Page 8, 4th July 1980

4th July 1980
Page 8
Page 8, 4th July 1980 — Bishops' Engagements

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Bishops' Engagements


A-Presenhetion of Award C-ConfirmatIon M-M... CI--Orchnetion V-Visitetion

Cardinal Flume, Archbishop of Wmidmineer: Friday: Receives freedom of City. Newcostle• upon-Tyne, Mn Sunday Meets young people Are. hhishops House. 5 prn. Monday' Meets Wespninstut Diocesan Trustees, pm. Tuesday' Consecrates Knebworth Church. 8 pm. Thursday. Opens Benedictine exhibleoe, British Library. 6 pm Attends

Dinner. Mansion House. 7.30 prif

Archbishop Sowen of Southwark: Sunday. U. Roehamptcar 3.30 pm Monday, Meeting with area Bishops, Archbishop's House, 11 sm. Tuesday: Meeting of Directors of Catholic Natinnal Mutual Ltd, Guernsey Archbishop Dwyer of Sirmingham: Saturday: 0, Si Dunstan. Kirgs Heath Sunday M and C, Si Edward. Stilly Oak 12 noon Morilluy/FUrley. Oseett Retreat Archbishop Worlook of Ural-pool: rralty. Anemia Religious Education Centre. Kakhy, 2 15 pm Saturday. Interview, Students Ira The Priesthorel. Curial Deices. 10 ern 0. Queen of Martyry. Crustell, MondayCairdidetes ler permanent diaconate Holy Name Sazakeiley. 7.30 pin. Tuesday: Archbishops Council meeting, Curial oHices. 10 am Saturday: Interviews students Tor sernimay. Curial offices. 10 ern Bishop Alexander of Clifton: Friday: M and C, co,. Christi, Weelon super Mare 7 30 pni. Saturday Golden Jubilee M. ter Sister Eloise Weldor/ C.enverd al the Holy Soird. Wioughtun. 9 ern. 0 Si Joseph-s Church. Portisheed. 3 pm V. Si Grespey-s Parish_ Cheltenham. 6 pm, SundayV. Cheltenham, C end M 3 pin_ Monday. M. for Deer University Chaplaincy, Brawl. 7 pm Tuesday M. for Diocesan Seminarians, Errirnatis House La Retteit,. Ciihort 72 neon. M. end Blouses La Sainte Union Pastoral and leciok Centre. Bath. 6 pin

Bishop Brewer. Auxiliary of Shrewsbury:

Sr:wrist, Openng ierf Church Hell. Holmes Chapel, Sunday Monday, V and C. Our Ledy't, thincurn C. Si .Elitabete's. Peel Hell WednesdayCommission lot PrraOy V ormtnnl Slurrilirig Corranillna Altrinchorrt, C. Si Jobe's. gentile Ihuinday M. Carnal Newman Lower Schoel. Wythentliawe

Malice Burke, Auxiliary Ol Belford:

Sunday V_ 11 am. C. 3ren. fttumert, Loogsiele

d • Wenesday, Board ef Adminietietitio, 10 30 ere

bishop Gluey of Brentwood: Saio,riuy M for Goldoni Jultilee, St Joseph's, Kingaleres, 12 noon, Sunday. M arid C. Huly Father. &metier 3.30 pry Monday M, Sr Patrick's Cemetery. Laytenstone. 11.30 OM, Tuesday. M and C. Dir, Lady ttl Commis. sion_ Upton Perk. 7.30 pm. Wnthro.iiay M end C. Secreil Heart. Southend • on • Son B pm. Thursday. M with Sew' Jubilatians. Se. Mary and Ethelburgies, Barking 12 noon. M arid Blrositly ol Si Peter's, School. Dagenham. 7 30 pm Shrimp Clark, of Et Saturday' 0. Si Mary's Church. Ipswich Sundey V. Fekenharn Pilgrimage for the sick, Weesiegham, Tueedey_ C. OLEM Cambridge. 7 per. Tarorstlay• C. Havathill. 730 Bishop Cleary, Auxiliary of Birminghent, Friday: 51 HMI C., C,riirus Christi Werarwefieldi 7 pm. Saturday, Perceiving, Si Johns Preparetery School, Aeon, 3 pm Monday' M arid C, St Hewett Gennings New Invensiun. 7.30 pm Thursday. M. Our Ludy. CIld Failings. Wolverhampton, 10 am, Bilihop Foley Of Lancaster: Friday, V Si Anih1711V Preston_ Attends Cathedral School, P.T A

