Page 8, 4th July 1975

4th July 1975
Page 8
Page 8, 4th July 1975 — BISHOPS' ENGAGEMENTS

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Archbishop Cowderoy of Southwark Sunday: Mass and Adult Confirmation, St George's, 3.30. Tuesday: Mass and Confirmation. 7.30. Thursday: Mass and Confirmation. Vauxhall, 7.30.

Archbishop Dwyer of Birmingham Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Christ the King. Coventry. 11.30. Mass end Confirmation. Coventry, 5,30. Tuesday: Visitation of Schools, St Peter's, Leamington 10.30. Wednesday: degree congregation dinner, Aston University, 10.30. Thursday: centenary celebrations, St John's, Boston Spa. Friday: cantenery dinner, Birmingham Universi ty.

Bishop Alexonder of Clifton Saturday: Sisters of the Saviour and Blessed Virgin Convent. Shepton Mallet, 10.30. Grove House. Weston-super-Mare for tea with Mayor. Sunday: Confirmation at Langport, 3. Preaches at 9 are Mass, Langport Monday: Sixth form social. La Retraite. Salisbury. 10.30.

Archbishop Bowen Sunday: Mass, St. Wilfrid's School, Crawley. Monday: Mass and Confirmation, St Mary Megdelene's Church. Brighton. 3. Monday to Friday: Clergy retreat, St. John's Seminary. Wonersh. Friday: Mass and Confirmation, St John's. Beaumont, S.

Bishop Brewer, Auxiliary of Shrewsbury Saturday: Ordination, St. John's. New Ferry. Visitation, Our Lady's, Birkenhead. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, Our Lady's. Monday: Visitation. Our Ledy's. continued. Tuesday: North Com

mitten of Nine, Bishopthorpe. Wednesday: Presents prizes, Blessed Thomas Nolford School, Altringham. Thursday: Confirmation, St. Joseph's, Sale.

B ishop Burke, Auxiliary of Safford Friday: Visits to school and sick, St. Mary's, Swinton, 10.30. Sunday: Visitation, II., Confirmation St Mary's Swinton, 3. Tuesday: St John Vienney School. Heaton Mersey, 1.45 Wednesday: Concludes visitation of schools and sick, St. Mary's, Swinton. Thursday. Concelebrates Mass, Si, Gregory's. School. ArdwIck.

B ishop Clark: Auxiliary of Northampton Thursday: Confirmation. All Souls. Peterborough, 7.

Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birmingham Saturday: Ordains Hugh and Francis Preston. Salesian Church, Oxford. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. Si. Bede's School, Boshten Hall. Rugetay, 3.

B ishop Emery Friday: Diocesan Boundaries Commission, London, 11, Sunday: Mass and Confirmations, St Osburg's, Coventry, 5. Monday: Retreats at Oscott College until Friday.

B ishop Lemon Fox -Tuesday: Chapter Mass. Wednesday: meeting with BCC in London.

B ishop Grant Saturday-Tuesday: Visitation and Confirmation at Dunstable. Wednesday: Visits Wellingborough schools.

Bishop Gram Saturday: Diocesan Day for the Handicapped, Shrigtay. Visitation and Confirmation, St John's, Bianchi'', Wythenshawe. Visitation continued, St John's, Benchill

B ishop Gray, Auxiliary of Liverpool -Friday: Curial Offices, 10.30. Confirmation during Mass at St William of York. Crosby, 7.30. Sunday: Celebrates Mass and Confirmation at St Margaret Mary's. Knotty Ash, 3. Wednesday: Annual meeting of the Catholic Blind Institute. Christopher Grange.

B ishop Herds, Auxiliary of Liverpool Sunday: Confirmations, Notre Dame High School. Woolton, am. Confirmations, St Julie's St Helens, pm. Tuesday: meeting of italustriailsts. Liverpool, am. Confirmations Cathedral, pm. Wednesday: Confirmations St Stephens Orford, pm. Thursday: Preaches at End of Year Service, Merchant Taylors, Crosby. am.

Bishop H•nderson, Auxillery of Southwark Saturday: Opens garden fete. Blackheath. Sunday: Maas, Visitation and Confirmation,Pembury, 3.

