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3rd October 2003
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Page 12, 3rd October 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: St Pants Cathedral Service, Staum College, Commonwealth Office, Archbishop's Council, Sar.10ani Archdiocesan Council for Evangelisation, Archbishoris Council, Lourdes Committee, St Francis Church, Centre for Evangelisation, LivemoolArchdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Pastoral Resources Centre, Liar Churches Committee for Hospital Chaplaincy, Cam Mir Family Organisation, Diocesan College of Consular, Or ItImirAMTNIM Pastoral Council, Curial Office, MisMon & Unity Committee Pastoral Centre, Sch Commission, St Mary's Primary School, Provincial Ecumenical Commission, Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Deans' Council, Anithishop's Council, Onm Confer Ministry of Reader for Penn., Diocesan Finance Committee, CAIMD Assembly, Council of Nests, Chartahouse School, LIshaw College, Memorild Service for Lord Malin Farallon Howard, Council for Permanent Diaconate, Anialocesam Council for Evaripelisany, ILIA/run Council of Priests, Chriotian Education Centre, St Mary's Church


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Bishops' diaries

October 5 to October 11

( 'ordinal C rphy-O'Conoor (Westminster':

Suir.5:30prn NIaith Ethnic Chaplaincies Ea the DitaxisetWesmi no& Cathedral). More Interviews & Engagements. Tue:7pm M Our Lady of the Rowan. Pansh, Mary ',inn.. Wail an Open Eecning IhrCanhiell }haw Centre. Thu.5.30011M to mark 25M Anniversary of the lacction ot Pope ham Paull" (Westmirwter Cathedral): 6:3m Reception hosted by die Apostolic Nuncure nun: the 25th Anniversary. OF Ih hlection of Pooe John Paul H.

Fri: Archbishop's Council. Sal-Mon 13th (Mother V to Stockhotm. Sweden tor the Mehnsions mamas the lithAnnisrosa, y. of the goadMg oldie l)locese Anithishop V Nichols t Birmingham,: Sun: V Mother of God. Casde NOUMEA. Mory7:30pm Cekhouion with lindgettine Sisters. Maryville. Toe-12:15pm Chapter Mass: 7.30pm M of the Memorial of Due Lady of the Rosary. St Mary's Parish. Nallenhall Wed.10:30run Dcan's mtg, Mary sale: 2pm: Blessing of the New Building), St Joseph's S.:11001, Banbury. Thu: V Deanery, Holy Tnnity Sch, Small Heath Anithhasup P Kelly (l_iverpool): Tue:7:30pm M with the Loonies Hospitality. Holy Rosary, Aintree Whig, Wed Apostleship of the Sea nag. Stella Math. Wade; 7:aaprn Holy HUM Our Lady Quom of Manyrs,Citoxtelli, Livapati. Thu:10,30am Day with New Parish Prissis, Liverpool Archdincesan (-emir for Evangelisation: 4.30ffn M with Catholic liwhers. Wrightington; 7:30pin Centenary Celebration, Sacred Heart, Leigh. Fri:7:30prn Doty flour, Our Lady of Sorrows. Livemool. Sim ftkim Anialocesam Council for Evaripelisany. Liverpool Arehdiocesan Coate kw Evangelisation I LACE). Ardthialtop M Bosven (Southwark I.. Mon: I I tan Diocesan Finance Committee. Presentation of Annual Accounts West: licadteachers Conference:Thu:11am Arca Bishops' mtg, Archbishop's Howe; S. I Spot C Hanley. Sat. I :30po Latin Amu, icon Mass Bishop K Cunry (Arundel & Brighton):Sun:9:15am V parishes of Ash & Heuthend: 6pric ES Royal Holicrway. Mon:5:45pm M for Association of Ponincial Bursars. Hicklysturt Tae: Trustees mg St Joseph's Hall, Storrington. Wed: Mtgs in London; 630pm C Chartahouse School. Thu:2pm Mac Opening of NOW Building, St Mary's Primary School. Ponslade; 7pm: Addresses Worthing Churches Homeless Project. Fri:3pm Council for Permanent Diaconate, Slor


Bishop P Pargeter (El'hani Toe:1030ton Chapter intg, Cathedral: 12: I 5oni Chapter Mass; 7:30pm Lourdes Committee mtg. Cathedral. Wed:10:30nm Deans' mg. Maryvalc. Thu I lam M Blessed William Howtud Sch. Stafford. Sat: CCU mg Welwyn Garden City.