Lancaster. 7 per te

Saturdey. D. SI Bernadet's. Black pool, 3 30 pm. Sunday V. Our Lady end St Edward. Preston, 11 am. C. 3 pry, Tuesday. Centenary M. Si Cuthbert's. Blackpool. 7.30 pm Wednesday. Civic Lunch. Blackpool, '12.30 Fun C, Preston, 7.30 Pin Thursday: V. Si 4,9m-tine's. Nest., Bishop Gram of Northampton: Friday/Sur • day: V, and C, Getrards Cress. Monthly CAT-013 Corn mittee meeting. London Wednesday' C. Hely Siihoet, Loton. pro, ThursdayC, Al! Saintelieetehley. 7 per , Rialtos Oramr, of Shrewsbury: Saturday Beni:Prepped Childrer's Penowship M. Shriglsy, 3 ern. Tueseay• Cioldan Jubilee M. Si Hugh s. West Tit-neer*. 7.3D um. Wednesday: CW.L M, Sr Culurnbe a. Chester, 7 30 pm ThursdayC, Our Curly el the Rosary OnnnIngton. Bishop Grey, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Friday Attends Silver Jebliee M. Si Arne 's. fiallieberough 530 pm VV,111115,113V C and NI St Atherts VVarrin glen, 7 30 pr Bishop Guervelli, Bishop in Bast London: Saturday_ M Sr Creme, 5, Humettur, 6_30 pm Mendayi AGM 01 WNCLIT, Westminster. 2 pm Tuesday: Meeting. 1:1 thttstt Marx Group 7 prn 1Nedneedayl Adeem Group. Manor House, 8 per Thu/eddy: Lunth with 'N District Peke CnInriningty Llarion Utall 12 noon M tut school Inutory Ti.11.ri erten Park lb pre

Bishop Harris of Middlesbrouith.

SeturdayrStindey, Wateingliam Pileritrage. TuesdayMednesday Council of Europe Seminar, Surrey. Thursday, Formal Opening at Sr Paulin. Schap!. Guisteetrugh. Childrulr s M. I I art. Fur rnal Opening. 2 ID pm Mews Harvey, Bishop in North London: Friday. Blessing of Nursery School. Dullis Hid. 2 urn, Pel, St Michael's School. North Finchley. 7.30 pm, Saturday M. Si Dorniele's Conyenl, Harrow, 12 nuon Sunday. M, St Monica's. Palma, Green, 10.30 am, Knights pl Si Columba .• Catenian Association, K.S.0 Club. 8 pro Murirley• Nitrating. Wealrninsler Dinun null Trustees_ 2 pro Tuesday Barnet Deanery meeting, 11 am M. ter teachers, Enfield, 4_30 per Wettnesday• Sr Llerninic's sixth form College. Harrow, 3 pm Thursday leechere. M Jesus and Mary Corivent. Heriesden. 6,30 per Mahon Henderson, Auxiliary of Southwark: Saturday' SI Mary and St Joseph n Garden Palo. SiOctip pm. Sunday: V. Vauxhall. 10 urn. M tied Adult C. St George's, Cathedral. 3.30 pm Monday Diocesan Bishops Meeting. 11 31) am. Triesday, V. Vauxhall. Prtl. M and C. 7 20 tion. B ishop Milalten, Auxiliary of Liverpool: Tuesday. Atchhisheps Council. Cusai (711611$, 10 am. Ca thedtal Ni Wirrlatiance committee. 2.15 On, Wednesday. Mararnaii-ria E.11,13114,131 Council Thursday' Situ. JiihrIne. Hey Qv,. VVrightboung, Greasby. Oiehaap Holland of Salford: Sirtunluy. 0, Si Chad. Cherrthem Hal. 11 30 ncr Sunday' V. 12 noon, C. 4 pm. Si Mary. Levenshuime. Tuesidary, V. Si Merv. Oldhal-n WedoektleY Huard of Administration, t0.30 B ishop Jukes, Auxiflery of Sairdrarark: M. dr Folketeone Conveni IT, mark 7515 ar,yersury 1T ern Midday riffs:lel V. Folkestoom parish TuesdayM oor.nlerr Liner uf Southwark Justice and Peace Group, Weal Malang WednesdayTV. St Edmund of Canterbury School. Dover, C. Duke of Yolk School. DO-Vel. 4 pm.

