Page 10, 4th December 1981

4th December 1981
Page 10
Page 10, 4th December 1981 — Bishops Engagements

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Organisations: Spiritual Preparation Committee for Papal Visit, Council of Priests, Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mani, Conception Church, Council of Diocesan Affairs, KSC Club, Board of Administration, Visitation and confirmation_ St Andrew's Church, Fisher Athletic Club, Justice and Peace Commission, Charterhouse School, St Thomas Mores School, St Bernadettes Church, Walsingham School, Executive Committee, Alcohol Education Centre, Challoner Club, Evening Service, Provincial Committee, Carol Service, CMAC Centre, CDA Archbishop's House, Charity of Jesus, Lansdowne Club, Helohrop College, Liturgy Commission, Visitation Sacred Heart Church, Christian Education Centre, Papal Visit SPiritais Preparation Committee, National Liturgy Commission, St Bede School, Venerable Robert Sutton School, Pastoral Council, Comprehensive School, Polish Church, Liturgy Centre, Archbiship's House Westminster_ Music Committee, Amnesty International Service for Human Rights Metropolitan Cathedral, Downside and Worth Boys' Club, CWL Old Peoples' Party, Rescue Council, King Church, LSO College of Higher Education, Good Shephero Church, United Reformed Church Centre


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Bishops Engagements .

Page 10 from 22nd October 1982

Bishops Engagements

Cardinal Hume, Archbishop of Westminster: friday: Day of recoilection to Apostleship of the Sea Gimplairs. Boone Saturday: Meets with young people. Archbishods House, 6 pm. Mender Celebrotes Limehouse Centenary Mass. 7 pm. Tuesday: Salvatorian Centenary Mass. Wealdstone. 7 om. Wednesday: CDA Archbishops House. 10 am. Mass. Kenai Rise, 7.30 pm. Thursday: Meets with newly ordained. Archbishop's House.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark: Fridey: Consecration of Altar, Vauxhall. 8 pm. Sundry: Mass and visitation, 10 30 we. Mass and confirmation, Ramsgate. pm. Monday: Diocesan &shoos Meeting, Archbishop's House. 4 pm. Annual Owner. Downside and Worth Boys' Club and Fisher Athletic Club. 7 30 pm Tuesday: Consecretation. Auxiliary Bishop, Middlesbrough Cathedral. 11.30 am Mass Silver Jubilee Religious Professions. 6-30 pm. Wednesday: Primary Schools Carol Concert. Cathedral. 2 pro Thursday: Mass and pre.nlation KSG. Lee. 7 30 pro.

104 Archbishop Worlock of Liverpool Sunday Monday: Visitation, St George's, Maphull. Tuesday' Ordination of RI. Rev Karin O'Brien, Middlesbrough Cathedral. 11 30 are Wednesday: Carol Service Metropolitan Cathedral, 2.30 pm. Thursday: Amnesty International Service for Human Rights Metropolitan Cathedral 7 30 pro Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Sunday: Mass. Clifton Cathedral. 5 pm Tuesday: Mass St Mary's Hospital Clifton. 1 I am. Mass and dedicates the immaculate Conception Church, Stroud, 7.30 Pre Wednesday: Attends meeting of Papal Visit SPiritais Preparation Committee at Archbishops Hausa. Westminster. 10 am. Teededay: Moss. Sr Bede s Comprehensive School. Lawrence Weston, 850 am B ishop Brewer. Auxiliary of Shrewsbury: Seturdey-Monday: Visitation and confirmation. St Monica's. Stockton Heath. Tuesday: Episcopal Ordination of Auxiliary Bishop of Middlesbrough. I niirrles Hospitality Mass. St Joseph s, Birkenhead.

B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Salford: Fridey: Visits Little Hutton, Saturday: Knights of St Columba. Town Hail, Bury. 6 30 pm. Sund.ey: Visitation, 11 am. Confirmation. 3 pm, St Edmund. Little Holton Tuesday: Episcopal Ordination of Bishop Kevin 0-Brien, Middlesbrough. 11.30 am. Wednesday: Board of Administration. 10.30 am. Commissions Special Ministers of the Eucharist. Liturgy Centre. Blackburn. 7.30 am. Thursday: Rescue Council. Didsbury. 11 am.

