Page 3, 4th July 1941

4th July 1941
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Here arc the events which have so far marked the history of Christian Co-operation :

The list has been compiled by the Sword of the Spirit.

December 21. Appearance of the Bishops' letter in the Times.

December 24. Letter issued in leaflet-form by the Sword of the Spirit.

January Letter from A. C. F. Beales,

drawing attention to the need for following up the original Times letter-in Tablet, Catholic Herald, Catholic Times, Universe, Church Times, Guardian, Spectator.

January 11. Visit to Cardinal Hinsley by

Barbara Ward and A. C. F. Beales, with memorandum drawn up by A.C.F.B., on " A campaign to request H.M. Government to adopt the Times letter . . as the official basis for any British declaration of war and peace aims."

January 1.5. Reply from P. C. Loftus, M.P., to a letter from A. C. F. Beales asking for a meeting of Catholic M.P.s to decide on support of the letter. (This project led to an interview with A,C.F.B. by R. R. Stokes, M.P., but the meeting of Catholic M.P.s did not come off.)

January 16. Contact established with the

Bishop of Chichester, Dr. A. C. Craig (of the Ccenmission on International Friendship and Social Responsibility), and Rev. P. T. R. Kirk (of tndustrial Christian Fellowship).

February 12. House of Commons-motion on the adjournment by Mr. G. Mender for a Government statement of war aims February 13. Call for inter-Christian cooperation by the Apostolic-Delegate (Archbishop Godfrey) at consecration of the new Bishop of Northampton (Mgr. Parker).

February 15. Opening of series of six public meetings in the Dome, Brighton, organised by the Bishop of Chichester, to make known the Times letter to Anglicans and Free Churchmen.

February 26. B.13.C.-first of three discus sions, " Three Men and a Parson." March I. Opening of scriel of Sword of the Spirit public meetings at Caxton Hall,

S.W.I. Personnel of lecturers includes non-Catholics.

March 3. The first of a series of four lunch discussions on the Times letter by the New Britain Movement. Speaker: C. B. Purdon (late editor of Everytnan and New Britain.)

March 5. Rev. Martin D'Atcy, Si., broadcasts series of talks on " The Church Looks Ahead," from B.B.C.

March 13. House of Commons-question by R. R. Stokes to the Prime Minister to embody the points of the Times letter in Government's statement of war aims and peace aims. Objection by Mr. Thurtle

as " pious platitudes." No support of Mr. Stokes by other Catholic or Christian M,P.s.

March 14. T.U.C. urged to adopt the Ten Points of the Times letter in an interview by George Gibson (its chairman) in CATHOLrc HERALD.

CATHOLIC HERALD summarises to date the movement for Christian co-operation on the letter. The summary adds items to the above as follows: Glasgow-Baptists distribute leaflets on the letter.

Southport-bridge drive proceeds divided among the three Communions (Anglican, R.C., Free Church).

Scarborough -joint Christian pronouncement on the Government's youth scheme.

Chesterfield-R.C. addresses Anglican study circle.

Wellingborough League for God established, with full support of all Communions.

March 16. Apostolate of Christ the Worker decides to furnish the Sword of the Spirit leaflet-reprint of the Times letter to Catholic members of the T.U.C.

March 28. CATHOLIC HERALD carries an interview on Christian co-operation, by the Anglican Vicar of Chiswick E. C. Rich).

April 1. Executive Committee of Sword of the Spirit passes resolution authorising Christopher Dawson, Fr. John Murray and A. C. F. Beales to promote joint Christian work and meetings, subject to permission of the Ordinaries.

Free Church Federal Council-first annual meeting-endorses the Times letter (motion led by the Acting Moderator, Rev. Sidney M. Berry, D.D,).

April 4. National Union of Students congress opens at Cambridge. Endorses the Times letter.

April 11. Support for the co-operation, by the Greek Orthodox Exarch (Archbishop Germanos) in interview with CATHOLIC HERALD.

