Page 14, 3rd November 2006

3rd November 2006
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Page 14, 3rd November 2006 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Bishops' Diaries

Page 12 from 7th November 2003


November 5 to November 11 Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor (Westminster) Sum Meets with Council of European Conferences of Priests (CCPE). Allen Hall, 1-ondon. 4p1t'. Mon: Interviews and eugugemeets. The-. Council of Orations and Jews , 10,130am. attends Council of Prksts meeting, London Colney,4pm Wed: Attencls Council of Priests meeting, London Colney.1,112: attends reseption for CAD. Speakers House, Wenma'am , pm. Fri, Meets with Archbishop's, Cattle cil. Anithishopai House, am; celebrates Mass and bestows Papal minden Colin MawbmWestminsier Calhoind, 530pea. Sill: CekbralCS 1750 anniversery Macs of the Sisters of Mercy, Westminster Cathedral 1230pm, Archbishop Kelly (Liverpool) Sun: Diaconate retreat, Ushaw College. Tin: Clergy meeting. Loyola Hall, Rainhill. 645pm. Wed: Visits Merseyside fee and rescue serince,fheitle, 630pm. Thu: 150th annivenary MASS of Thanksgiving, Si Agee, purists Huyeas 730pm Archbishop MeDinudd (Southwark) Sun: Confirmanons, South Creydon.3pen. Tue: Chapter meeting, St George's Cathedral . 2.45pni Wed: Bishops/staff meeting, St John's seminary, Wonersh, pm. Thu. Church leaden,' Istesuldast meeting , 830ard Atehbishop's council. Archbishop's F louse, am; Confimmions,


Archtsiehop Nichols (Birmingham) Sun: 'Dedication of St Charles Berromeo Church, Hampton on the IRIS I lam. Mon Wed: Student RONA'S Oscon College. Wed Maryville Degree Ceremony, St Chad's Cathect1al,2pm. Thu: Mass for demased hishopamtiests and (Imams , °seat Seminary. nxam. Fri: Archbishop's Council meeting, Archbishop's HOUR:, 9.30am, West Midlands Region Cluvehes Forutn,130pm. Sat Nbuis of Thanksgiving to celebrate 175th anniversary of the foundatiou of die Sisters of Mercy. Westminster Cathedral. Loudon, 1230pm.

Bishop Arnold (Auxiliary Bishop of Westminster) Sun Continuation& parish visitation. St Likes. Pinner, Mon: Priests study day on marriage (West Area priests), 1130am. The, Meeting of diocesan Ithauee board, lpm; coun cil of priests meeting. 4am. Prizegiving, Convent of Jesus and Mary, Brent Town Hall, 7p05. Fd. Amberishors eawail =ming, 93then.

Bishop Budd (Plymouth) The: Carlon:1e, Plymouth University Chaplaincy, 7.30pm. Wed: Clergy Requiem. Cathedral. 12pm, Thu-Fri: Bimethics commit-ex .Westunseper-Mere Sae Visitation, Axminster, Lyme Regis and Seaton.

Bishop Burns (113.4 Forces) Sun: Mass. St George and St Michael Cathedral, Aldershot, I lam: eathednil reception. Mon Meeting with Chapinin of dta Fleet, I4MS Excellent, 9.30am: PRCC(N) area co-ordinktor's meeting, HMS Excellent, I 030mn; principal thaplain's adviser), loop. liMS Exoelleut, slOpm. Thu, Royal Eltetrical and Mechanical Engincers regimental reception Woking's-am_ Fri: Rernerehratem Day Mass. Salesian College. Farnborough, 10.15=, Sat: Rementhnince Sunday Mims. Cathedral. 6pm.

