Page 7, 3rd September 1999

3rd September 1999
Page 7
Page 7, 3rd September 1999 — Brindley: a Mormon Herald reader protests From Mr Alan Boycott

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Brindley: a Mormon Herald reader protests From Mr Alan Boycott

Sir, I was indeed disappointed by Brian Brindley's attack on the Book of Mormon in the Catholic Herald this week in the article (Aug 27) "the gullibility of those who deny the existence of God".

I am a Mormon, a believer in the real existence of God, and a regular reader of The Catholic Herald.

Indeed I have a great deal of respect for the Catholic Church, its faithful, and its teaching.

In fact if an individual were to take a little time to study, without the impediment of prejudice, the Book of Mormon's doctrine I am sure you would find much to commend and perhaps some striking similarities to Catholic teaching.

I believe one could accuse the Roman Catholic Church of holding doctrinal falsehoods, even superstitious practices perpetuated by the faithful yet gullible.

I will not however do so because this is not the Mormon way.

Mormons are not Protestants but restorationists through the medium of prophecy and revelation. Prophecy and revelation is the bedrock of Old and New Testament theology. Therefore Mormons read and believe in the Bible.

Actually Brian's description of Joseph Smith, the translator of the book of Mormon, as "semi-illiterate" strengthens my confidence in the Book of Mormon, which I believe to be the revelation of a remarkable mind if not indeed a theological genius, that its the mind and will of God.

The author also describes Brigham Young's teaching on the family as being particularly unique; it is not, Mormon teaching on the family and the sanctity of marriage is precisely that held by Roman Catholics.

Mormons believe in the existence of God in a very real way, much more than those who enjoy the luxury of dwelling in the comfort zone of 20th century orthodox theology.

I also believe you will find that the Mormon position on Jesus Christ and the Gospel and its means of salvation for the Church strengthens the Catholic position against those of the Protestant wing of the Christian Church.

Nevertheless, the Book of Mormon may be either a forgery or the word of God. Please allow people to make up their own minds about it without using a perfectly good article about superstition as a Trojan horse to attack those things that clearly threaten the security of the writer.

Yours faithfully ALAN BOYCOTT Long Stratton, Norwich.

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