April 17. General Assembly of the Unitarian and Free Christian Churches (at Oxford) endorses the Times letter. (Sec., Rev. Mortimer Rowe).

The Times-letter of Bishop of Chichester in support of the Pope's Easter Sunday Homily (of April 13), asking for abolition of night-bombing.

Followed up by Archbishop of Birmingham (April 20), and by Anglican Bishop of Bristol at Diocesan Conference (May 17).

April 20. Birmingham-joint Christian public meeting.

Cambridge-" New Order Exhibition," by Cambridge United Council of Christian W2tncs5s.

April Religious leaders of Liverpool

jointly endorse the Times letter. Signatories-Dr. Downey (Archbishop), Dr. A. David (Anglican Bishop), Rev. G. H. Taylor (President of Liverpool Free Church Centre), and Rev, Lewis Phillips (senior Jewish minister in Liverpool). April 28. Announcement in the Times that Bishop of Chelmsford has called a special diocesan conference on July 8 on " revolutionary " proposals arising out of the Times letter.

April 29. Northampton-joint Christian meeting in Anglican Church of All Saints.

May 3. Letter by Cardinal 'Linsley in the Times on the Training of Youth.

May 8. Methodist Recorder reports R recent joint Christian meeting at St. Leaner& and Hastings-a " Quiet Day of Intercession."

May 9. Huddersfield. Project for a United Christian Council discussed.

May 10-31. Press support for project for a Joint Christian Council of Action, first suggested in CATHOLIC HERALD. May 10 and 11. The Stoll Theatre public Mameetintgs,.

y e Haywards Heath (Sussex). Meeting on " An Agreed Christian Order."

May '16. Chester : Anglican Christian Action Group. Address by Miss Barbara Ward (hon. sec. of Sword of the Spirit).

May 17. Western Morning News (Bristol) (Continued in next column.)

reports Bristol District Methodist Synod meeting of that week-plea by Rev. Ronald Spivey that Methodism play its part in the growing movement for Christian co-operation.

May 18. Blackpool. Sword of the Spirit meeting. Chairman: Bishop of Lancaster (Mgr. Flynn). Anglican and Free Church representation on platform.

May 21. Protestant Truth Society annual meeting (London). Address by J. A. Kensit on " Britain, the Pope and tne War "-attacks the new co-operation under Romanist auspices.

May 27. Convocations of Canterbury and York. Both Houses of each endorse the Times letter.

May 24. Norwich. Church officials of aE Communions ban " bomb-notes to Hitler."

House of Commons. Peace aims debateinitiated by Rhys Davies, supported by R. R. Stokes, opposed by J. Tinker.

May 30. Middlesex Advertiser reports two meetings (Anglican) addressed on the Sword of the Spirit; Rev. G. D. Barnsley (at the Vicarage) and Rev. D. Nicholson (at South Kensington).

CATFIOUC HERALD reports endorsement of the Tittles letter and Christian co-operation by National Catholic Welfare Conference of U.S.A.

May 30 and June 6. Announcement in Catholic, Anglican and Free Church Press that Sword of the Spirit had decided to co-opt Anglican and Free Church representatives on to executive and sub-committees.

June 1 (Whit-Sunday). Bognor Regis. Sword of the Spirit (auspices) public meeting on "An Agreed Christian Order." Speakers: the Bishop of Chichester, the Editor of the Methodist Recorder (Dr. Benjamin Gregory, D.D.).

June 3. Letter in the Times from the Bishop of St. Albans, stressing the endorsement by the House of Convocation of the Times letter of 21/12J40, United Protestant Council (Evangelical) passes resolution against the new cooperation with Rome.

June 8. Walthamstow. 500 at first rally of London Youth to discuss Christian New Order.

June 22. Christian Co-operation Meetings at Finehley and Hounslow.

June 29. M. A. C. F. Beales addresses British Christian Council on the Pope's " 5 Points." Anglican Bishop of Bristol in chair.

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