Page 10, 3rd March 1995

3rd March 1995
Page 10
Page 10, 3rd March 1995 — BISHOPS' DIARIES

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Archbishop Maurice Couve de Murville (Birmingham); Sun: V/C, Sacred Hon, Aston, arm M with Rite of Elcction, Ca thedr•al. 3pm. The: M, Canlinal Griffin 5th, Cannock, ant. V,1-IMP Drake Hall, 2.30pm, C. SE GiteS, Cheadle, 7,30prn, Wed: M, _John Fisher Sch, Newcatale-under-Lyne, am. C, Ss Gouge and Martin, arches Head, pm. Eby: M, Painalty Sch, Cheadle, I lam. C, St Joscph, Goldenhill, 7.30pm. Fri: M, SI Margaret Ward Sch, Tunstall, am. Sat C, S1 Joseph's, Burslem, prn Archbishop Derek Work:wit (liserpnol): Sun: RCIA Rite of Election, Catherlralapm. Mon: Clergy and Police Mat, Mather Avenue, Liverpool, I pm. The: hiichaelmas Group Mtg., Littlewoods Building, Liverpool, Sam. LIHE Mig , 3.30pm. Wed: Coundi of Cloo.o', I Oartt, Fri: British Credit Unions Nitg Civic Reception, Sr George's Hullarn Liverpaol, 7011. Sat . Survive/Miva AGM, Liverpool University Chaplairiey, 10.45:1111. Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor (Arundel and Brighton):Sun: Rite of Election, Arundel CathedraLm 3pm. Tut: Lei-sums, Salford Llniversity. Wed Sch Chaplains' Mtg, DAFKIEC, Crawley, 2prn. Parish Cluster Aire, Farnham, 710:prn. Thu: Joint Pastoral Consultative Group, lantheth, lpm. Fri: Secondary Heads' Mtg, Storringon, 9.45pm. Parish Cluster Mt, 7.30,m. Bishop Terence Brain (Birmingham 2uxillary): Sun: C, Sr Peter, came 'won, 9.30arn and 1 lam Ttie: V, Qaten Alexander Sc!, for the Blind. Wed: V, Settle,/ , 10.30am. RCIA Mtg, Sr Mary,Walsall, Rpm. Thu: Mtg, Peyton, 10.15atn, C, All Souk, Coventry, 7pm. Fri: C, Sr Anne, Chelmsley Wood, 7.30pin. Biahup Philip Pargeter (Birmingham auxiliary): Sun: 1(1-IS Day Retreat, Cropthorne, Toe: V. Sr Lamabeth Sch, Coventry, 10am. V. Good Shepherd Sch, Coventq, ?pm C, Sr Elizabeth, Coventry, 7.30pm., Wed: V Sch. C, Sr avistopher, Codsall, 7 30pm Thu. V Set% Tile Cross, 2pm. C, Our 1..y: Tile Crass, 7.30rm. Frit V, Sc,, Harbornc, 10am. V, Sr Anne's Sch. Coventry, 2pnt. C. Sr Anne's, Lawentry.7.30prn. Bishop Tharnas McMahon (Brentwood): Sun: Rite of Election, tlathedral, 3pm. lic: Pastoral Co-militating Group, Cathedral House, 4 15pm I eaten House Stock, lipm. Wed: V, °sum Seminary Thu-Fri: Chain