Page 10, 4th April 1980

4th April 1980
Page 10
Page 10, 4th April 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Bishops' Engagements

A Presentation of Award

C Confirmation M • Mass 0 si Ordination V • Visitation Cardinal Hums, Archbishop of Westminster Friday' Good Friday Liturgy, Westminster Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday. M. Easter Vigil Cathedral, 13 30 pm Sunday; M. Cathedral. 10.30 am. Wirilnes• day: M. fur Bishop Restieauk Jubilee. Plymouth Cathedral. 12 noon.

Archbishop Ilowen of Southwark Fad.. Grind Friday liturgy. Cathedral. 3 pm Saturday' Easter Vigil. Cathedral 3 pro Sunday: M. Cathedral, 11 am: C)psining Cathedral Parish centre, 9 pm Wedoreclay, M, for Rishop Restleaux Jubilee, Phrmeulli Cathedral Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Frkfay: Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral. 3 pal. Lichfield Cathedral. 7.45 pm Saturday: Vigil M. Cathedral, Ei larn Monday" Men s M Si Choil s Cathsaltel, 0 arc,

Archbishop Warlock of Liverpool Friday. Good Friday Liturgy, Cathedral, 3 pm. Ecumenical Service, Lawton Churches, Sr Catherine,, Lowton, 7.30 pm Satiarday: Easter Vigil M Cathedral. 11 dm. Sunday. fel, Cathedral, 11 err' Wednesday: Anneal Renewal Conference 11 am. Peatoral Congress meeting for Hosts. Wootton Hall, 8 pm and Christ College,

B ishop Alexander of Clifton Friday Leads Station of the Cross. Cathedral 11 ern. Walk al Witness from Bristol Cathedral to Clifton Cathedral, 1.30 pm Good Fnday hurray, Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday: M Cathedral. 10 per. Sanday. M, Cathedral, 11 ern. Tuesday' M. Cathedral, 7 45 am. Werinesdey Jubilee of Bishop Restieaux. Plymouth Cathedral, 12 noon.

B ishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Tuesday 0 St Hugh's. West Timperley, 3 pm Bishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford Fraley: Good Friday Liturgy St William, Bolton. 3 pm Satur day Fester Vigil and M. St Ann, Stretford, 8 15 pm Ellettily M, CrlitIllitat. 11 alit. IttelettaV Hirscue Council. Illdetterry, 11 em Big** cum of Brentwood Friday: GOO Friday t anirgy Our Lady ot Compassron. Upton Park. 3 prn Saturday Easier Vigil. Cathedral. 8 pm Bishop Clerk of test Anon. Friday! Good Friday Liturgy Cathedral. Norwich 3 pm Procession et Christian Witness, Norwich. 6 55 pm Saturday: Vigil M. Notre Dame Convent. Norwich. Sunday M. Cathedral, Norwich, 11 sm.

Blelsop Cleary, Auxilimy of Illmltsm Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, Wolverhampton, 3 pm Saturday. Vigil dial M. Wolverhampton. 9 tan Sunday' M, Wolverhampton, 11 am. Monday: M of reparation. Wolverhampton. 10 am.

Blehop Imery of Portsmouth Friday. Station of the Cross. 10 15 art Good Friday Liturgy Cathedral, 3 pm. Saturday. Vigil of EASSel. Cathedral, 10 pm Sunday: Easter NI, Cathedral. t030 am Illehop Foley of Lencemer Friday: Station of the Cross. Cathedral, 10 arc. Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral, 3 pro Saturday. Easter Vigil, Cathedral,

10 pre. Sanday: M, Cathedral, 11 on

O lshop Grant of Northampton Friday: Grand Friday Liturgy Cathedral Saturday: Easter Vigil Si, Cathedral. pm Tuesday. 0. St Peter's, Marlow.

Bishop °reser of Shrenvabury Tuesday' 0, Sr Hugh's, West Timperley, 3 pm Bishop Grey, Auxiliary of Uyerpool Creep: M. St Jude's, Wigan. 3 pm S iohap Ousezeill, Bishop In East London Friday: Millwell. 3 pm. Saturdey: Easter V1011, Millwall, 8.30 Vigil Calechumenate. Mile End, 11.30.

