Page 1, 3rd October 1952

3rd October 1952
Page 1
Page 1, 3rd October 1952 — I. BISHOP HEENA N 2. TED KAVANAGH 3. LORD PAKENHAM

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Organisations: Congress
Locations: Barcelona, Leeds


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JAS democracy betrayed In Spain ? Are the trials of Franco's opponents fair ? What is it like inside the Spanish jails ? How about the question of riches and poverty in Spain today?

These, and a number of other questions which are continually being asked about Spain, are dealt with in an im

• porlanl series of four exclusive articles by

Mgr. John Ileenan Bishop of Leeds

which begins in "The Catholic Herald" next week.

Bishop Heenan wcnt to Spain for the International Eucharistic Congress held in Barcelona last May. But whilst he was there he took the opportunity of going, with his own interpreter, to visit jails and to talk to the ordinary Spanish man and woman in the street.

He went to the worst slums he could find (he did not go dressed as a Bishop) to discover what, if anything, is being done by Church or State to help those who live in them. He set out to sift the facts from the propaganda of both sides.

What he observed, and what are his conclusions, will be the subject matter of this series of articles, which are likely to promote discussion far beyond the circles normally reached by the Catholic press.

An indication of his approach to his enquiry is contained in his words: "The hope for continued peace in Spain lies in its determination to promote social justice and raise the living standards of the poor."

* *

SPAIN. even 12 years after the outbreak of the civil war there, is always a subject of discussion and controversy.

For several weeks now a quaint little C d c k n e y with a strange genius for promoting laughter, and sometimes tears, has also been up for discussion.

hi next week's issue of "The Catholic Herald,"

Ted Kavanagh

Creator of Itma writes on Charlie Chaplin, reviewing a new book on the man against whom the U.S.A. wants to lock its doors.

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