Page 12, 4th April 2003

4th April 2003
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Page 12, 4th April 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: St Rohm Southwell School, Council of Priests, Archbishop's Council, Sam Anthlaishop's Council, Centre for Evangelisation, Sicna High School, Board of Administration, Diocesan Finance Board, Milton Keynes Christian Council, Cathedral Discovery Centre, ESEcumenical Service, Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation, Kainas Centre, Bishops' Council, Rhyl-Deanery Penitential Service, Catholic Association, Curial Office, Evangelisation Working Party, Holy Rood School, Council for Evanpclisation, National Board of Catholic Women AGM, Newman College, Pastoral Centre, St George's Church, Thultprn Council of Chrtatifel and Jews, Cathedral Church, Endsleigh Centre, Diuxsan Throw Board, Karma Centre, Stmeleigh Court, Northern Church, Newman Association, Management Committee, St Wilfrid's Centre, Formation Day Kokos Centre, aver:pool Archdrecesan Centre, Westminster Deaf Service, Liverpool Hope University College


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Bishops' diaries

Keywords: Religion / Belief

April 6 to April 12

Clutlitad C Murphy-O'Connor (Westmin ster): Sun Wed: Private Retreat_ Thu: Priests' retreat At Your Wad Lord London Colney. Fri: I tkarri Archbishop's Council; 4prn. Diocesan Core Cunununity hag, At Your Word Lord. Archbishop V Nide& (Birmingham): Sun: launch of Teats at Melt Joy al Dawn. Undon. Tue. 7pri, Noel Staffs, Minh Deanery V Closing Mtg and M. Sacred Heart. Turtmall. Wedi 12.30: LICM Mass and Lunch. SS Joseph and Helen, Kings Norton. Thu. 7pni. Coventry Deanery V Mtg and in. Holy family, Coventry. Fri: 930am. Anithishop's Council Mtg. Archbishop P Kelly (I iverpnol): Surrgam, Wom, 5:30prn Visitation Mass, St Mary, Aughton. Tue:10:30arn Orm.skirk Deanery Review Mtg. 7:30pulArdalkszsan C'ourail kr Evanwlisaii in. Li vapor)] Anthilii=sun Cenne for Evangelisation. Wed: If I Sam Anthlaishop's Council, I iverpool Archdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. 2pm: Meets with Vicars General, I aver:pool Archdrecesan Centre fur Evangelisation. Thy Northern Mach Leaders' Retreat, Hinsley F Fall, i.nxIs Fri:7prit Talk in preparatim ft Holy Week. Is/knopolitan Cathedral Crypt, I ivapool Sta:12touon CWL Mig and Mass. Si leionie. Formby. 7pur. Meets with Young People. rchhishop's House. Arrhbishop M Bowen (Southwark): The: Mtgs Ambhishop's House: Wed: l0.30unt tatgoing Formation Day Kokos Centre. Roehampton; 5.30pni. Area Bishop's Mtg Archbishop's House. Thu: 12.30pm South London Chundi Leaders' Mtg. Bishop Kieran Conry ( Arundel & Brighton): SUR. 10.30uniM to xlelfraic 311h anniversary of Si Edwanl the Confessor, Keynicr. Tue: 4P1n, Visits Lite Sisters of the Immaculate