Bishop Clark of East Anglia: SaturdayMonday: Visitation Sacred Heart Church, Bretton Peterborough Wednesday: Signing of Declaration of totem Local Ecumenical Project, Orton Peterborough Bishop Cleary, Au:Ilkley of Birmingham: Friday: Mass and Confirmation, St Teresa s, Paktisid. 7 pm. Tuesday: Chapter meeting, St Chad s Cathedral. 11 45 am Mass. 12.45 pm. Thursday: Attends Clergy Conference, Wolverhampton, 11 30 am. Provincial Committee meeting for Papal Visit_ Cathedral House. 3 pm. Annual reunion of Lourdes hospitalite. Grand Hotel. BS. mingharn. 7 pm.

B ishop Emery of Portsmouth: Saturday: Opening of Polish Church. by Cardinal Rubin, Reading. Perks, 4 pm Sunday: Confirmation, Our Lady of Lourdes, Portsmouth_ Tuesday: Mass Tor Rational Feast. LSO College of Higher Education. Southampton. 5 pm Thursday: Concert for the Elderly. Guildhall, Portsmouth, 1,30 Pm B ishop Foley of Li -master: Friday: Mass for La Sagesse Sisters. St Annes-on-Sea. 3 am Saturday: Mass for Cross and Passion Sisters, Fleetwood. 3 per Sunday: Mass for Daughters of the Holy Ghost, Preston. 2.30 pet Monday: Visits Cathedral Onion of Catholic Mothers. 7.30 pen. Tuesday: Ordination of Bishop 0 Brien, Middlesbumph Cathedral. Wednesday: Mass for Bernardo, Nuns, Hyping Hall, 10_30 am Visits Ambleside parish 2.15 pm Thursday: Mass for Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary Ansdell, 3 pm Bishop Grant of Northampton: Friday: Visitation. St Joseph's. Bedford_ Saturday: Hospirafite Reunion 1981. Westminster Conference Centre. Sunday: Confirmation and visitation. St Josephs. Bedford. Monday: Meeting with Clergy and Young People.

Bishop Gray of Shrewsbury: Sundry: Visitation and confirmation. St Peter's. Wythenshawe. Monday: Mass in St Ambrose, Kidderminster. 730 pm. Tuesday: Ordination of Mgr O'Brien, Middlesbrough Cathedral. 11.30 am. Solemn Opening of new Church, St Luke's, Frodsharn. 7_30 pm. Wednesday: Executive meeting of the Liturgy Commission. Eccleston Square, London, 11 are. Reception at Lansdowne Club, Berkeley Square. 6 prn. Thumedey: Visits Dehon House. doting retreat and study week for All Hallows. Macclesfield, 6th Form Students.

B ishop Herds of Middlesbrough: Saturday: Ordains to the priesthood Peter Mulholland at Christ the King Church, Thornabe 11 30 am. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation_ St Andrew's Church. Teesvilla Mass, 9.30 am. Tuesday, Ordination of the Rt Rev Kevin O'Brien, Middlesbrough Cathedra:. 11_30 arn. Mass for Catholic Handicapped Children's Fellowship. St Bede School. Manske, 6.30 pm_ Thursday: Preparatory meeting for Pastoral Council. St Hilda's, Whitby 7.30 pm.

Bishop Harvey, Bishop In North London: Monday: St Angela's Convent, Palmers Green 6 pm Tuesday: Haringey Deanery meeting. 11 am Moss -sus and Mary Convent, Willesden. 5 pm. Wednesday: CDA 10 arr.

Bishop Henderson, Awriiiery of Southwark: Friday: PrizegWing at St Thomas Mores School, Eltharn 2 pm. Mass and induction of New Parish Priest. Peckham. 7 30 om. Sunday: Mass and con firmation. Streatham Hill, 3 pro. Monday: Attends Top of the Pew". United Reformed Church Centre_ Croydon. 8 orn. Tuesday: Holy Mass and preaches for Ecumenical Society of the Blessed Virgin Mani, St George's Cathedral, Southwark. 7.30 Me. Thursday: Nationwide Initiative in Evangelism meeting. 12 30 pm 10 9 pm.

