Page 15, 3rd June 1938

3rd June 1938
Page 15
Page 15, 3rd June 1938 — PILGRIMS AND CRUSADERS

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Cardinal To Deliver Charge To

Youth At Walsingham

From a Special Correspondent

In five weeks' time there will be held at Walsingham one of the greatest events in the history of our Catholic Youth organisations that has yet been conceived—the National Catholic Youth Pilgrimage to Walsingham, which is planned to take place July 1-3, the chief functions to be on Saturday, July 2.

Cardinal Hinsley will himself lead and take the most active part in the Pilgrimage, having determined to spend the whole day at Walsingham with the young people for whom he has so much regard and in whom he sees so much hope for the future.

National Assembly of Youth

For the first time there will be given a real opportunity for all the numerous young people's guilds, societies, Scout troops, clubs and other organisations to demonstrate their vitality and unity of purpose on a really national basis. For the first time there will be, on July 2, a really national assembly of Catholic Youth in England in common and concerted action.

Blessing the Sick

The programme at Walsingham is nothing if not ambitious, and is of a nature likely to appeal to all that is best in our young people.

On July 2 there will be a Pontifical High Mass, sung by the Bishop of the Diocese in the presence of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster.

After a Solemn Procession of the Blessed Sacrament at the open-air altar near the Slipper Chapel, the Cardinal will deliver a solemn charge to the assembled Catholic Youth, to be followed by something which ought to create indelible memories for them to take home forever—the performance before the Blessed Sacrament Exposed of a series of solemn acts of rededication.

After these there will be Pontifical Benediction, and, for the first time at Walsingham, the Benediction of the Sick, for among the many sections of youth to be present there will be a group of sick and afflicted children to receive this great privilege.

For the benefit of those able to remain over the week-end there will be erected several large camps, for servers, Scouts, Guides, squires and others. The Slipper Chapel will be encircled by a city of tents.

Torchlight Procession

For these weekend pilgrims there will be an extended programme of great inspiration, including a General Communion at the Slipper Chapel on July 3, and, on the night of July 2, a torchlight procession from the Slipper Chapel into Walsingharn where the Creed will be sung by a gigantic concourse of Catholics from all over East Anglia round the old beacon in the Common Place,

How to Get There

Travelling arrangements will be on the grand scale. Special trains will be run from every part of England, and in particular the following places will be served— Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Bradford, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the London Area.

In addition, from many other centres, especially in East Anglia, large numbers of motor coaches will be running.

For motorists who wish to visit Walsingham at this time a special itinerary has been prepared with police sanction under A.A. auspices, and this may be obtained with a badge for the windshield, price sixpence, on application to the organisers, entitling them to use an official car park.

The Cardinal, before going to Budapest, sent a special letter to all the parish priests of the Archdiocese urging them to see that this Youth Pilgrimage should be fully representative.

In order to secure the greatest possible attendance the rates have been fixed at a very low figure, and it will be possible for a boy or girl under sixteen to attend on July 2 for as little as 7s. 6d., to include return rail fare, lunch and tea.

Particulars may be obtained from the National Catholic Youth Pilgrimage to Walsingham, c/o the Catholic Association, 6/7, Buckingham Street, London, W.C.2.

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