Page 8, 3rd June 1994

3rd June 1994
Page 8
Page 8, 3rd June 1994 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Cardinal Basil Hume (ISksaminaser): Sun: D-Day Commemoration, Portsmouth. Mon: Standing Committee, Bishop's Conference. TUC M, Sacred Heart , Brook Gteen, 2pm. Wed: M, Poor Clare's, Arkley, 2pm. Thu: 150th Anniversary, Nottingham Cathedral, 11.30sun. fal, Mansfield, 7pm. Sat: M , Bi-Cemtenary, Stonyluma. Archbishop Mauritz Costae tie Murville (Birminghons): Sun: Bicentenary M, Our Lady, Barton-under-Needwood, 3pm. Mon: Standing Cttee Mtg, Westminster. Wed: M, Bishop Milner Sch, Dudley, 11.45,m. Thu: M, Archbishop Grimshaw sat, Chelmsley Wood,11.45am. Fri: Mtg for European Affairs, Wntminster, Ipm. Sat: M tor Jubilarian Sisters, St Pleas Convent, Selly Park, 1 lam. V. St Edward's Selly Park Archblahopiohn Ward (Cardiff): Mon: Bishops' Mrs, Wcstminsta, I lam. 'The: Study Day, Cmurtfield, 10.30am. C, St Joseph's, Cardiff, 7pm. Wed: C, St Brigid's, Cardiff, 7.30pm. Thu 150th anniversary, Cathedral Church, Nottingham, 11.30am. Fri: Diaconate 0, St David's Newport, 7pm.

Archbishop Derek Worlock (Liverpool): Sun: Golden Jubilee M, and Family Day, St Joseph's, Upholland, 3.30pm. Mon: Bishops' Mtg, Westminster, Ilam. M. Westminster Cathedral Crypt, 6.3 m The: M, St Edmund's College, Ware, 2pm. Fri: M., Golden 4 Jubilee, Sacred Heart, igen, 7.30Pm Archbishop MI Bowen (Southwark): Sun: C, Camberwell, 3pm. Mon: Bishops' Mtg. Wed: , Wonersh Seminary, 4pm. Sat: 0, Kingston, 1 lain. Bishop Cormac Murplry O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton)! Sun: Altar Servers Rally, M. Wbrth Abbe', noon. Consecration, St Michael's, High Salvington, 5pm. Mon, Bishops Cum, 11.30alm. Thu: Bishop's Council Mtg, 7.30prn. Fri: C, Worth Abbey, Rpm Sat C, Christ the Prince of Peace, Weybridge, Ilam and 3pm. Bishop Mervyn Alergamder (Clifton): Sun: V, St Benedict's, Stratton on the Posse. Mon: Golden Jubilee hi, St Mary's Anglican Church, Chard, 7pm. Tue: Golden Jubilee, St Gregory's, Salisbury, 730pm. Wed: C, St Mary's , Swindon, 7.30pm. Thu: M,ISOth anniversary, Nottingham Cathedral. Fri: C, St Edmund's, Caine, 7.30pm. Sat: Church, Forum, St Joseph's, Stonehouse, Silver Jubilee M, Our Lady, Kingnvood, 6.30pm. Bishop Alan Clark (East Anglia): Sun:IWG MIR in Crete.

Bishop Gerald Moverley (Hallam): Sun: Pilgrimage, Walsinsham. Mon: 0-Day Memorial S, St Peter's Nottingham, 10.30am. Mtg, Sheffield University Chaplaincy, 7.30pm. Tue: Hallam A,utde5 Fund Golf Tournament, Renishaw. Wed: Council of

Clergy, Quarters, 10.4 Clergy Jubllarians Lunch, Sheffield, 1pm,

Bishop Ambrose Grffltha (Denham and Nematode): Sun: D-Etay anniversary S. St Nicholas Cathedral,:11.305m. The: Commissioning lay readers, St Mary's Cathedral, ?pm. Wed: Heads' Met Ushaw, lOpm. URC Church Mtg, North Broca:thin . Mtg LAG, 2pm. AGM, Callintl, 7.30pm Thu: C, St Matthews, Pontehand, 7pm. hi C, Bishop John Brewer ): Sun: V, Our Lady, Workington. Mon-Tue: Bishop John Brewer ): Sun: V, Our Lady, Workington. Mon-Tue: St Joseph's, Durham, 7 Church urch Student Interviews, Cathedral noon. Emmaus mtg.*Pae: Deaf Mtg, Manchester. Wed: AGM, Catholic Caring Service. C, St Columba, Barrow. TIM: Pilgrimage, Ladywell, 7pm. Fri: C, Alstob Lane. Bishop David Konsuint (Lerch): Sun: V, Holy Family, Cheauerfield, 10am. Bishops' nag, Westminster, 11.3bam. Mtg, Curia, 6pm. C, Basildon, 7.30pm, Wed: C, Menwith, Hal Base, Annual lecture, ftpmrCg7Bradford South Deanery, Si Winefride's, 7pm. te tom. Thu: Mtg, St John's, Boston Spa, 4pm. CCJ Bishop Daniel Mullins (Menevia): Sun: M, Grounds of Neath Abbey. Begin* 2.30pm, St Joseph's, Westernmoor, Neath. MUD: C, Sacred Heart, Morriston, 7,30pm. The: Meg, Swansea, 10.130am. Eisteddfod Mtg, Nash, 5pm. Thu: C, St Joseph's, Port Talbot, 7pm. Fri. C, Otar Lady, Swansea, 7.30pm. Sat: Mrg,Ilandriisdod Wells, Ilam Bishop John Crowley (Mkkilmbrough): Sun: Renewal Day, Ampleforth, 2pm. Tue, M, Holme-on-Spalding Moor, 7pm. We: V, St Catherine's Hospice, Scarborough, 330pna. V, Madonna House, Robin Hood's Bay, 6pm, Thu: C, St Bede's , Menke, 2pm. hi: M, Sacred Heart 5th, Redcar, 9.30ans Sat: Hull Pastoral COLICICil, 10am. Bishop Leo McCartie (Northampton): Sun: Corpus Christi Procession, Great Billing, 3pm. Mon: Service, Buckingham University, 4.30pm. C, St AIban's Chapel, Window, 730pm. 'l'uc. M, St Martin de Pones Sell, baton, 10.30am. Thu: Meg, Milton Keynes, 2 30pm, AGM, Milton Keynes, 7.30pm. Fri: C, Daventry, 7.30pm. Bishop Janice McGuinness (Notdnghatn): Sun: Final Day, Lincoln, Brugge, Nottingham link Mtg Re-dedication, Marufield, 6pm. The Briars Trustee Meg, llam. Thu: 150th anntversary M, St Bamahas Cathedral. Sat: Jubilee , Bishop Ellis 5th. Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Sun: Creditnn. Mon: Bishops' mtg, London. Tue-Wed: Diocesan Retreat, Buckfast.

