Page 4, 4th February 1983

4th February 1983
Page 4
Page 4, 4th February 1983 — A working majority

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Organisations: United Nations, EEC


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A working majority

REV D FAUL'S view on violence in Ireland, January 21, is not controversial — as you describe it — but biased and inaccurate as well. He insists that the British "powers that be" look at Ireland "(Sic)' solely from the use that Britain can make out of it" and treat it with "arrogant ignorant colonialism".

This is patent nonsense! First of all, the republic of Ireland is a member of the United Nations and the EEC and is recognised by the, United Kingdom and throughout the world as a sovereign state.

As far as Nothern Ireland is concerned it is abundantly clear that the powers that be and the people of Great Britain would be happy if the elected representatives of the Northern Irish people could be got to work together; would welcome the establishment of friendship and co-operation between North and ,South and will not stand in the way of any democratic political or economic developments in relations between N. Ireland and the Republic including liaison or union. In the meantime, while Rev Faul and many others svrangle about polities and religion, Northern Ireland costs the United Kingdom exchequer an annual subvention of more than one and a halftime', the alarming current year's budgetary deficit in the Republic that perplexes Dr Fitzgerald's govern. ment. — a strange way of exploiting the Irish.

Brian McK McGuigan Belfast.

SOME months ago I accused some of the Irish Catholic clergy of teaching nationalist political propaganda. Fr Paul, provides a perfect example.

He is entitled to hold any views he likes. but his are among several possible views. Surely in Ireland nowadays there is an obligation to teach Catholic children that there are various conflicting and legitimate views? I personally was never so instructed when I was being spoonfed with republican propaganda as a boy. It is clear to me now how my contemporaries in the Hitler youth swallowed their propaganda.

It is undeniable that many Irish people are gentle and Christian. But it is also undeniable that now, as in the past, there were Irish thugs of unparalleled viciousness.

Desmond Keenan Middlesex.

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