Page 6, 3rd June 1960

3rd June 1960
Page 6
Page 6, 3rd June 1960 — A JOB FOR THE PRIZEWINNER

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Locations: Liverpool


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C.H. Correspondent, Liverpool "i IVERPOOL will have a new university chaplaincy by I I 1963 and the architect will be the one chosen to design the new cathedral," said Archbishop Heenan addressing the annual meeting of the Chaplaincy Association.

"L10,000 has been allotted to this purpose from the Anderton Trust," he continued, "but much more will be needed if we are to have a building worthy of the Church and tbe University. The money will be raised by committees working in all districts."

For the past year, members of the University have been using lerayens's crypt as their university church, and the Archbishop promised that after the cathedral was completed they may continue to do so. The site for the new chaplaincy is an ideal one adjacent both to the cathedral and the students union, and easily accessible from all parts of the university precincts. The chaplain. Fr. Thomas McGoldrick, told the meeting that by 1970 there would be art least one thousand Catholic students at Liverpool University. At present they were fifteen per cent. of the total student body. In 1963 the Catholic Society will celebrate its golden itibilee.

The future lay leaders of the Church in England for the next twenty or thirty years were now being trained in places like Liverpool University, said Fr. McGoldrick. Undergraduates no longer came from a privileged class. Every Catholic child • in every Catholic infant school,• no matter how poor his parents, may in 12 years time be a student at a university. The university chaplaincies of this country were the centres of an apostolate which the Catholic community neglects at its peril. That was why he asked for an all ourt effort to build a modern chaplaincy in three years.

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