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3rd March 1950
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Page 1, 3rd March 1950 — 7 POINTS TO NOTE

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Organisations: Catholic Church, Church of God


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THE Catholic Church takes no part in oecumenical " conferences or meetings.

But, as may be seen from many papal documents, she has never ceased, nor ever will, from following with deepest interest and furthering with fervent prayers every attempt to. attain that end which Christ our Lord had so much at heart, namely, that all who believe in Him "may be made perfect in one."

Indeed, with the true love of a mother she embraces all those who return to her as to Christ's one, true Church.

The fullest approval and encouragement is always given to all those plans and enterprises which have been undertaken, with the consent of ecclesiastical authority. either for the instruction of those seeking the faith or for the further instruction of those already received.

The present time has witnessed in different parts of the world a growing desire amongst many persons outside the Church for the reunion of all who believe in Christ. .

Yet it is clear from experience that so far certain attempts of various individuals or groups to bring about this reconciliation of dissident Christians with the Catholic Church have not always been founded upon sound principles, even though inspired by the hest of intentions.

Even where the principles are sound, special dangers are always present, For this reason this Supreme Sacred Congregation. whose care it is to watch over and preserve intact the deposit of faith, considers it opportune to issue a reminder of the following points and to enjoin their observance :


1. Bishops. whom " the Holy Ghost has placed to rule the Church of God," ought to make a special object of their care and attention this work of " reunion " which is a particular charge and duty of the Church. They

must not only use great diligence in keeping all this under effective supervision. but give it prudent encouragement and direction with the twofold purpose of assisting those who are in search of truth and the true Church and of shielding the faithful from the dangers wh-ch so easily accompany the progress of this movement.

In the first place they must fully acts:taint themselves with the past and nresent activities of the movement in their own dioceses.

For this purpose they shall appoint suitable priests to make a special study of the movement and everything connected with it.

These studies shall be along the lines laid down by the Holy See and in accordance with papal teaching (e.g. in the encyclical letters Saris cogniturn, Mortalitint animas and Mystic/ CorpOris Christi) and the priests shall duly report back to the bishop from time to time.

Any form of publication on this subject by a Catholic calls for special vigilance: the Bishops will insist upon strict observance of the

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