Bishop T McMahon flarentwcyck Sun: V C Groat:wad Tue. Mtgs./Interviews, Cathedral Fkule. Wed: V C Saffron Walden Thu:6pm M St Francis Leprosy Goad, St Anselm. Holborn. Fri:gRn M 75th Anniversary, Our Lady of Lourdes (1urch. Viinetead Saf3pro M Lauda I algrimage Reunion. Cathedral.

Bishop L) Lang Rai Iton e Sun:9:30am NI to nark !heads-lea inivosay of Our Lady ol the Rosary Parish, LankTenCe Weston. lhrisittl, Spits Aortal, Karmic Wet Churches ligether Service. Bristol. Mon:930arn Consultation on Chunhes & Fools.

Today, Staum College, Salisbury. I :3Com PON.% Julikv. thy...Charon Codeskil Wed. 10:30uni Toeless AGM at St Ambrose:7:30pm Presides at Gam ha Deaf Etc& Nista Nast King Same. Bristol. Thu:10:30am Attends Clergy Day for Liturgy, Clifton Cathedral. Fn:11:30arn NI St Edward's Sett, Cheltenham; 7:14any Candirkry M for the Pennanent Diaconate. St Augustine of Canterbury. Downend, Bristol.

Bishop M Evans (East Anglia): Sun:930ain C St James, Ipswich; 6pm: M CEA Chaplaincy. Mon:7:30pm Induction of new Parish Pricot. WymoratriniTue:7:30pm Induction °haw Parish Priest. Southwold. W'ect3:30pm Diocesan College of Consular. nag Lhoixsan Officm.Thic6-7:30pm Reception, Anchhishop's House. Vs'estriansier. Fri:2:30pm Open Extension at St Ntanha's Sch. Kings Lynn; 7:311pni C St Anthony's. Peterhof. ough. Sat 10:30arn Daresan Ecumenical Ccitttttiskttt. Diocesan Offices; 6:30prn Induction of new Parish Priest. Newmarket .

Bishop JI Rawstborne lalLum Moty7..30pin C Si Vincent de Paid, Sheffield 'Eue-Thu: CliTgy Conferenec, Scarborough. Thu:7prn INISY Sheffield. Fri:2:15prn MisMon & Unity Committee Pastoral Centre: 7pm: 100th Anniversary. St Michael & All Angels, Wombwell. Sat: I 1 am CAIMD Assembly, 1 ondon.

Bishop A GriMths (11exham & Newcastle): Sun.gain & I thon 1.4 Si Pairs. Cramlingum. Luc:10..30am Mg with Vicars General & Trustees; 4pny Diocesan Finance Committee mtg. Wed: Deputy head Teachers' Conference, LIshaw College. Durham: 6:30pm Diocesan Ecumenical Commission. Thu: V St Bede's. Beillington.

Fri:7pn Centenary Mass, St Wil Gateshead. Sat CMhohe Youth Senior Eon-lane mtg. London: 6:30pni M St Bede. liedlington.

Bishop POTounushue (Lanaistert: Sun: DoJi. cation of Czahoikal, I ancaora Nkso-Thin: In Scrsicy course, If show College. bri:10:30am Refugee Policy nag. Lotakin. Sal I Onm Confer Ministry of Reader for Penn. Deacons. &Thomas More Bishop D Kt:anima lLeeds): Sun:10am Beginning Experience Regional nag, Hinolev Hall. Mon I I :.31:hun M Sisters uf the Cross & ASN'ori, Elmleigh. Ilkley. Tue: Warn GoveniUrs, TASC. Wel I 0.30am Catholic Can: Governors' nig limsley Hall. Thic I I .30non M for St Wilfrid's High Sch. York Minster.

