Page 4, 3rd October 1980

3rd October 1980
Page 4
Page 4, 3rd October 1980 — Male nor female in Christ

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Organisations: Civil Service
Locations: Manchester, Surrey


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Male nor female in Christ

Keywords: Religion / Belief

YOUR CORRESPONDENT, George worciell (Sept 12). quotes a theologian — Canon F. H. Drinkwater — as declaring that "God is female, to be sure, just as much as male". St Paul says that in Christ "there is neither male nor female" (Gal 3:28).

Jesus tells us that in the resurrection there is neither marriage nor marrying. Thus we infer that sexuality is extraneous to Christianity and the resurrection.

Thus in Heaven men do not have maleness nor women femaleness; this because the sexual mode of reproduction does not retain these.

The Creator obviously had 'knowhow' as to maleness and femaleness, and this does not make God to be male-female. Christians are permitted to 'eunuch-ise' themselves (Man 19:12) for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Maleness and femaleness, or sexuality, do not. therefore, appear to be essential apart from nature, I think that fatherhood and motherhood are different to mere parentage.

A Christian, for instance, is not allowed, as a Christian, to call any man upon earth his father, riot even priest or Bishop or Archbishop or any man 'higher'. For the Christian has only one father, who is in heaven.

Thomas W. Gadd 1-lixton


I AM one or Father Clifton's 'virulent feminists' Sept 19, because I dislike being called 'brother' at Mass. Would he like being called 'sister'? Even if, as he says, Anglo-Saxon subsumed both sexes under 'man' that is not current English usage. My dictionary defines 'man' as: 'an adult male of the human species'. Will Father Clifton explain how this includes women?

Feminist objection to sexist language in the liturgy is that its unique concentration on men reduces women to non-facts in the Church's public worship. 'Pray, brethren': 'Tor us men (us adult males of the human species) and our salvation' ... Many current Mass sheets begin promisingly at the confiteor with 'brother and sisters' hut at the canon this becomes 'brethren', giving the unfortunate impression that women arc mentionable only in connection with sin.

Why does objection to this make one 'a virulent feminist'? It is simple commonsense, when congregations so often consist of two-thirds women, to acknowledge their presence. If Christians are charitable and courteous surely they should amend liturgical expressions others find hurtful'?

Personally I think all reference to either sex as such should be removed from the liturgy. in Christ is neither male nor female. and 'friends' covers everything.

Dora Turbin New Malden Surrey

Chortle, chortle

VINCENT McKEE, September 26, can be consoled to know that his letter on Catholic schools caused great merriment in the Salesian Community here in Bootle. We had always considered we were privileged to be working for the kind 'of children Don Bosco, our founder, had wanted us to work for. What a shock to find that We are propagators of a class-based elitism of privilege! Our • schooi leavers had never told us that they were "scooping up top professional and Civil Service jobs,' By all means mention us in your letters to the press, Mr. McKee, but before you do please come visit this particular "bastion of privileged education". Fr A. Bailey, SDB ileadmaster, Salesian High School Bootle,


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