Bishop Conry (Anmikl & Brighten) Mon. Appointments, National 'unite and Peace Network, London. The; Annual Requiem Mass for deceased police officers, Westminster Cathedral Wed; Cpter meeting. Arundel Cathednd. Thu: St Augustine's trustee meeting, meets with permanent diaconate team and new students. Pri: CAFOID Pope Paul VI Memorial lecture. Sae Mass of lharacsgiving ta celebrate 175 years of the SSICTS of Merry, WestrniestmCathedral Bishop Doyle (Nurthampton) Sim: Visitstiou, Good Shepherd, Haddenham; service to pray for the faithful depaned, Bedford Cremated= and Cemetery, 230pm. Tao: Chapter Mass for deceased clergy, I lam; lunch with chagZ canon,. IPM. meeting with AIF Group, St lip and St James, Bedford, ?pm. Thu: Opening of nursery and visit to St Gregory's School. Northampton. 10am; tribunal lunch. 1pm; Ccareonation Mass, Christ the King. Kcrus flill, 730pm. Sae Mass for end of youth conference, Carob= Chisolm School, Northampton, 3_30pm.

&shop Elates (East Anglia) thee Amish visimikes Stowmasket. Mum Confirmation group on justice and peace, Felixstowe. 6pm. Wed: Methodistliuman Catholic agreed statement study day. Louden. Thir Diocesan schools servim commiosirur, Paringland, diocesan personnel boord, Bury Si Edemas, Sat: Diocesan euunee of Islets., Poriagland. Ilam-3pm.: parish visitenon to Gorleston

Bishop Hendricks (Auxiliary in Southwark) Sum Commissioning of Eucharistic ministers. Wimbledon College, 4pm. Mon: Meeting with load Anglican deans, Southfields, I 2pnt. Wed: Meeeine with staff, Sc John's semauirs,Wonerth, 4pm. Thu: London, Church kadcss' breakfast meeting, 830am: Archhishopa council, Archbishop's Kruse, ant, aehievenieres. evening, St Thames Mom School. Porky. 630pm. Fri: Visit. Si Mary's High School. Croydon, Sam: priests' ongoing formation day, Canoed, Ipm; Prison Phoenix Trust escut, Wandsworth prison, 7pm. Sae Confirmations,Merton, 1030am.

Bishop Hine (Ausoliery Bishop of Southwark) Sufi Hythe visitation and Confirmation, The: Chairs meeting. Kent schools commission, Wear Malting, 2.15pm WedAnends BishimO stuff mosting,Wortash, I I am. Thu: Archbishop's council meeting, Southwark, liars. Fri: Attends marriage & Family life working party, Birmingham, 11 30am-3piu. Sat: Visitation. Hartley.

Bishop Haiti (Portsmouth) Sun The: Jordan pdgnmage, ThuokKiail, Connell of Christian and Jews, Eclinund Kell Hall, Southampton, 7pm.Fri; Clay meeting with Peoloral Area 7. Woldrigham, I lam Spur: Confirmation, St Mary's, Ascot, ?pm. Sat: Mass of Thanksgiving to eelebrate 175 years of the Sisters of Mary, Westminster Cathedral. 1230pm.

Bishop Hopes (Westminster) SU717 Rotor. Mon: Attends marriage study day, Our Lady of Grace & St Edward, Chiswick. Toe: Attends finance board committee meeting, Hendon, followed by meeting of the council of priests. Wed. Meeting of the eouneil of priests. Thu: Pastoral visit, Capieutio SiVere. Pad ing Fre Archbishop's council meeting. Archbishop's House: engagements, Archbishop's House, pm. Sat: Cathedral ,Musa for the Sisters of Mercy, 12pm: pastoral visitation, Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Queeraway, pm Bishop Lang (Clifton) Mon: /slalom reception. House of Commons, London, 7pm. The: Chapter meeting. Clifton Cathedral, Bristol, I lam: Confmnation, Si George,TSamtun,730pm. Wed: Schools committee meeting, Bristtd, 1030am; chairs the Swindon lecture Care for The Earth, The University of Bath. Swindon, 530pm. Thu: SortleYSCI ChunthesTogeilte stand Los committee. Bristol. 10am; Chairs War. Peace and Christian Attitudes by The Right Honourable Baroness Shirley Williams, Bath Abbey, spas Fri, Abbate] blessine of Dom Aldan Bellenger OSB, Downside Abbey, Strome on-the-Fosse, 230pre. Sat: 175th celebration. for Sisters of Mercy.WestminstesCisdacdral, London, 1230pm.