Conception, Crawley, 10.30pm V St Thomas of Cantabury pnmary school, Menem. Bishop P Pewter (B' ham auxil):Surr 13 30. Abbey Flulum. The: North Staffs, North Dean ery Ckwing Mtg. and M Holy Family, Coventry. Fri: 9.30 Archbishop's council nag. Bishop T McMahon (Brentword): Sun:V & C Ss Peter & Paul, Ilford. The: Mtgs / Interviews. Cathalral Wed: Mtgs / Interviews. Cathedral HoliSe. Thu: Clergy Day of Rcixillection, Chigwell Convent Fri: MIg,s / Interview s, Cathedral House. Sat:10:30am AGM of Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission Cathoilml House 7:30pni Concert Cathedral Bishop D burg (Clifton): San:V to St Bernard. Shirelsuripton. Bristol. Tue:10.30arn Attends Gloutestetshire Church Leaders mtg, Bishopscant Glowxster, Wcdr4prnAttends Trustees nag of the Catholic Association followed by nag of Management Committee nag, Lona m. Ilan I lain Attends Departtnent for Evangelisation Working Party nag at Eceloanne Square, London Bishop 51 Evans (East Anglia): Weell enten Station M for the coastal deanery at Si Peter's &Melon. Norfolk. This will be a special M of welcome for the new hishos 7.30pm. Thu: Lenten Station M the Petermough Dreury at St Peter & All Souls, Peterborough. This will be i special M of welcome, 7.30pm

Bishop j Rawstiome (Hallam), Suir2.45pin Installation new Chaplain Rampton Hospital Mou.7prilAGM Chun:h Action (4: Poverty. St Wilfrid's Centre. Tue:10:45am Diocesan Finance Board mtg, Pastoral Centre. 2:15pm Mission & Unity, Pastoral Centre:FM.119:31km 25thAnniversury Mass, Mr Holy Rood School, Holy Ruud. Barnsley. 1pm: Northern Chun:h leaders Retreat, Hinsley Hall. hi: Northern Leaders Retreat, 1 [Insley Hall.

Bishop A Griffiths (I lexharn & Newcastle): Mon: 6.30pm dinner and attends Dr Selby" Prnadential Addnass at Henderson Hall,

sity of Newcastle upon Tyne TM: 10.30ant Mtg with Vicars General and Trustees at Bishop's Fine; 4prn, Diem-sat Finance Committee Mtg at Bishop's Hse. Wed: 2pm. St Cuthbert' s atre Mtg. 6.30pin, Chow= Ecumenical Conunissiun Mtg, St Dominic's Newcastle upon Tyne. Thu-Fri: Attends Northern Church Leaders' Retreat al Flinsley Hall Leeds. Sat: Diocesan Justice and Peace Celebration for the 40th wuriversury of Pacem Ut lerris. Bishop POT/unughue (Lancauff): Sun: Mass tbr Catenians. followed by presenttation of cheques to Marines, Carmelite Convent. I toituo I tarn; attends Stainers "Crucifixion" catholral, h."Ifipar. Mom Anniversary M for Mgr J Branson, St Robot. Halton 7pm. The: Open new classroom. St Mary's school, Claughtorrol, Brock 2.30pm. Fre Ct' unbria County Council Civic Meal. Wigton 7pm. Sat: Interview students for the priesthood 1030am.

Bishop D Konstant (Leeds): Sun: 11 am, V St Bnmdares, Bradkard. Toe 7.30pm. inizegiving St Catherine of Sicna High School, Halifax. Wed:6pm, M fir C'atholic Chaplains in Higher Education, I linsley Hall. Thu: Him Bishops' Council. Hinsley Hall; 3.30pm, Attends V of HRH Princess Alexandra to St Ciemma's Hospice. lxixis; Northern Church Leaders' Retreat. Hinsky Hall. Fri: Northern Church Lealets' Retreat. Hinsley Hall. Bishop A Roche (coadjutor. Leeds): Sun: I 0.45am, V. The Good Shepherd, Mytholmroycl. Tue: 10.30arn, Clergy Surgery Day, Stmeleigh Court; 730pm, Gives Thlk "Aspects of Redemption", St Joseph's, Shethurn-inL3met. wed: 7.15pm, Young Peoples' Lectio

Divina. cathoind. lOarn. Bishops' CouncilHinsicy Hall; Northern Church I eaders' RetreaL Hinsky Hall. hi: Northern Church leaders' Retreat. Iiinsley I lall.