Bishop A Roche (coadjutor. Sun:9:30am V St Wilfrid's. Leeds. Mon:12:10pm Cailieshul Trustee mtg. Cathedral. lue:Ehm V to Mt St Mary's Primary Sch, Leech. Wed:10am V Holy. Family. Plenary Sch. Leeds. Thu: I2noon Memo', M for Loitt Marlin fitralarflicaviod, Ampleforth Abbey. Sat:Nprn M St Michael's, Knottingley. Bishop V Malone I L'paul auxil 1: Sun: V St Marparta Mary. LivapooL Thu:10:10am Day with New Parish Priests. Usurped Archdiocesan Game for Ls angelisation: 7:30pm Presidents' mtg. Chun:hes Together in Lancashire. Fri:10am Joint University Tliaphil ries Como attee mg, St Philip Non House. Liverpool., 2pm: Archtliocesan Invest mint Panel Sub Committee mg. LivemoolArchdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, 7:10pm C St WM id, Astdon-in-Makerlield. Sar.10ani Archdiocesan Council for Evangelisation. Liverpool Arelithoopain Centre for Evangelisation; 6,10pm V M St Sebastian

Bishop T Wlllltiiits (L'pool auxil): Sun:9:45am V M Si Swithin. Gillmoss, Liviapool: 11:13am V M Otr Lady, Quom of Martyrs !hoar:gra llay9um M Si Swahili's, thIlmoos, Ljverpool: V F..romaus C of E & RC Notary Sch, 1 iverpool; 2pm: M Malls Teresa RC Primary Sch. LiverpooL Wed9am M Our lamp. Queen of Many us, Liverpool: V Si Swahin's RC Junior Sich, Gillmoss, Liverivol, Max 10:30am Illy anti New Parish Pilots, LACE; 2pm: Vauxhall Sch Shadow Governing Rody nag, I ACE. Fri:9: 15atti V Lisieux RC Mint Sch, Norio

Chum. liva pool; I lam: V Our Lady & Si Philomena RC Junior Seth, Liverpool_ Sat) V M St Philom en& 1Jverpool.

Bishop .1 Crowley (Middlakought Sun:fslOpin M Hull tiiiiversity Chaplaincy; Rpm: Gives talk to Shakoes Moll-Mu (8-9): In Senice fkiy fir flogy,

Hey. hlur7nutCOte Laly's,Actimh. Wed:7pm C Thomaby Parishes & litsleby Barwick at St Ntrick's Tho.1 biota) Memorild Service for Lord Malin Farallon Howard, Ampkforth. Sat: Celebrate ..1nnual Education Muss. Cathedral Bishop K alcDonald (Northampton): Sun I awl. is 111i. Pap-image to Wahoingham Monam

Fiitli Co moonier, Vaughan House. Westminsterp "steno eial Mass for Dom Eric Phillips R1P, St

Caegory's, Northampton. Tue: 10am M & opening of New Cbositiont St Thomas More Sch. Kettering. Wad: 1 Oarn Inter Faith Seminar, Foreign .9 Commonwealth Office, (tyitt Sliming Cummins's; of Darman Paned Coutail. Shenky, MK. 7:30prn FS. Christ the King. NBC ibtram Mtgs. Bishop's House; 6:10prn inter-Faith Reception. forign & Commonwealth MCC RE I [Ifni Mtg Ilea* of RE at N()RES. San I 1:30nin (1 to the Dineonate of James (Marra. Sr Joseph's. Luton

