Page 8, 3rd July 1998

3rd July 1998
Page 8
Page 8, 3rd July 1998 — BISHOPS ' DIARIES

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Page 8 from 11th July 1997


5TH 11TH JUNE Cardinal B Hume (Illestrrilrecter):Sun: 50th Anniv NEB. St Albans Abbey, 3pm. Morn M, St Thomas More, Swiss Cottage, 7pm. Wed! Pliae Giving, John Henry Newman Sch, Stevenage,7.30. Fri: 0, Kentish linen. Sat: Rome.

Archbishop M Couve de Murville (Birmingham): Fri: 0, Cathedral, 7.30. Sat: 0. Sacred Heart, Coventry, ! 1 am.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: Rome. Mon: Bps' Day of Rec.: I ...reds, 10.10. Toe: Retired Clergy Day of Rec: Ince Blundell Hall, 10am. NVed: Flower Festival Opening, Cathedral, 8pm. Thu: V, St Bernard's Sch, I:pool, 10am. V, St John Fisher Sell, Knowsley, lOarn • Fri: J&P Mtg, London. Sat: S Jubilee M. St Cyril's, Netherley, 7.50.

Archbishop M Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, Folkestone, 11 am. Thu: C, Tenterden, 7.30.

Bishop C Murphy O'Connor (Arundel & Brighton): Sun: M, Marriage & Family Day, Worth Abbey, Crawley, W Sussex. Mon:V, All Hallows Sch, Farnham, Surrey.

Bishop P Pargeter (B'ham auxil): Sun: ES, Royal Agri,..ialtural Show, Stoneleigh, 6pm. TIM: Chapter Mtg, I lam. hapter M, Emmaus a ltg, Ctopthome, I 2A5prn. Wed: F-mrnaus Mtg, Cropthome. Diu: V, SS Peter & Paul Sch, Pype Hayes, 2pm. C, Pope Hayes, 7,30pm. Fri: Archbp's Council Mtg, I ()am. V, OL of Lourdes Sch, Yardley Wood, 2pm. Golden Jubilee Cekbrations, 7pm.

Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: M, Dioc.Hse of Prayer, Cathedral Else, Brentwood, 7.311pm. Wed: V & C, Maldon. Fri: University of Essex, Awards Ceremony, 2pm. Sat: WcIlesly Chart:I, London, 3pm.

Bishop J Rawsthorne (Hallam): Sun: M. St Martin's, 9am.Retreat Mon Fri: pm. '5 d: Thanksgiving S, S Yorks Police, Sheffield, Anglican Cathedra!, 6pm. Thu: Child' en's Pilgrimage, Patiley, I tam. Bishop A Griffiths (Hexhan, & Newcastle): Sun:Northem Bishops in Leeds. Tue: Blessing of St Michael's Sch, Newcastle, 2pm. M Cathedral, 7.30pm, Wed: Regional Commission, Church Hsi, 8.45arn. M, Silver Jubilee, English Martyrs Sch, St Joseph's, Hartlepool. 7pm. Fri: M, Sacred Heart Sch, Fenham, 3pm. Sat: V, Bellingham.

Bishop J Brewer (Lancaster): Sun:V OL & St Michael, Workington. Tue: Tribunal M, Hornby, 11.30. Wed: Catholic Caring Service, ACal, 4pm. Thu: Evangelisation Mtg, Brettargh Holt. Fri: Pilgrimage, I Aiurdes.

Bishop D !Constant (Leeds): Sun: V, St Austin's, "Wakefield. 0 St Austans, Wakefield, 4pm. Wed: C, Ss Peter & Paul, Sandal, 7.30. Thu: M, St John's Sch, Boston Spa, 1! .30. & Goys' Mtg, 2pm, Fri:C, St Walbuga's, Shipley, 7.30. Sat: Cons'n, St Benedict's, Garforth, I lam.

