Page 7, 4th July 1980

4th July 1980
Page 7
Page 7, 4th July 1980 — Putting a bomb under the nuclear arms race

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People: F. P. Thompson


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Putting a bomb under the nuclear arms race

THE prospects of a nuclear war seem so terrifying, and the results so total'In their effects, that It is very easy to throw up your hands in despair' and refuse to believe that ordinarv people Can do anything to alter the course of events.

What ,is quite remarkable at present is that the increased concern about the risks of nuclear war ia having precisely the opposite effect..

In the space of the past couple of months a movement has started to develop, especially. in Britain, which is gaining speed rapidly and looks set to exceed grew ly the influence of the original movement for nuclear disarmament hacl in the 19.50s and early 1960s.

Three weeks ago I went to a public meeting in Bradford which was addressed by the historian and campaigner F. P. Thompson. lie was speaking about the -proposal for a campaign for European Nuclear Disarmament

ND) and the small group of organisers were hoping for an audience of over 200 people. In the event about 800 people came from all over Yorkshire, with coaches from York, Sheffield and The sudden surge of interest is being repeated all over the country. CND is being overwhelmed with requests for infor

`11 is very easy to throw up your hands in despair and reluse to believe that ordinary people can do anything to -alter the course of events'.

ovation, peace groups of all kinds are being set up, audit looks as though a campaign tor continentwide nuclear disarmament is beginning to be taken seriously.

Th aim of END (Bertrand Russell Mose, Gamble Street, Nottingham N(;7 4LT) is to try to create a zone. free of nuclear weapons and covering the whole of the continent of Europe. II is envisaged as transcending the Iron Curtain and the essential element in its strategy. which gives it such a strong claim to our support. is that both the eastern and western blocs must make a balanced commitment to making Europe a safer place.

'The campaign already has the support of NIPs of several parties and two Catholic bishops ( Bishop Guartelli and Bishop Konstant are among its supporters. Its initial aims. include the ratification of the SA I.T II treaty and the withdrawal of plans to _ - site Cruise missiles and the SS-20 missile in Europe.

The campaign already has the support of N1Ps of several parties and two

The American Cruise missiles represent a dangerous escalation in nuclear weapons systems. One hundred and sixty are due to be stationed in Britain within three years and in time of crisis they will be dispersed on large mobile launchers to about 40 sites throughout the country. Almost the only effective weapon against them is the saturation bombing with H-bombs of any country housing them.

The SS-20 missile is a new an accurate medium-range missile which the Soviet Union is believed to be building at the rate of one a week. It seems designed specifically for use against Western European targets. END is campaigning against both of these weapons systems.

You can learn more of the campaign by getting a copy of E. P. 'Thompson's pamphlet Protest and Sarvire from the END address given above. It is an energetic reply to the Government's ridiculous advisory pamphlet On civil defence in the nuclear age Protect and Survive.

I would strongly advise you. though, to get the Government

'The American 'Cruise milliles represent a dangerous escalation in nuclear weapons ysterns. Almost the only effective weapon against them is saturation bombing with H-Bombs'.

pamphlet as well. It is available from most large bookshops and everyone should read it to see the stupidity of our "official" defence strategies against nuclear war.

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