Mohan Harris of Middlesbrough -Fad.' Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral 3 tanc York Minister, 7.30 pm. Saturday, Easter Vigil. Cathedral, 9 pm Sunday. M, Cathedral, 11 am

B isbee Harvey, Bishop In North London Friday: Sr Mary's, East Pinchiey. 3 pre Satorday Our lady of Willesden. Willesden. 7 30 pro Thursday. Irish Chaplain's Cengress,

bishop Henderson. Auxiliary of Southwerk Insley Good Friday Liturgy. St Mary's Blackheath. '3 pre harerdny. Viol!. St Msrvt, Blackheath. Sanday M, St Marv's, Blackheath Monday M. (SC anti abortion rally, Aylesford Priory. 11.30; Ecomenical Service, (SC Rally. Aylestord Priory, pm,

Bishop Mohan, Auxiliary of IJverpoof Friday. Ecamenicial norm air service. Formby Council of Churches. 12 30 pm: Good Friday Liturgy, Our Lady's, Formby, 3 Pre, Ecumenical service, Christ Church, Southport. 7.30 pin. Saturday: M, Easter vigil. Our Lady's. Formby 11 pm. Sunday: M. Walton Prison. 9.30 ern Wedrieaday: NPC local orgemseva committee, ran

Bishop Noland of Salford Friday: Good Friday laregy Cathedral 3 pm Satarday. Faster Vigil, and M. Cathedral 9 pm Bishop Jukes, Awdliary of Southwest' Friday. V. Chatham Saturday: Vigil service, Maidstrem. Sueday. M, West Mailing. 10.30 am. C. Cathedral. 3 30 pm Wednesday. Bishop Restieaux's Jubilee Bishop Konotant, Mishap ba Central London Friday Good Friday Liturgy. Weinrich Street, 3 pm SaturdayEaster Vigil. Bayswater, 8 pm. Sunday' 0, St Mary's, East Finchley. 11.15 am. Monday; 0. Servile Priory, Fulharn. Thursday: V. Priests' conference, Hopwood Hall

Illehop Lindsey of Hesbsen and Newcarde Friday: Liturgy, Cathedral. Newcastle. 3 pm Procession of Witness, Civic Centre, Newcastle, 5.45 pm.

Saturday: Easter Vigil M. Cathedral. Newcastle, 8.30 pm Sunday: M. Cathedral. NeWettAtilt. 1 i.30 pm.

Bishop McCort's!, Auxiliary of Birmingham Friday' Liturgy. St Edmund's. Gt Malvern, 3 pm. Ecumenical service, Brornsgrove. 7 30 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. St Augustine's, Solihull. Sunday: M. Broadway. 10 am.

Mahon McOuinnees of Nottingham Friday' Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral. 3 pm. Stations of the Cross. Gather:Ire!, 7.30 pm. Saturday. Vigil M. Cathedral. 8 pre. Sunday: M. Convent Nursing Home, 10 are. Prayer and Benediction. Cathedral, 6.30 pm. Wednesday, Bishop Reetleaukaa Jubilee Thersrley: Month's Mind M. for Rev. Scarlsbrick. Sr Edward's,

Nunitritham, 8 pre

B ishop Mahon, Bishop in West London Saturday: M. and C. Our Lady of Grace, Chiswick Sunday' M, Ruislip, 10 am. Wednesday: NPC grasp. Cathedral Clergy Huuse, 8 pm.

B ishop Murphy O'Connor of Arundel and BrIgMon Friday: Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral. 3 pm Saturday: Vigil M. Cathedral. 8,30 pm_ Sunday: Easter M, Cathedral. 9.30 am, Wednesday: Bishop Restleaux's Jubilee celebrations, Plymouth.

Bishop Restiseux of PlymouthFriday: Good Friday Liturgy. Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday: M, Easter Vigil, Cathedral. 8 pm. Wednesday M, Cathedral, Plymouth 12 noon

Bishop Swindlehuret, Au!dilary of flexham and Newcastle Friday: Good Friday Liturgy, Our Lady's, %Masi-Ill-4,0bn, 3 our Saturday: Easter vigil, St Mary's, Sunderland. 8 pm Bithop Wheal*, of Leeds Friday: Good Friday Liturgy_ Cathedral. 3 pm. Saturday: Easter Vigil. Cathedral 8.30 pre. Sunday: Latin M. Cathedral. 11 am

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