Bishop V Malone (L'pool assail): Sun: V, OL & All Saints, Parbold. Mon: Bps' Day of Reert, Leeds, 10.30. C, St Austin, Ehano Heath, 7.30. Tue: L'pool Uni Degree Ceremony, 3pm. Steering Cttee, 5pm. Mfg, St Philomena, L'pool, 7.30. Wed: V, St Bede's High Sch, Ormskirk, lOarn. C, St Jerome, Formby, 7.30. Thululerseyside Regional Sponsoring Body: Church Hse, Lpool, 9,30. NHGS 50th Annie: Royal L'pool Teaching Hospital, 3pm. C, St Mary, Blaclorock, St Helens, 7.30. Fri: V, St Anne's Primary, Sch, Onnskirk, am. V, Ormskirk Hospital, pm. Induction PP, St:Cuthbert, Wigan, 7.30pm. Sat: V M, St Anne, Ormskirk, 7pm.

Bishop JCrowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: B1 Nidiolav Postgate Rally M, Ugthorpc, 3pm, Mon: N Bps' Mtg, Leeds,arn/pm. Tue: Holy Hour Cathedral, 11.15. Young Priests' Mtg, Bps;' Hse, pm. C, St Edward's, Scarborough, 7pm. Wed: Deans' Mtg, Mahon, 4pm. Thu: M & C, St Mary's, Filet', 7pm. Fri: Bps' Council, Bp's Hse, 11.30arn.

Bishop L McCarde (Northampton): Sun: V, St Anthony's, Farnham Royal. Mon: C. OL of Lourdes, Aylesbury, 7.30. Tue: C, St Albans Chapel, Winslow, 8pm. Wed: Allen Hall, Ilarn. C, St Clare's, Aylesbury; 7.30. The AGM, Sr Francis Children's Society, Milton Keynes, 7.30. AGM St Francis Sue, Milton Keynes, 7.30. Fri: Anniv M, Farnham Royal, Noon. C, St Augustine's, High Wycombe, 7.30.

Bishop J McGuinness (Nottingham): Sun: VIC St Bernadette's, Scunthorpe, I lam. Seer of the Sick 3pm. Mon: Sacr of the Sick, St Mary Brigg, 4pm. V.0 7pm. Tue: Sacr of the Sick, St Norbert's, Crowle, 4pm. Vie, 7pm. Sat URC General Assembly, E Midlands Conference Centre.

Bishop C Budd ( Plymouth): Sun:V, Christ the King, Kinson.Mon: M, Tremough Convent, am. Wed/ Thu: CASC Consultation, London. Per Youth Forum, Honiton, pm. Sat Benedictine ES, Sherborne.

Bishop C Hollis (Portamouth): Sun: V, Sacred Heart Si St Therese of Lisieux, Ringwood. Tue: New Priests' Day, Bp's Hie. Wed: Dine Review Mfg, Basingstoke, 12.30pm. Park Place Pastoral Centre, Wickham, Portsmouth Under 10's mtg. Thu:Mtg Contd. Bp's Council, Shanklin, 4pm.Fri: Mitt contd.. am.Archbishop King Middle Sch, Newport 25th Annie Celebs, 1.30prn. C, IOW Deanery, St Thomas of Canterbury, Newport, 7pm. Sat: M for CWL, 40th Anniversary, Cathedral, Portsmouth, I 2.15pm. OL of the Assumption & St Edward the Confessor, Lyndhurst,

V, M, 6.30pm.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun:V, St Edward's, Lees, Oldham. MoruTue: UCM Pilgrimage, Walsingham. Wed: V OL's High Sch, Royston, am. Dedication anew Primary Sch, ST Gregory:s, Farnwonh, 2pm. Thu: V, Holy Rosary Primary Sch, Oldham, am. Laity Forum, Blackburn, 7.30pm. Fri: Rainbow Family Taut, 10.30arn. Sch's Commission, 1.30pm. Sat: ASDC AGM, M, Rochdale, 5pm.

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury): Sun: V, St Patrick's, Wellington. Summer Fayre, Bl'd Robert Johnson Sell, Wellington, 5pm. Mon: Bps' Mtg, Leeds. Tue: C, 01, Stockport, 7.30pm. Thu: C, St Ambrose, Stockport, 7.30pm. Fri: Working Party, London.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark): Sun: M & C, Streatham Hill, 3pm. Mon: SF. Area J&P Mtg, Southwark, 7.30. Tue: Sec Head Teachers Mtg, Christ the King Sixth Form College, I Oarn. SW Unity Comm Mtg, S'd Heart Church, Wimbledon, 7.30. Wed: M & Awards, 11 am. Fri: V, Sacred Heart Sell, Camberwell, 10am. Retirement Eucharist & Dinner, "rminster, 4pm. Sat KHS M, Rochester Cathedral, Noon.