Bishops' Pastoral Liturg: Commisaion Mtg., Neu/market. Malmo Marna, Alexander (Clifton): Sun: M. Llauversay Cl West England, 12.30pm, RC1A Rite of Election , Clifton Cathedral, Ipi: Toe: Bath Lentea M , St Mary's, Rath, 730pm. Wed: Council ot Priests Mig. Bristol East Lenten M Our Lady, Kingswood, 7.30pm, Thu: V. Our Lady Sth, KingwoodEn: C, Church oldie AssumPtion Chippenharn, 7.30pm, Sat: IICPT M, Our Lady, ICingswood, 2.30pra, V, St Josephs, Nympsfield. Biahop Gerald Moveriey (Hallam): Stin:V, St Joseph's, Stavely. Mon: M, Sheffield University Chaplaincy, 7.30Pm. Thu: V, Si Mary's Primary Sch, Clesterfield, 10.30am. Fri: Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Quarters 10.30am. Bishop David Kunstant (Leeds): Sun: V. First Martyri', Bradford, Rite of Election, Cathedral, 3pm. Mon: latunth of Fluddersfield University Missaul. The: Leeds 16 (Thurches Lenten Talk, Adel Methodist Church. Thu: M, Sr Edmund's, Airedale 7pm. Fri: Question Time, Ripon and York &John College, 6pm. Sat Diocesan Pastoral Council, TASC, 9.15am. Bishoss Vincent Malone, (Liverpool awdliary):. Sun: CTE Conference, Dactyl:4 Mon: Churches' Anchorage Mtg, Liverpool, 10.30am. Toe: 1_IHE Governors' Nita, Spin. C, Sr Bend, Netherton, 7 30pm. Wed: C., Himiley Green 7.30mn. Fri: V Mother Teresa Sets, Liverpool, 9.300m. M, Sr Wilfrid's, Preston, 7.30prn. Bishop John Rawstivorne, (Liverpool staaillary): Sun: V, Sr Aidan, Hugon. Toe: CARE AGM, 6.45pra Wed: laner Cities Reitous Council Mtg, Gladstone Hotel, Liverpool, 9.30arn Thu: Sr Wilfred High Sch , Mtg, 5pm. Fri: St Joseph's Sch, Huyton, am. Nugent Care Society Trustees Mtg, 12.30pm. Nugent Care Society Governing Body Mi5 2pm. Conferring of Acolyte-Permanent Diaconate: St Mg*, Halewood, 7.30pm. San V, St Allocn,Stockbridge, 6.30pm. Bishop John Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sure M, Cathedra!, 9.30arn and 5pro. Rite of Election, Cathedral, 2prrt. Man' Bishops' Day of Prayer, Hatlewood Castle. 'Ric Day or Recollection for Clew, Crussbeck Convent. Wed. M, & Lenten 'talk, Cathedral, 7pm. Fri: Church Leaders, Mtg, Stokesley. Sat: CAEOD Gala Day, "fork Bishop Kevin O'Brien, (Middlesbrough auxiliary): Sun: ES, St Lawrence Anglican Church, York Mon: Thug Deperaleney, Council 1M,ratri-inrry1:1,MI'CH.hatizrehiewmd,7.45Thpmr.: Wed: Charles de