Bishop Criaptan Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: fl-flay Celebration 50th miniversani, Portsmouth, 10.30am. Mon: CMT Mtg, London, 1 I am. C, Basingstoke, 7.30pro. lee: C, Basingstoke, 7.30pm, Wcd. Mtg, Wonersh. Jubilee, Grsyshott, 7pm. Thu: Training Day, Riogwood, 10am -3.30pm . Fri: Meg, Hampshire Church Leaders, Chandler's Ford, llam. Diaconate 0, St Peter's, Winchester, 7.30pm Bishop Patrick Kelly (Sa/ford): Sun: D.Day Service, Manchester, ttam. More Bishops' mtg, Westminster. Reception for Civic Leaders, 7.30pm. The: V, Si Bede's 1-Lgh 5th, Blackburn, 1).30am lpm. V, Our Lady Sch, Blackburn, 1.30-4pm. ILJCM Rally, Swinton, 7.30pm.Wed: V, Our Lady Sch, Lostock Hall, 10.30am. V, Our Lady &I, Walton-le.Dale 1.1$pm-3.30pm. Thu: Lancaster Pilgrimage, I ,adyarll, ?pro, Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun-Mon: V. St Paul's, Poynton. C, Macclesfield, 3pm. Thu: M, 150th Anniversary, Nottingham Cathedral, 11.30am. Fri: M, Redcourt, Birkenhead, 10am. Sat: Adopters' Day M, St Edward's, !Runcorn, 2.30pm, Bishop Charles Hendenon, (Southwark atudliary): Sun: V, Bostall Park, C, Hans Lewisham D Day celebration, Goldsmith's College, 3pm. Mon: RC/Jewish Cure Mtg, 1.30pm. M /C, Tharneaead Central, 7.30pm. The: V, St Thomas 5th, Elation, 10am. MC, Catford, 7.30pm. Wed: Mtg, Wonersh, 4pm. Thu: Interfaith Mrg, Lambeth Palate, 2pm M IC, Charlton, 7.30pm. Fri: SE Area F. mtg, Ehham, 6.30pm. Bishop John Jukes, (Southwark asudliary): Sun: V, Hythe M on V, Sc Gregory's 5th, Ilanbridge Wells. Wed. Mu Wonersh. Fri-Sun: V, Maidstooe South, Parish. Bishop Howard Tripp, (Southwark auxiliary): Sun: C, Thornton Heath, 10.30am. C, for Portuguese, Stockivell, 4pm. The: SW Area J&P Commission, ?pm. Wed' Bishops' Mtg, Wonersh Thu: Litotes, Commission, Southwark, 6pm. Fri: V, North Chearn. Sat: AGM, J&P Commission M, Cathedra1,1030sm. Bishop Victor Gutuseili (Westminster, east area): Son: C, German Church, 10am M, APE, Mill Hill, 2.30pin. Mon: Presentation, Clifionville, 1 lam. The: E London Broad Based Organisation, 10-11.30am. Wed: Deanery Mtg, Hackney, I lam Fri: Mm, 10am Confirmandi Mfg, West Kilburn, 7pm. Sat: Interfaith Pilgrimage, am. Biahop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, north arca): Sun: Centenary M, &Mud Green ,I0.30am M , Eag Finchley, 4pm. Mon: C, New Southgate, 7.30pm. llie: Deans' Mtg, 5tam. Wed; "Inspection Course", M, Damascus House, Sam. Education board Mm, lOatn. Thu: )50th Anarversary, Nottingham Cathedral. Sat: V. Hendon. Bishop James O'Brien Hertfordshire eras): Sun: C, St Hilda's, Stevenage, 1 lam. 13-Day Service, St Albans, 3pm. Wed: Hens Ecu. Forum, Marshalswick Fri: C, St Joseph's, Bishop's Stortford, 7.30pm. Sat: C, St John Fisher, Redbourn, 6.30pm. Key.MMist C -Confirm:aims VVia:aim Mtg Meeting. SchSchool.

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