Page 2, 4th April 2003

4th April 2003
Page 2
Page 2, 4th April 2003 — Cafod tackles growing Iraqi aid crisis

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Cafod tackles growing Iraqi aid crisis

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He said: "The overall aim of UNFPA activities is to impose population control on people in poorer countries. UNFPA exploits women in vulnerable situations in poor countries in order to promote its antichild policies.

"UNFPA may also be exploiting the turmoil in Iraq and in neighbouring refugee camps to perform abortions on grounds which would be illegal under local laws.

"The UNFPA is seeking to present itself as a crisis intervention agency while it is treating displaced women, pregnant or not, as targets for its population control agenda.

"The organisation is not specialised in crisis intervention, nor is it renowned for helping expectant mothers to give birth. UNFPA is notable for promoting population control, for funding abortion providers and supplying abortion equip ment and abortifacients."

He added: "Abortion and UNFPA's neo-imperialist population control agenda are deeply offensive to the vast majority of Iraqi citizens, Muslim and Christian alike. UNFPA is showing contempt for Iraqi people by attacking their cultural values.

"Having declined to sanction military action against Iraq rightly or wrongly the UN authorities must stop this assault on innocent Iraqi women and children by its own retinue."

A spokesman for UNFPA said: "UNFPA is working to ensure that pregnant women about one in five women of childbearing age can give birth safely in a clean environment and receive emergency obstetric care if needed."

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