.Mission Committee, Leeds. Lecture and Dinner, Hull..

Bishop Leo McCortle (Northampton); Sun; Rite of Eloaion, Cathedral, Tit: Council of Priests, Bishop's House, Ilani. Wed: C, St Peter's, Marlow. 1:3w...4, 7.300,r' no: V Si Vincent's Sch, Duratabk, Beds, 9.45arn. V. St Mary's Sets, Dimmable, Beds, 1.20pm. Sat: Vocations Wicd, Princes Rishorough, Bucks. Bishop James McGuinness Beds. Nottingham); Stay Rite of Election, C-athedral, 3pm Mon: Station M, New Mills. Tue: V/C Oadby. Wed: Chapter Day. Thu: Silver Jubilee Celebration, Fr Duffy IC Grace Dieu, Leicester. Station M, hielbourne, pm. Sir: Liturgical Commission Mtg, Mackwonh.

Bishop Crlsplon Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: V, Christ die King, Reading. Wed, College Lit Consultors, Bishop's House, I lam. Liturgy hits, Si Gregory's, Alresford, 6.30pin. Sat Diocesan Laity Ping, Bishop's Haase, 2.30pm. Bishop Christopher Budd (Plymouth): Mort RCIA Roe of Election_ Plymouth University Chaplaincy, pm. Tut: Plymouth Deanery. Thu: Torbay Deanery Bishop Patrick Kelly (Salford): Sun: BBC Radio 2 "Goad Morning Sunday" 7.15am. V. St Teresa's. larawood, M, 9 and I lam. Rite of Election, Cathedral, 2.30prn. Tue. Review of Chlash Iifr ,Warciley Hall, Our lady's Deanery (B) 1010am. Secondary Headteachers Mfg, Wardley Hut 4.30pm. Wed: Si Terese's Sch, Eirswood, 10am. M and Concert, Sr Gabriel's Hall, 5.30pm. Thu; Committee for Deaf People 2, I 5pin. En. Holy Hour, Cathedral, 9pm. Bishop Joseph Gray (Shrewsbury): Sun: Rite of Election, St Joseph's, Stockport, 3pm Thu: Blessing of New Nursery Unit, All Saints Primary Sets, Ashton ..on.Mersey, 7.30pm. Fri: RE Team Mtg, Sr Werburgh's, Birkenhead, Noon. Bishop Charles Henderson, (Southwark Sun: M and (:, Sydeaham, [pm. P11171,11N I leadteachers Malt, S E Area, Duluich, 1 Oafs. CdnmuaityMtg, St Prier, Dulwich, 2.30pm. Fri Sat: hi and C, Brockley, Elf/orb. Bishnp _John Jukm, (Southwark awdlLary): Sun: aalig with Religious, West Mailing, I 0.30am. Mon: Meets with Employment Minister, 3pm. Tut: C, Gravesend Palish, 7.30mi. Wed; Clews Penitential Day, Aylesford, Noon Thu: V. Sr Edmund's Sets, Dover. C.onfairandi Mtg, St Paul's, Dover, 7.30pm. Fri: V Sch's, Maidstone Bishop Howard Tripp (Southwark awdliary): Sun: C, East Sheen, 10.30am. Thu: Mtg, Catholic Children's Sociery, 2.30pm. Fn: Cu Coulsdon, 7pm. Sat M, Prayer fannips, Kingston Hit, 230pm. Bishop Victor (lima:Kai (Wcanninster, ow area): Sun: Rite of Election, Westminster Cathedral, 3pm. 'rue: Apostleship of the Sea, I I am. Wed; Cortfumandi Mtg, Toilingion Park, 7.30pm. Thu: Westminster Cathedral Centenary, 11 am. Bishop Vincent Nichols, (Westminster, nortJh area); Sun; Rae of Eicction, Westminster Cathedral, 3pm. ?tamers Green, [pm. M(321: InSenice Day, Sr Peter's Sets, Bournemouth. The: Deans' Mtg, I lam. Wed: Douay Martyr's Sth, Hillingdon, 2.30pm. Installation of Free church Federal Council Moderator, 6.30pm. Thu: DFE Mtg, 2.30pm, Holy Rood Sets, Watford, 5prn. Barnet Liturgy Course, Rpm_ Biala* Patrick O'Donughtae (Westminster, west area): Sun:Rut of Election, Westminster Cathedral, 3pm Mon: M St Mary's Sets, Isleworth, 1..30pm. Toe: V, St Bernadette's Sets, lidLingdort, 9am. Youth Leaders' Mu, Vaughan House, 2.30pm. Wed: V. Si Raphaers Sets, Ycading,9.30arn. Centenary Lecture, Cardinal Mariam, Cathedral, 7,30pm, Thu: Heathro Chapel Trustees, Ipm. Fri Allen Hall Mig, 3pm. C, St Edmund's Viithitton, 7.3.0pra


Archbishop )ohn 'Maid (Cardin): Sun: V, Hereford and Bartestroc. Tuc: Silva Jubilee M, ttheyrriars, °shad, Noun. C, Our Lady, Mountain Ash, 7.30pm. Lenten M, St Aloyints, Ciurnos, Merthyr Tydai, 7.30pm. Thu: C, Immaculate Conception, Treurchy, 7.30pm. Sat: Memorial S, 1 landaff Cathedral, Cardiff, I 1 .30arn. Bishop Daniel MuWna, (MeneMag Sun: RCIA Rae of Erection. Cathedral, 1 1.30am. Mon: RE National Project Mfg, London. Tud Lenten M, &Joachim, tharnira, Swansea. 7.3optm. Wed: Lenten M, Si Thereses, Port Talbot, 7.30pm. Thu. Sets V, Fishguard. Fri: Linen M, Presteigne, 7.30prn. Sat: M, Sc David's , Swansea, 12.30pm. Bishop Edwin Megan CWrexham): SSA'S' C, 9.30am. Mon. 1,irst Annhersary dale Death of llishop Hannigag, hi, Cathedral, 7.30prn. Wed: V, Blessed Edward Mown Sets, notion, !Clam lbw V, Sr Mary's Sch, Flint. Conferring Acolyte, Mold, 7pm. Kew M Mrs& C V • Visilariim !qvMewing. Sth School h'S Ecumenical &xi:ice

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