Bishop Holland, Belford Saturday: Concelebrates Mass and preaches. Catholic Radio and 'TV Centre, Hatch End, 12. Sunday: Visitation. 11, Confirmation. St Charles, Moorside, 3, Tuesday: Mass and presentation of religious teaching certificates. Sedgley Park Conejo, Prestwich, 7.30.Thursday: Consecration of altar. St Mary's, Mulberry St, 11.30. Degree Congregation. Salford Uoiversity, 3.

B ishop Undsay, Hexham and Newcastle Sunday: 3.30 Mass, Visit, Confirmation St. Joseph's. BIllingham. MondayWednesday: Grand Week Celebratiors, Ushaw College. Tuesday: 7 pm Service for

international Women's Year, St Nicholas Cathedral, Newcastle. Thursday: 11 am Anniversary Mass for Bishop Cunningham, St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle. 7 pm Mass. Visit. confirmation. St Joseph's, Billingham, Friday' 2.30 Meeting of Diocesan pchetide Association Fund, St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle. 7 Meeting of Diocesan Ecumenic& Commlesion, B ishop McGuinness, Nottingham Friday: Blesses and officially opens Our Lady's School, Sleaford. 3. Saturday: Ordinations to the Diaconate, Nottingham Cathedral, 10.30. Blesses and 0'916011Y opens St Charles School, Hadfield, 3.30. Sunday: Visitation and Confirmation, St Mary's, Glossop. Monday: Visits St Margaret's School. Glossop. Attends Silver Jubilee celebrations for Fr A. Molyneux, St. Mary's, Glossop, 7. Wednesday: Presents Pueril Awards, St Patrick's School, Nottingham, 7 Thursday: Attends annual meeting, Catholic Children's Society. Cathedral House, Nottingham, 11.

Bishop McClean, Middlesbrough Sunday: Confirmation at Gluing, 10. Confirmation. Ampleforth Parish Church. 3. Tuesday: Chapter Meeting, Middlesbrough, St Mary's Cathedral. 11. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation, Cottingham. Thursday Mass at St Pius X School, Mrddlesteough. 10. CMAC Presentation, pm.

B ishop Pearson, Auxiliary of Umcaster Saturday: Attends prlzegivIng at St Pius X, Preston. Sunday: Confirmation at St Margaret Mary's, Carlisle, 10.30. Attends Mass for the handicapped at Our Lady's, Carlisle, 4.30. and the meeting of the Diocesan Handicapped Committee.

Bishop Worlock, Portsmouth Saturday: Consecration of church and blessing and opening of new hall, Crookham Church, 3.30. Sunday and Monday: Visitation and confirmation, St Joseph's. Bracknell. Tuesday: Diocesan Education Council meeting, Bishops House, 2.30. Wednesday: Visitation and Confirmation. Tad*.

B ishop Casey, Brentwood: Saturday. Concelebrates Mass, Convent of Marcy, Wanstead, 11. Sunday: Mass and Confirmation. The Holy Family, Benfleet. 3. B ishop Foley, Lancaster: Friday: Attends Meeting with PTA. Committee, Preston, 7,30. Saturday: Concelebrates Mess for St Michael's OB's Association, Underlay, 330 Sunday' Prize Day, Underlay Hall, 3. Wednesday: Blesses School Eatenlion, St Peter's, Lytham, 2.30. Friday: Confirmation, St Joseph's, Lancaster, 7.

B ishop Wheeler of L•ade Wednesday: English Martyrs, York, Concelebrated Mass, 7.30. Thursday: Boston Spa Celebrations, Concelebrates. 2.30 B ishop Mahon, Auxiliary of Westminster Saturday: St Charles Sq., Confirmation, All Saints, London Colney, Sisters Mass, 3 p.m. Sunday: Stroud Green, Confirmation. Monday: Sudbury, Confirmation. Tuesday: Si' Margaret's, Westminster, Memorial Service for Noel Salter. Our Lady of Willesden. Confirmation, Wednesday: Tollington Park, Confirmation. Thursday: Westminster Cathedral. Confirmation, St Vincent's Primary School Children.

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