Page 8, 4th July 1947

4th July 1947
Page 8
Page 8, 4th July 1947 — Catholic Information From Abroad VATICAN CITY

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Catholic Information From Abroad VATICAN CITY

PRIVATE AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has received in private audience recently Cardinal Cerejeira, Patriarch of Lisbon, and Cardinal Clement de Gouveia, Archbishop of Lorenco Marques; Mgr. Joseph Costa Lungs, Patriarch of the East Indies and Archbishop of Goa; Mgr. Vonneau, Vicar Apostolic or Douala, Africa : Mgr. Joseph Attipetty, Archbishop of Verapoly ; Mgr. Duchemin.

SPECIAL AUDIENCES. The Holy Father has received in special audience recently Miss Joan de Trafford, Mrs. George Daphne Earl, and Mr. Augustus Robert Towers.

APPOINTMENTS. The Holy Father has transferred to the Bishopric of Paterson, Mgr. Thomas Boland, Titular Bishop of Irina and Auxiliary to Mgr. Walsh. Archbishop of Newark, and appointed the Rev. Joseph Hlouch, Professor of the Theological Faculty of Olomouc, to be Bishop of Budejovice.

MGR. JOHN PANICO, Titular Archbishop of Jiustiana. and Apostolic Delegate in Australia, in a recent audience which he had with the Holy Father. presented to the Holy Father a golden chalice, adorned with gems, a gift of Signor Pellegrini, of Sydney.

CARDINAL CARLO ROSSI. secretary of the Consistorial Congregation, assisted by Mgr. Guiseppe Rossino, secretary of the Congregation of Seminaries and Universities, and Mgr, Edward Tonna, Bishop of Miletius, consecrated Mgr. John Kync, Bishop of Meath, on Sunday last. The ceremony took place in the church of St. Ignatius.

AUSTRALIA FR. M. HIGGINS, of Broken. Hill, New South Wales, after receiving a radio call, flew 250 miles to administer the Last Sacraments. Fr. Higgins, who holds a pilot's licence, flew a Moth and was at the man's bedside within two hours. The man later died and Fr. Higgins offered the Requiem. (N.C.W.C,) CANADA CARDINAL TISSERANT, secretary of the Congregation for the Oriental Church, at a Mass in the Greek Ruthenian Rite, during the Marian Congress called on all Catholics to pray especially to Our Lady for the conversion of Russia. •' The Russian people," said the Cardinal, " have a great devotion to the Mother of God and that devotion has not wavered during the 30 years of atheism to which they have been subjected." (N.C.W.C.) CZECHOSLOVAKIA THE REQUEST, made neatly 18 months ago by the Slovakian Bishops for permission lo publish a Catholic daily, has not yet been granted, says the Catholic weekly, Katolieke Nosiny, which distinguished between the plan of the Catholic members of the Democratic Party to publish a Catholic daily, and the request made by the Slovak Bishops to publish a non-party Catholic daily. (N.C-W.C.) CHINA A GREAT SCARCITY of welleducated Catholic laymen and women is the most evident weakness in Catholicism in Korea to-day. says Fr. Patrick O'Connor, N.C.W.C'. cot reset-indent in China. The lack of teachers is a -serious drawback.

IT PAYS to think in big numbers. A missionary, Fr. Mark Tennien, told his Catechists, " If in some village the people want to become Christians tell them we want groups of no less than 200." Last month headmen of four villages asked for instruction; the largest group was 1.100 and the smallest 270. The missionary is now wondering how he is going to find enough Catechists to satisfy his big thinking. (N.C.W.C.)


THE ASSEMBLY of the Cardinals and Archbishops of France met in Paris on Wednesday to Friday of last

week to examine the various problems. particularly in Canon Law and to enquire into the development of the mission or France. (La Croix.) CARDINAL ROQUES, Archbishop of Rennes, will preside as Papal Legate at the ceremonies which take place at Nantes from July 2-6 in connection with the 13th National Eucharistic Congress. On Sunday, the closing day, after the Pontifical High Mass, presided over by the Papal Legate, the Holy Father will send a broadcast message to the Congress at 7 p.m. D.B.S.T. (Osservatore.) CARDINAL GERLIER, Archbishop of Lyons, was involved in a minor air accident last week. The seaplane by which he was crossing the St. -Lawrence to Manoir Richelieu to deliver a-lecture to the Bar Association of Quebec was forced to come down on the river. The Cardinal was brought to the bank safely by a fisherman's boat. but was unable to keep his appointment.


GERMAN BISHOPS in the British zone met recently in Munich to discuss the future of German broadcasting. In particular the conference discussed the planning and organisation of religious broadcasting. Mgr. Marschatl was appointed Episcopal representative for all zones. (Vatican Radio.) FOR THE FIRST TIME since the collapse of the Nazi regime, a committee met recently under the presidency of Prince Loewenstein to organise a "German Catholics' Day," which was first held in 1848 and was .considered the starting point of all German, Catholic organisations. (Vatican Radio.)


CARDINAL SAPIEHA, after a fiveweeks' stay in Italy and France, has returned to Cracow. It seems that his talks in the Vatican will not he a turning point in the relations between the

Holy See and the Bierut regime. Until now the attitude of the Warsaw official Press is still hesitant and undecided.

The OSSERVATORE ROMANO recently criticised the Polish Government decree which permits delegates of political bodies. and trade unions to sit on examining boards with a view to satisfying themselves as to the political training of pupils. (Vatican Radio.)

M. RIENKOWSKI, one of the three members allowed to enter the Warsaw Parliament as Catholics representing the Catholic Social Club, recently strongly criticised the Ministry of Education for its attempt to establish a State monopoly its education. The three Catholic members showed their disapproval by proposing a cut on the Budget expenditure of the Ministry of Education,

PORTUGAL THE THIRD International Congress of Catholic Doctors, which met in Lisbon, finished its work with an official ceremony at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fatima. The doctors taking part in the congress went in procession to visit the houses of the families of the children who saw the vision of Our Lady, after assisting at Mass celebrated in the Basilica.


MR. RICHARD PATERSON, former U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia, guest and speaker with Cardinal Spellman at the War Veterans' National Convention, paid tribute to the Church as the " spearhead " in fighting " the cancerous growth of Communism."

FR. THOMAS VERNER MOORE, 69-year-old professor on leave of absence from the Catholic University of America, has joined the Carthusians at the Cartuga de Miraflores foundation near Burgos, Spain, to lead the life of a hermit. The noted American priest, doctor, philosopher and psychiatrist went to Spain less than six months ago to give a series of lectures in psychiatry at the University of Madrid. Fr. Moore will be 70 in October.

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