Page 5, 3rd May 1940

3rd May 1940
Page 5
Page 5, 3rd May 1940 — GENERAL ALMAZAN—CANDIDATE FOR MEXICO'S PRESIDENCY Has Strong Catholic Backing

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Locations: Guadalajara


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From Our Mexican Correspondent The two principal candidates for the presidential elections which are to be held in Mexico next July are Generals Juan Andrew Almazan for the Opposition, and Manuel Avila Camacho who is the Government's choice. General Almazam is hacked by the Catholics, and all the more conservative elements in the country.

that in Mexico the Opposition's candidate has never been elected freely and peacefully, because the Government in power controls the polls.

Almazen cannot be branded as a Nazi or a Fascist. If he comes to power he may have to use the strong hand at first to bring back the country to a more moderate course, and it is possible that for the good of the nation and for the sake of self-preservation he will purge the country of many undesirable elements.

" Considered a Good Man "

He has also been accused of being financed by the American oil magnates, who would like to see him president, but there Is no proof of this. Apart from his own personal resources, his presidential campaign is financed by some of his wealthy friends and by the sale of " patriotism bonds," which are non-redeemable and suitable for framing. Almazan is not religious, but is considered by conservative elements to be a good man. It has not been difficult for him to push his campaign by promising to redress the many wrongs of the Cardenas administration, which has not only antagonised with its Red tendencies the Catholic element, which is preponderant, but has also disillusioned large groups of workers of industry and agriculture with the failure of its more or less Communistic innovations.

Failure of Robbery Under Law

During the six years of the Cardenas regime the public debt has doubled. This is due mainly to the drastic policy of expropriation of foreign-owned oil wells, mines, railways and other industries.

Normal tax revenue on about 30,000,000 acres of land has been wiped out. The Mexican peso has dropped from 28 to 17 American cents.

Wage increases obtained by almost continuous strikes can hardly cope with the high cost of living. The basic food of the Mexican population—beans and corn, which the land used to yield abundantly, with a residue for export— has now to be imported from abroad.

The collective farina established by Cardenas, imitating Soviet Russia, have worked so badly that 100,000 tons or more of wheat had to be imported last tear, whereas there used to be a surplus to export.

So-called Toleration The so-called and much advertised religious tolerance of the Cardenas Government, which followed the violent persecutions of Callas, is merely a disguise for more subtle and cunning methods of uprooting religion. Not only are seminaries forbidden on Mexican territory, but none of the antaretigious laws have been abrogated.

The recent passage in Congress of the • Bill which provides officially for Socialistic education in Mexican schools denotes clearly the unabated militant policy of undermining religious beliefs in that which is most vulnerable : the minds and souls of children.

In a speech which Alma:sale made recently at Guadalajara he recalled the existing intolerance in matters of instruction which exists in Mexico and which has hindered the country from developing parallelly with the Argentine Republic, Chile and Uruguay.

He qualified as an "atrocious principle " that which gave the State and not the parents the education of children, and said that sex-socialistic education was " monstrous."

General Almazan concluded his speech declaring that it was high time to put an end to the attacks which are made by the authorities, sometimes publicly, sometimes hypocritically and with cunning, against the family.

It is not difficult, therefore, to understand why it is that Almazb.n has behind him the Catholics and business men, and that large numbers of workers of field and factoryhave been gained to his cause.

Women are also campaigning for him since he favours women's suffrage.

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