Bishop Howard Tripp (S'wark Auxii): Sun/Mon: V, OL of the Assumption, Links Rd, Tooting. Tue: AP Mtg, 7pm. Wed: Prison Chaplains' Mtg, Aylesford, 10.30. Thu: Prisegiving, Donhead, Wimbledon, 9.30. Myrrh Mtg, 36 Altenburg Gdns, 6.15. Fn: Deans' Mtg, 8, Arterberry Rd. I lam.

Bishop V GUlkalelli (W'mituster, E area): Sun: M, Millwall, I lam. C, Islington, 6pm. Tue: Iishonian Soc Mtg, pm. Wed: Mtg, contd.Noon. URC Farewell, Gt Peter St, 7pm. Thu: Area Mtg, St Joseph's Centre, Pope John Hse, 7.30pm. Fri: C, Bethnal Green, 7.30pm. Sat: Farewell, Wesley's Chapel, 3pm.

Bishop V Nichols, (W'minster, N area): Sun:V, OL. of Willesden. Wed/Thu: C, St Alban's, N Finchley, 7.30. Sat: Pilgrimage,Walsingham. VIC St Bernadette's, Sacr of the Sick, 3pm. Mon: Sacr of the Sick, St Mary's, Bngg 4pm. V C 7pm. Tue: Sacr of the Sick 4pm. St Norbert's, Crowle, V C 7pm. Sat; CRC General Assembly, l Midlands Conference Centre.

Bishop J O'Brien (Wminster, Heats area): Sun: V & C, Good Shepherd, Sherile7... Wed: M Si Reception, Walsingharn Homes, I pm. Thu: C, St John's, Mill End, 7. 30pm. Fri: C, St Joseph's, Bishops Stortford, 8pm. Sat: V, St Thomas, Royston.

Bishop P O'Donoghue seer, W area): SurEC,Holy Family, West Acton, I lam. West Middlesex Hospital, Consn & Rededin NHS, 2pm. Sons of Divine Prov, Teddington, Eucharistic Procession, Spm.Thu: St John's Sch, Brentford, 7pm. Fri: Catholic Refugee Forum, Noon.

Bishop F Wahnsley (Forces): The: Royal Navy Sea Dag Sat 40th Celebrations Portsmouth Branch CWI

Archbishop,' Ward (Cardiff): Sun: V, St Brigid's, Cardiff, M, lOarn & 6pm. St Paul's, gam. Mom V, St Cadoc's PrintSch, Cardiff, I dam. Tue: C, St Peter's, Harped, 7.30. Weds: Leavers M, St Albans High Sch, Pontypool 10.30. AGM, George Thomas Hospice, Ty Gwyn Rd, 7.30.Thu: Leavers' M, St Joseph's, High Sch, Newport, 10.30. Fri: Trustees Mtg, Archbps' Hse, 10.45. SPUC Anniv M, S Wales Region. M, St Peter's, Cardiff, 7.30. Sat V, St C,adoe's Llanrunney, Cardiff, 6.30.

Bishop J 14tullias (Menevia): SureC, St Mary's, Pembroke Dock, 1 lam . Mon-Fri: Retreat, St Non's, St David's.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham): Sun: M & C Bala, Slam. Service for the NHS, St Giles, Wrexham, 3pm. Mon: Dolen Cymru, 10.30. Tue: Info Evening re 1999, 7.30. Pilgrimage to Holy Land. Wed: Prim Schs Sports, Colwyn Bay 2pm. C, Flint, 7.30. Fri: M., Llangollen (Eisteddfod) 5pm. Sat: M,Bangor Hospital, 4.30. M. Bethesda, 6.30. Key: M-Mass. C-Catifirmasian. VVisitation. O-Onination. Mg-Meeting. Sch-Sehool. ES-Ecumenical Service..

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