Bishop Lynch (Auxilier' y itt Southwark) Sun: Mass, celebration of the Feast of Si Martin de Poems, St James the Great, Peckham Rye, 12pm; NOVeMber Mass for deceased relatives, West Norwood cemetery, 230pm. Wed: Biabops/staff meeting. St John's Seminary, %mash. Thu: Archbishop's council meeting, Archhishep's Home, am; &Wong Opm the Wool, St Patrick's, Waterloo, 7pm. Fri: Ongoing fool-ration day, Hartley Hail, Cefford: induction of Fr Onry Mwph, CR1... Christ Church, Ethan], Bpi» Sae Mass of Thanksgiving, 175th anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy. Westminster Cathedral, 1230pm. Bishop McGinnis (Birmingham) Sun: Retreat for deacons, resew College. Mon: Visits St Panick's Sellout, waiyertiammon, 2pm; Coordinations, St Patrick's, Wolverhomplou, 7pm. Toe: Chapter meeting, Cathedral House, 10.30ani; Chapter Mass St Chad's Cathedral. 12.15pm; Vt.SitS St Mary's Scheid. Wedneshury, 2prn: Confirmations, Wednesbury, 7prn Wed: Blouses new elaserooms. Sr Michael's, Waiver hampton, 10am; Maryvak Degree Ceremony, St Ched 's Cothethel, 2pm . TheMuss for deceased bishops, priests and deacons. Oscen Seminary, 1130am. Fri: Archbishop's Council rueeting,ffielihidem's House, 9.30am . Sat: VI.S.i• radon. Biddulph and Packmoor.

Bishop McMahon (Brentwood) Sun: Pastoral ViSitation & Confirthitli00. St Dominic's, Harold Hill The: Meetingsenterviews,Cathethal House; intends meeting of parish coursed Stock. Wed: Pastoral vieitaiien & Confirmation, Hainauk. Tho: Attends presentation an diocesan future development, Chigwell. Fri: Celebrates Mass and meets with secondary heatheachers, Cathedral House,10am.Sat: Attends Mass of Thanksgiving to ce1ebrete 175111 anniversary of Sisters of Mercy, Westminster Cathedral. 1230pm; attend. Choirs' Festival . Chelmsford Cathedral, 5pm.

Bishop McMahon (Nat Timm) Simi.

Visitaltjota.Chwthait the Holy Spins West Bridgford, Wed: Cuuncil of priests. Church of the Assumption. "Reston, 10.30um; celebrates Mass, kngLish Martyrs , Al Vataon , 7frrn Thu ChiVer meeting and Mass. St Barnabas Cathedral, Pti Diomsan youth servam trustees rr.lirT.The Briers, Crash, 1130am. Sat: Commissioning Mass for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Cormiumion, St Bard

Cathedral, 11 30arn.

"Bishop Malaise (LiVerrel)Tue: Confirmation, Our Lady of Walsingham, Netherton, 730pui. %Sid: Conenuarion„St Midoel,Widoes, 730pm, Thte Pastoral area clergy meeting. Leigh. 1230pm; confirmation, St Patrick . Southport, 730pm.

Bishop Noble (Shrewsbury) Sure Pastoral visitation „St Wcibtegh and St Levemee's, Eirkerihead l'ue leagy regionel meeting (Deaneries' of St Mary and SS Peke and Peal), Cathedred. Ham, alerting with junior clergy. Malpas, 6pm. Wed; Clergy teslional meeting (Deaneries of St Beck. St Alplionsus and St Hilary), Sacred Beast, Moreton, Hams Confirmaiiim, St Anne's, Nantwich, 71cro. Thu: Biehop's interview morning. Curial Offices, am. Fri: Clergy regional meeting (Deaneries of St Werteugh and SiThamasMixe), St Columbia, Chester. Ham. Sae Pastoral visitation. St Anne's, Rock Puny, 630pm Bishop O'Donoghue (Lancaster) Sun: Kirkhern deanery visitation, Tile' Chapter meeting, 1030am; those= toistees' meeting. Ipm; pruz-giving for Our Lady's Ilig,h School, Cattle, dral, Ipso. Wed: Menelial Mass for Rev T Davy, Si Mary, Egremont, 12pm. Fri: Bishop's muncil meeting, Ladywell, Ham, Sat: Siness of Mercy anniversary Macs, Westminster Cathedral, 1230pm