Bishop M McMahon (Nottingham): Sun: V Our lady of Lincoln, Lincoln. Mon:11.30aniA1)CAT nag Bishop's Homy. Wcd:10:30am Nottingham Priests Together. St Patrick's. 1,aiersta. Dui Fa Diocesan Secondary Hengelo:hers Conten:nce, Soarhomugh. Sat 12nosin NI Cruild St Stephen Altar Servers. Si ilarnabas Cathedral

IkJwpT Brain (Sdliatit Suit 31y M lit Catholic Fellowship for the Handicapped, Our lady's. Langley. 'hie LAW l'AS mtg. Wed:2:15pm !Icily I lour for Priests John's Cathedral, Salloat Thu: Bics & Open New Extension at All Saints RC Hi Sch. Ravnenstall. Err Private wpointnicras Wank Icy Hall, San2p0 M with UCNI & CWI, St John's Cathedral. Salloni

Bishop B Scale (Shawstoityy Star Vitals Sam. Manyk. Tuc:9am l'austees' nag, Curial Offices, 11:1(hro 1 loll is' mtg. Currid Oakes. Tnuarn view morning Curial Offices: 5:311prn Consecration of Altai & Blessing of Pre-Schoni (kir Lady's. Runcorn. Eri:am Cheshire Chinch Leaders. Natitaaly 7:30pm C St Mary's Crewe. Sat: I lam V C Catechists, Middlewich

Bishop C Henderson (S'whkAinil Tue:)):30pm M of Thanksgiving of the Neo-Catechumenate. Our Lady of Victories, Kensington. Thu: I Into Diocesan Realism' nag. Andibishups House. SE I; 4:30pm Schools' Celebration at I a Reunite Schai. Clapham Park; 7:30pm S.W. Pastoral Area Unity Commis/hot, with Parish Units Contacts, Murk Rimers:rice, Wirthleclon. Fri :17:S0pm (logy Adsi. soy Cnoup. U'S at Chriotian Education Centre. SW17: 2:30pm Chairs the Education for Patch Namur Trustees mtg. SW17: 6pm: M St Grow Cathedral SF). followed by KHS special rnig

Bishop J Hine (S'wark Ansi! t: C the Maidstone Deanery. St Francis Church. Maidstone. Mon:II :15am Mtg id' the Deans. West Mulling, 7prty M UCM Rally. Southwark Cathyand. Toy: Diocesan Headteachers' Clakrelice. Brands Hatch. Wed: Diocesan Headteachers' Conference, Brands Hank 7pm: C Itiunsgiuc. St Ethclheres. Thu:11am Southwait Hisheps' nag. 2prn. Sch Commission Executive Group mtg. Archbishop's House. Southwark; 6-7:30pm Nuncio's Reception for 25th Anniversary nf Pope. John Paul 11 's electain. hat V St Liregcry's Comprehensive Sch. Tuntaidge Wells. 7 StainiC St Augustine ol Camerbury, Parkwaxid & Wigmony Sat: Manatee & Family life Co-ordinator; nag. Hawley Hall

Bishop II '11-1p1t (S'icark Ausil ) Tue:12prn Mtg of Health Panel.;If Assessors for Ilcaltheare Chap lain-y, Claud, Home. Gout Small SC 4pm: Diocesan Ikadicaiherc' Confereno., %ands Howl' DMtie Howl %Vol_ Residential. Brands Hatch Thistle Hotel. Thu:7:30pm Southwark South West Aim Con in imam tir Christian Unity. Marie Reparetrice. Wimbleck in. Fri. I I :30raii ?she A Liar Churches Committee for Hospital Chaplaincy, Tavistock Square 7pni• M Presennition to Fr Alan Wright zu Vauxhall

B ishop A Hope, I W"ininster Auxiip Sun: V continued lo lhe pari,h of Chelwa, St Mary. Cadogim

Sins-I: Ethnic Chaplains' Mass. CarhedraL Mon: Interviews & Engagements. Archbishop's House. laic: Interviews & Fagaacinents, Archhishop's House:6:30pm Net) laarhurnenrue MATS