Btstiop V Malone (1:preft nosily Sun:9am & I I ant M St Thomas of Canterbury, Waterloo. Mon:7:30pm C St Mary Magdalen. Penwonham.Tue:7:30pin An:hd imesan Council for Evanpclisation, Li verixsol Archdiocese) Centre for Evangelisation. Wed:10: I Sam Archbishop's Council, Liverpool Arehdiocesan Centre for Evangelisation. Ipm: Governon' mtg. Liverpool Hope University College. 7:30pm C St Teresa, Penwonham. Thu-Fn: Northern Church Leaders' Retreat, Hinsley Hall.] tech. Sat-Stun 131h April: National Board of Catholic Women AGM, Newman College, Birmingham

Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun: Worthen, M Our Lady Star of thc Sea Staithes 9-30urn; M St Anne's, Ugthorpc 11.15 am. Mm: Lenten Station Mass 7.30pm; Miss with Young people Endsleigh Centre. Hut 7-9pm. The: Diuxsan Throw Board 10,30 urn: Lenten Swim MasS 7pm. Wed: Bishop's Council Bishop's House 10.30am; nits with young pitek English Martyrs, York 7-9pin Thu-hi.

Ecumenical Church I enders' Retreat Hiesley I tall, Leeds. Fri: Lenten Station Mass 7pm. Bishop K McDonald INixthamphal: Sun: V The Good Shepherd. Haddenharn. Mon: 12.30pm. Lunch with High Sheriff of Northamptonshire. Northampton. Tan: 10.30am. Presidents Mrs , Milton Keynes Christian Council, Milton Keynes. Thu: Bishops' Conf Inter-faith Committee Mtg, London. Fri: Mtgs, Bishop's lire pm. Bishop M lileMaisue (Nottingham): Sun: V St James. Bourne and Deeping. Man' 2pm Nottingham Diocesan Trustees mtg. 8pm: Leicester Catholic Studies. Holy Coss Priory, Leicester, Wed:11 am Council of Priests. Beeston. 7:30pin: Lamm Station Mass, St Thomas More, Knighton. Thultprn Council of Chrtatifel and Jews nag, Nottingham Progressive Jewish Synagogue. Eri:7prn Catenian Association Silver Jubilee Mass. Our Lady of Lincoln.

Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: Dublin • Churches Together in 13rnain and Ireland Chundi Representatives Mtg. Tue.lhu: !tinsley Hall, Leeds ('onf. 01 Catholic Chaplains in Higher Eduartion -Annual Cord. Sat: Cathedral Discovery Centre, Portsmouth Day of Prayer fur Cathedral parish 10.30km.

Bishop T Brain (Salford): Sun: V. St Marie's, Bury. Tire: 11 April Board of Administration 2pni,

Bishop B Noble (Shrewsbury); Sun: Pastoral V. our Lady & St Joseph, Seacombe. Tire: Eucharistic Working Parry..ahumum Cottage 3pm. Wed Thu: Northern Church Leaden' Retreat, I Tinsley Hall, Leeds. Bishop C Henderson IS'wixts Auxil): Sun: M with l'onfimtation at Our I ady of loonies. Lee at lpm. Tue: M with Confirmation at St James the Great Peckham Rye at 7.30pnt Wed: V St John's Seminary, Wonetsh with representatives of the diocesan unity commission I 0.30cum Attends dirxxsaur bishops' mtg. SE1 at 530pn i. Thu: Attends South Lund:in Church Leaders Mtg at Salvation An try FiQ 12.30prn; mends SL Churches Together Enabling Group 2pm; Celebrates M with Confirmation at St Enure; and St Gertrude, Stockwell 7.30pm Sat: Cclebrata the Vigil M of Palm Sunday at Holy Cross, Plumstead Common at 6.30em. Bishop J Hine (S'wark Aux ii): Sum9:30am M St George's Church, South Darcnth. Motel I:15am Mtg of die Deans, West Mailing Tuc:am Attends Chatham Deanery mtg Wed:10.30am 3:30pm Attends Clergy OnGoing Formation Dy, Kainas Centre, Roden tp

ton. 5:10pm Southwark ' nag. Thu: No Official Fngagenient s. Fri:9:24Am 0 to the Priesthood, its1 Prison. Swale:fide. Sat: No Official Engagements