Bishop Pargeter (Birmingham) Sun; VolOboe, St Ambrose Barlow, Hall Green, Tao: Chapter meeting. Cathedral House, 1030am; Chapter Mass, Cathedral, St Chad's Cathedral, 12.15pm. Wed: Mary vale Degree Ceremony, Si Chad is Cathedral, 2pm. Thu: Mass for deceased bishops, priests and deacons, Omen Seroinarf, 11,30am. PM Arebbishup's Commit meeting, Archbishop's House, 9.30am. Sat: Visitation, St Wilfrid's, Castle Bromwich.

Bishop Roche (Leeds) Sun: Visitation, St Anthony's, Beeston. Sal: Mass of Thanksgiving to celebrate 175 peers of Sisters of Mercy. WestMintier Cathedral, 1230pm Biala, Stack (Westminster) Sun: Celebradoe for Bishop Prancis Walnisley, Aldershot, Hem. Mud All day visit to Stevenage deanery. Toe: Chairs diocesan finance boast 1230am; ekrilfKil of Priesei Meeting, London Colney, 4pm. Wed: Council of Priests meeting continued. Thu: All day visit to Lea Valley deanery. Fri: Archbishop' s council meeting. 930ane Cathedral Mass and presentation of KSG, 530pm Sae Celebration for Sisters of Mercy. Weatminstet Cathedral, 1230pm, WALES

Archbishop Smith (Cardiff) Sun: MOnaing seas-ice. St Nicholas Greek Orthodox church. Cardiff. .12pm. Toe: Meeting. &elm= Souare, London, 12pm. Wed. Child protection taming day, All Hallows Chords, Miskia, I lam; Confirmation, Sc David Lewis parish. Newport, 7pm. Fri: Meeting of bimethics committee, Westonsuper-Mare. 11 urn. Sat: Meeting with LittmanlanAmbussador.Caderlie University chaplaincy, Cardiff. 5 30pm.

Bishop SOW (Menevia) Surr Departs for French bishops' conference, pm. Mon-Wed: Mettevia presbyterate :meeting ,Aheiravott Beach Hotel, Port Talbot. The Mims for decease-d tartglens Sisters, Gotseinon Parish. Fri: Abbatial blessing of Dorn_ Anion Bellenger, Downside Abbey, Bishop Regan (Wrexham) Sun: Consecration of St Charles Borromeo Church. Warwick The: Mass, dedication of Cathedral, 12pm. Wed Educative team meeting, Curial Offices, 10am. Sae Cyleh Catholig AGM, Aberystwyth.


Cardinal O'Brien (St Andrew's 81 Edinburgh) Sun-Wat: Meeting of Bithop's Confercome iirswitand, Seems College, Cheigcrie Wed Feast day Mass of Blessed John Duro SCOW.% Svoliz College, Glasgow, 12pm. Thu: Annual Requiem fee Knights of MAIM. St Catherine's Convent. Edinburgh. 6pm. Fii; Official visit, Royal Rank of Scotland, Gogarhum site, Echo. burgh. 12pm: address by Mary Colwell on 'The Pope end the Iceberg current environmental issues', Lannon Hall, Edinburgh, 730pm. Sat: 175th anniversary celebrations ef Sisters of Muey, Woominster Cathedral, Lunde', 1230pne depart for Rome, official visitation of Pontifical Scots Cullege.6.15pm.

Bishop Low-m. (DunkelcbDundec) SunWei Bishops' C00fercocc, Suutu_s College, Wed; Mass. Feast di:Stewed John Duns Scome, Scents College. Thu: Man for deceased bishops. priests and &amine, St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee. 12pm, Sat: Ceremony for Armistice Day, Caird Han, Dundee, I lam; Mass. St Columbus new galaxy school, Cupar. 6pm.

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