Mahon Hitcher, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday: Governing Body of Catholic Social Services, :' pm Confirmation. St Michael's, Ditton, 7.30 pm. Saturday: Baptism. Metropolitan Cathedral. 11 am, Sunday: Visitation. St John's. Kirkdale Monday: Meeting with CAFOD Executives. Liverpool. Tuesday: Ordination of Rt Rev O'Brien. Middlesbrough Cathedral. 11.30 ana. Wednesday: Spiritual Preparation Committee for Papal Visit. Westminster Thursday: interviews Lunal tesices, fLt am. Loner IrlatiOn, St John's. Kirkdate. 7.30 pm.

Bishop Holland of Safford, Sunder:

✓ isitation, 11.30 am, ConermetIon. Our Lady and St Paul. Heywood. 3.30 pm. Monday: Catenian Schools Carol Concert. Free Trade Hall. Manchester, 7.30 pm Wednesday: Board of Administration, 10.3D am Thursday: Rescue Council, Didebury, I am Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday: AGM at Alcohol Education Centre, Maudsle, HoWilliothepal. SES. stank, Bishop In Central London Satarday-Sunday: Visitation Bayswater Parish Tuesday: Mass. Missionary Sisters of Chanty. 7 W TI. Mass St Mary's, Chelsea 7 prn. Wednesday CDA meeting. Archbishop's House 10 am Bishop Lindsay of Hashern and Newcasde Sunday: Con/lunation Corpus Christi. Gateshead 3.30 pm Tuesday: Episcopal consecration Middlesbrough Cathedral, 11.30 amWednesday. Finance Committee Mitering, Newcastle, 2.30 pm Thursday: Meeting of Church Relations Group Newcastle 7 30 pm.

Bishop McCall*, Ausibery of Birmingham,

Friday: Meeting of Ecumenical Advisory Group Old Palace, Worcester. Saturday: Parish Family day St Ambrose. Kidderminster. 10.313 am. Sunday: Meeting with stewards for Papal visit Hall Green 9 30 am. Mass and confirmatiOnS. St Joseph's Whrtnash. 11 am. Tuesday: Maas and confirmation St Peter's. Leamington Spa. 3 pm. Wednesday: Chapter meeting. St Chad's Cathedral. 11.34 am Ma. 12.45 pm Blessing of new church. Tamwonh 7 30 Dr n. Thursday: Visitation and presentation of noises. The Venerable Robert Sutton School. Burtonon-Trent Bishop McGuinness of Nottingham: Fridley: Pioneer Mass. St Marv's. Hyson Green. 7.3C pm Saturday: Ordination at Good Shephero Church. Woodthorpe. Nottingham. 12 noon Sunday: Visitation and confirmation, Our Lady or Lincoln Lincoln. Tuesday: Patronal Feast or Diocese. Mass Cathedral, 7_30 pm. Wednesday! Mess r.,, lir,ne•s ST SP,oy • Derbs Thursday: Visits 55 Peru anrf Paul School. Lerreeger.

B ishop McMahon on Brentwood: Sunday: Visitation, St Teresa's, Leaden. Wednesday: Attends meeting re Pope's visit. Archbiship's House Westminster_ Music Committee, 9 am. Spiritual Preparation committee. 11 am. Meeting of Executive Committee of National Liturgy Commission. 1 pm Reception. Lansdowne Club, London. 6 prn. Thursday: Liturgy meeting re Pope's visit. Archhishco's House. Westminster, 2 prn.

