Page 3, 3rd September 1943

3rd September 1943
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SOME insight into the work of collecting news of Catholic interest on the Continent and of passing it on to papers here is given in the 'following facts.

The great undertaking begun by Dr. _Hein Hoeben, Dutch Catholic journalist of international repute and director of the Catholic Press Agency at Breda, Holland, who died in a German internment camp, is being continued in spite of war difficulties by the " Centre of Information Pro Deo " (C.I.P.), This is its story:

A first concern of the Gestapo in each country seized by Hitler was to suppress the Catholic piess agency. In May and June, 1940, the C.P. press releases were continued from Poitiers, France. and Dr. Hocben, in his last note. entrusted the staff of the Brussels office with the carrying on of this work. He was caught by the Nazis soon afterwards and died in the ill-famed SS. prison at Berlin, a martyr to the cause. Four other prominent C.P.-Pro Deo leaders have died as a result of Nazi treatment and six more are known to be still in concentration camps.

In July, 1940, the International Centre was re-established by the Diretor of of the Brussels office, aided by other journalists who had managed to escape to Lisbon—spearhead of European information. Some of the former sources or information were re-established and new channels of news supplies were opened. Negotiations were then undertaken to establish, in North and South America, Africa and Asia. national agencies for the adaptation and

diffusion of the materials. To give clear expiession to the co-ordination of the information services with the Pro Deo movement, the name Centre of Information Pro Deo (C.I.P.) was adopted for the agencies. with the abbreviation (Intercip) designating the international services.

In June, 1941, Frank and Anna M. Brady undertook the establishment of the American Centre as a non-profit lay organisation. For years they had been convinced of the need for promoting a religious consciousness in public life. Their experience as authorised Evidence Guild speakers both in Baltimore and New York sewed to deepen their realisation that problems presented by current events could not be solved by an exhortative or expository religious approach.

Front September, 1941 on, bulletins and ptess releases introducing Pro Deo ideas and materials were sent to a selected list of leaders. During the year Inteicip developed its International Research Bureau at New York. Early in 1943 the Cip Forum for the discussion and clarification of ideological questions was inaugurated. Shortly afterwards the occasional pressreleases were developed into a specialised press-service.

Eileen Duggan. 0.B.E., the wellknown New Zealand poet, has been given an 'Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Society of Literature.

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