Bishop A Hopes (9/ ' minster Arad): Sun: 10.30um, V parish of heixon. Mon: Interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House. Tue. I 1.30um, Anniversary Celebration M, Kensington; 3.311pm, Confirmations, Feltham vol. Wed: Mil; London Colney. Thu: Lmdrin Caney am; Intr./views and Engagements Archbishop's Hse pm. Fri: Archbishop's Council Mtg am; Interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House pm. •

Bishop B Longley (W'rninster Auxin:

Sun:1 tarn M St Luke's. Pittner. 4:A.I M Westminster Deaf Service, Cathedral Hall. Mna9:30am M Our Lady of Hal, Camden, followed by tour of Deanery. Tue:10:30uni Trrwer Ilaniets Deanery nag. Thollarn Timer Hamlets Deanery Tour. En:10unt Archbishop's Council nag. 7:45pni Newman Association. Hendon. Sat:7pin M Ss Mary and Michael, Commercial Road, Bishop G Stack (W'minster um): Mon:Iltun Harrow Deanery tug. Tue:104.5tun "Morning ServiceRadio 4. 2,30pni St Mary's, Strawbray Hill Governors Day. Wadi I pm London Church Leaders Executive mtg. Central Hall. Thu:11am Historic Churches Cormnittee. 3ptre St Rohm Southwell School, Kingsbury. 7ixtr: M Ss Sebastian & Pancras (for school). Fri:10am Archbishop's Council mtg. 2pm: Education Service Directors, Bishop H Tripp(S'wark Auxil.): Sun: Atteruis Church Representatives Mtg of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland. Maynoixii. Mon: Attends nag of Multi-Faith Group for licalthcare Chapkuncy at Chunali House. Westminster Tire 1 lam Confirms at Murymount lnirmalional Sclioul:Kingslint upon Thumcs. 6pni Attends Catholic Union Parharnentary and Public Affairs COFIIIIIIItee mtg. Wed: Attends On-Going Formation Day at Karma Centre, Rechativat 'Hsu: Anoxia rntg of the Enabling Group ol Churches Together in South London. Fri:7pm 0 Philip Pals as deacon at St Mary's, West Croydon. Sal:10:30am Hews Confessions at St Mazy', West Ctuydon.

Bishop T Burns (Fortes): Sun • Wed: Bishops' confmence, Scotland. Thu: Apostleship of the Sea, Trustees. Fri: Council of Priests, Chrism Mass. Sal: Germany.


Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Mon: CTS General Committer Mtg, 2.30pm in London; Mtg in the BBC Studios, L,nisk'nn I 2nuvrtTue: Mtg hi Eccleston Square TV Internships 9.30atn 7pm. Fri. Mtg in Pennant= Dna:oriole in the Pastoral Centre, Cardiff 7 opni. Sat: Golden Jubilee Celebration M for 13ishop Donal Mullins in the Cathedral Church, Swansea 11.30am.

Bishop rviJalbeleftrieneviu):9:45arnC Parish of Welsh Marlyn, Penparnau. Aberystwyth. Tuelton Attends Passion Play, Sr 13enediet's Parish, Clydach. Wed:7pm Lenten Station Mass, Si Joseph's F'arish, Hay on Wye. Tnu:am Eugagemeras at Curial Office. Frepm Engagement ut Bishop's House. Sat MASS of Thanksgiving for Bishop Mullin's Golden Jubilee of Ordination to the Pnesthood Bishop E Regan (Wrexham,): Sun: V SI Asaph. 6-Spur: Youth mtg, Parish Hall, Mold. Mon: V St Asaph School The:10am RC/Anglican Study Day. Wed:7pm Rhyl-Deanery Penitential Service & neckties Fast Recoreiliation. Frepm Senior Youth Retreat. Sat: V St A.saph

Key: M-Mass. C-Confinnation. V-Visilation. 0-Ordination. Mfg-Meeting. Sch-School. ESEcumenical Service.

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