Bishop Merton, Bishop in Moat London: Friday: Mass Presentation of Papal Awards, Feliham. 9 15 ant Youth Meeting. Whitehall Gardens. 6 pm. Sunday: Mass. Confirmation. Sunbury, 10 am and 11.30 am. Tuesday: Hounslow Priests Deanery meeting. 10.30 are. Mass. Silver Jubilee, Walsingham School, 2 pm Mass. Reception. Poor Servants of the Mother of God. Hayes. pm. Wednesday: Council of Diocesan Affairs. Archbishop's House, 10.30 am. Neo-Catechumenate, St Benedlers Abbey. Ealing. 13 ern. Thursday: Mass argil confirmation. Wormwood Scrubby, 6 pm.

B ishop Moveroly of Sunday: Confirmation. Holy Family. Chesterfield. 11 am. Old Peoples' Party. St Hugh, Chesterfield_ 4.30 pm. Monday: CWL Old Peoples' Party, 2 prn. Tuesday: Ordination Mgr O'Brien. Middlesbrough. 11.30 am. Oyer-rine of CMAC Centre. Sheffield, 8 Pre. Wednesday: School Mass, Athersley and parish yisuation. Cudworth B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday-Saturday: Justice and Peace Commission, Challoner Club. London Sunday-Monday: Visitation. St Mary's, Douglas, Isle of Man. Tuesday: Mass, St Mary sCastletown, Isle of Man. pm. Wednesday: PrizegiyIng at John Almond school. Liverpool, 7.30 pm. Thursdey: Carol Service. Metropolitan Cathedra( 2.30 Pre Bishop Murphy-O'Connor of Arundel and Brighton: Sunday: Preaches at Charterhouse School. Godalmeng. am Preaches at Evening Service. Selsey, pm. Tuesday: Meeting with Bishops of Chichester and Guildford. Wednesday: Meeting of Deans and Council of Priests. Storrington. Thrueday: Mass. St Peter's School. Leatherhead, am. Meeting of Education Team, Christian Education Centre. Crawley Attends Meeting of Governors. Helohrop College pm Bishop O'Brien, Bishop in Hertfordshire: Friday: Justice and Peace Commission meeting. Challoner Club, 6 pm. Saturday: KSC Province 29. at KSC Club, 7.30 pm. Sunday: Visitation at St Bonaventure's. Welwyn Garden City. Tuesday: Ordination Mgr 0-Breen Middlesbrough Cathedral, 11 30 am. Wednesday: CDA Archbishop's House. 10 am. Thursday: Mass at St Thomas More School. Letchworth, 1110 em. Parish meeting at St Hugh s. Letchworth, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Pearson, Bishop In Cumbria: Friday: Meeting of Cumbria Church Leaders. Wirirlermere 11 am Sunday: Cnrir,,,,,;„„, tort iO3o arty. Tuesday: Visits Community, Boarsank Hall. Mass of Thanksgiving, Sacred Hears Barrow. 7 pm.

Bishop Rectleaux of Plymouth: Saturday: Youth Conference. St Rita s. Honitors 5 pm. Sunday: Mass and visitation. St Bernadettes Church, Ensbury Park, Bournemouth. 20.30. Corgis • 1,,IT'1711 3 [IT: Bishop Swindlehuret, Auxiliary of Hertham and Newcastle Sunday: Confirmation, SS Joseph. Patrick and Cuthbert's. Coshoe, 3 prn. Tuesday: Ordination, Middlesbrough Cathedral. 11.30 arn. Jubilee Mass, St Anne's. Darlington, 7 pm_ Wednesday: Finance Committee meeting, Newcastle 2 30 pm. Bishop Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday-Monday: Visitaeona. Wandsworth West. Tuesday: Visit to St Mary's Home. Roehampton. 1 nor Thursday: Performance of "Holy Boy" by Thomas More School. Fairfield Hall, 7,45 pm Bishop Weirnsley, Bishop of the Forces: Wednesday-Thursday: Visitation RAF Locking Weston-Super-Mere Bishop Wheeler of Leeds: Friday: Visitation and Confirmation. Slaithwarte. 7_30 prn. Saturday: Ordination, Cathedral, 12 noon. Sunday: Visitation and confirmation. Our Lady of Lourdes, Huddersfield. Tuesday: Pontifical Mass. Cathedral, B pm. Wednesday: Visitation and Corifirrnerion, St Gerard's. Featherstone. 7 pm

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