Church's teaching — an impossible task!

Finally the Catechetical Establishment have just introduced a new syllabus for primary schools (Here 1 am) which suggests that children from the age of four should start learning about all other major religious faiths at the same time as they learn about a muchdiminished and inadequate version of the Catholic faith as presented in the course.

The Church in this country will be unrecognisable if this continues. It is a true revolution. Fr Michael Clifton Collier's Wood


THE Church, I agree with your reader Mr O'Leary, is being pulled apart by warring factions: Liberation Theology vs the Cardinal Ratzinger line on grassroots religion; women priests vs supporters of the traditionalist male hierarchy; chastity vs the Irish priest who ran away with the 17 year old.

With these different views being shouted from opposing camps, what ensues is cacophony rather than dialogue.

We, the supporters of a Catholic Church true to its Greek name ("Universal"), must now make an effort to listen to one another. Perhaps we ought to now set up an ARCIC-type committee to represent the different voices of Catholicism.

Charles Mendoza Brighton

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