Page 6, 3rd July 1992

3rd July 1992
Page 6

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People: Married Men
Locations: Rome


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Why not the Catholic women?

This question is being continually put to us by aggrieved Ladies. The answer is that we have every intention to incorporate Ladies, but separate from the men. Why? Because they have just as much Catholic sagacity as we men, but expressed in their own feminine way, and we want no blurring. The most affectionate of spouses, while being firmly agreed on all important matters, can get at cross purposes on details and fetch up on some sort of compromise. We want no compromises. We want the fullness of the masculine point of view and we want the fullness of the femine point of view. We are utterly against the amorphous "laity" of all and sundry. We want an intelligent Laity with all the divisions as ordinarily arranged in other affairs. But we must have a beginning, and have announced clearly that we are a "Pilot Scheme" leading, we hope to a thoroughly organised and systematically arranged Catholic Citizenship.

Our Aims are (a) To fulfil consistently and unitedly the first part of the Lord's Prayer; and (b) To develop and articulate the genuine Sensus Fidelium of the "Laity". Our Principles are (1) to Proclaim and Defend the Honour of God as the Supreme Creator of Human Life, as the Supreme Lawgiver of Human Conduct; and as the Living Truth from Whom Alone all Truth proceeds. (2) To Proclaim and Defend the Natural Law as implanted by Him in Human Hearts and as explicated by the Holy Sec of Rome; particularly the Permanence of Marriage, the Integrity of Human Procreation and the Moral Protection of the Young. (3) To insist on the High Importance of Training in Natural Virtue in the Education of Children as being the Foundation of Enduring Catholic Faith by forming the "rich soil" into which the Seed of the Faith is implanted by Baptism; and (4) To Hold and maintain a Loving Obedience to our Bishops in Doctrine, Liturgy and Spirituality so that our Initiatives in the Temporal Order of Christ are kept in perfect Obedience to them; while the Original Sin of Disobedience shall be held firmly in check.

Membership is only granted, at present, to Married Men who declare themselves to be (1) Faithfully practising their Religion; (2) Faithful to the Moral Teaching of the Church without reservation., (3) Faithful to the Religious Discipline of the Church without reservation and lastly, willing to examine and help establish, Under the Holy Living Trinity of God and within the Roman Catholic Church, the TRUE FUNCTION OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC LAITY WITHIN THE TEMPORAL ORDER IN THIS LIFE.

College Clerk

Upper !Axton, Near Corby, NORTHANTS NN I7 3AZ

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