K en:angina. Wed: cran) -12noon Trustees' nag; pm: InteleieWs A Engagements, Archbishop's thoise llur Council of Nests' 'mg 5:30pm NI in honour of the Popes Anniversary. Fri: I (larn Anlihishiars Gourd nag: 1-3pm laccuts' nag; pm Interviews & Engagements. Anhhishop's House. Sai-Sun 12: V so the Palish el Notting Hill B ishop 11 Longiey (W' 'Mosier Aux11): Sum V St Thomas More, Manor House. Wed:9am Dare oul Trustees' nag 6:30pni Cardinal Hunic Centn: Open Evening. Thu: I0:30tun Council id Priests; 7.91pm Clialingtun Park. En:1(lam Anithishop's Council: Iren: Deans' Council Bishop J O'Brien (Wmirtster. I icru. areas Sun V Our Lady & Si Vincent Jr Paul. Potters Hu. May 1 Ion Pastas! Planning tnip..The (kite Home. 51)01: Diocesan Ecumenical Commission, Archbishop's House. WedaJam Westminster liaresal Themes. Archbishop's House. Fri:10am Archbishoris Council, Arehbidav's HoLlise: 7:30pm C Si Augustine's, Baldock Bishop G Stack tWaninster areuE Saw V St Thomas of Canterbury • Harrow on the Hill Mon:1pm Chinch I eatkos Executive COninallee' nag, Central Hall. Westminoer. Tue:10ant BBC Paidio 4 Daily Servicr (Manchester). Wed:9am Diecesan Trustees' nag, I 0.30ant Matson halocatith Board mg; tioni: Ptrnentation of MRS Conti.

Cate,. Ciypt. ILIA/run Council of Priests. Cathedral Hall:5:30pm 25th Arafoimmuy Mass fur Pope John Had U. Westminsta. Cathedral. Fri!! lam Memorial Scrs ice for Iraq, Si E'atifs Catladral. Sat: V Si Philip's, Finchky IhLshttp '1 Burns (Ern cesh Sion: Nasal Club Lui Orem. Lonckei. Weck MigPtiesthnslcandilat.. London. Fri: St Pants Cathedral Service or Remembnince 'Op Tette% Dinner Pony. Hishor, (lok. Sat Apon 1.ISCA Dag. basks]


Antiblahop P Smith (Carla"): Suit 10:30am M Our lady Star of the Sea Perth:moil ue:2:30pm V tone Cam Mir Family Organisation. Cardiff Wo1.2:30pm Mtg with thc SIMON dale Daughters of Charity of St Vins.rnnt de Paul, Marian House. Cui Alf Thu:1030am Mtg Provincial Ecumenical Commission, Vulcan Arms, Mid Wales. Fri:7:30pm C St Mary's Church, Chepstow, Sat 10:30am Itne Mtg Er:um:local Commission. Pastoral Resources Centre. Cardiff

Bishop M Jahale (MCDCVOL SLIG 10am Awarding Rene Merenti Medal. St Illtyd's Pansh, Damp* Mon:am Engagernarto at Curial Office-, 7pm: C IJandeiki Parish Tuenni Engagements at Curial UR icy. En:6:30pm C Pont yherem Parish Sat_ I Or ItImirAMTNIM Pastoral Council mtg. Curial Oakes

Bishop E Regan (Wiesharn): Sun: V Weldipool Mon:10am Dolen Cymru, I inniluduo. 2:301-en ?dig, Bishop's House. Tur:10:30can M St Joseph's I ligh Sch Wrexham. Wed:71noiC Lhincludno Junetion.1 hu: I Own Provincial (stun rag, hiatt.tdttated WIS. Fri:4:30am M Si Alley's Pnroury Sch. Wits. ham: apn. V to Bangor Univmsity Chaplain, y 7pm. C Bangui Ker M.MUS. C-Curyitrodfiun. V-riximu,,s, °Maranon Mig-Merraig. Inai-Schoot ES-E-nna

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