Saturday. Sermon. Sr Andrew in the Wardrobe, 11.30 ere. Suircloy_ Aylesford Priory, 12 noon Monday Prizegiving, Si Martha's. Bemet. 2 30 pm Tuesday. Area Advisory Council Merle Awe-mita, 7.30 pr.

B ithop Lindsey of fiethem end Nawcatda: -Friday' Cardinal Hume, incomes freedom of City. Newcastle Cikie Centre. 11.30 am. Saturday: 0, Si 'Aden's. AshIngtort, 11 am Sunday' V and C. St Beneis., °Listen, 3.30 ern. Fenham Christian Council. °pee Al. Service. 5 pen. Mentlay(Thursday: Clergy Retreat. Vshaw College Parish Juhlien M. Si Robert's. Newoastle. 7.30 pm.

-Bishop McCartit, Auxiliary of Birmingham: -• Friday. Service fur the Cuunly. Wia center Cathedral. 7 pro Saturday. CW.L, Study Day. Mao borne Hall. Hirrningheor Sunday M, Si Beim., Dorcheeier followed try Pilgrimage. 10.30 am. Muntley, M end C. Enstone. 730 pm WedeesdaY: V. St John Fisher. Coventry, C. 7 30 pin Thursday, V. St Gregory. Stretford, C. 7.30 pm.

B ishop McGuinness of hiottirighem: Saturday: M. for Golden and Silver Jubilees, Setters of St Joseph of P... Reareby Convent. 12 aeon. Sunday: Memorial M. for Bishop Ellie. Cathedral. 7 30 pm B ishop O'Connor, Auxiliary of livorpook Sunday! V, Sr Mary's. Wnotton, 0_ St Michael's. trviepool. 3 rev. Monday_ C, Si Columba's. Huyten. ,J30 pin. Tuesday: Archbishop s Council meeting. Cll1,11 &PIC.. 10 am. C, Si Julies. Eccleston. 7.30 prn. Wednesday. School M, St Basil's Primary Sehool, Widnes, 11 am. Justice and Peace Corn. melee meeting. Chrisc Colteys, 7.45 piti Thutaday. C Uphulland College.

Mishap Murphy-O'Connor of Arundal and

Brighton: Saturday: M. for Sisters. Arundel. Prizegiving, Holy Family School, Lertiehampton. Sunday' V. Ash Parish luesday, Blesses Community Centre, Si Agnes Perish, Eastbourne. pre.

%Illaltop O'Brian, Biahop in Hartford:Whim:

Friday C, St Joseph's_ Flishofie Steatite-I. per. Saturday O. Si Joseph s. Bishop 'e Stardom, 12 noon. Sunday, Diaconate 0, Westminster. 10 ern MondayCAEOD. Committee meeting, 1 ion

Tuesday: Consecretiou of St Thames More Church. Knebworth, 7 30 pm_ WednesdayC. Sr Anthoey's Albans Abbey. 3 per C. St Bonventure Church, Welwyn Garden City, 7.30 pm.

Bishop Paanton, Bishop In Cumbria: Sunday C. ST Margaret Mary n. Cartoite, 10.30 am V. Si Cuthbert's taluekpeet. 7.30 gm. Tuesday Attends celebration fut Si Cuthbert's. Bleckpool, Bishop Bwindiehurst. Auxiliary of Rothe= and Navetattle: SaiurrIty 0, Sr Gregory's. South Shields. 11 are. Sunday: V. Our Lady 'and Sr Joseph's. Brooms Morrdo."Fridayr Attends Clergy Retreat. trishaw College.

Rialtos Tripp, Auxiliary of Southwark: Friday Unveiling of Newman Plaque. Horn, 2.30 pm Petrone' Feast M, Richmond, 7.30 tern. Sunday. Adult C. Si' Genrge's Cathedral. 3.30 per. Tuesday' M. St Anne's College, Sanderstead, 10 are. C. Mitcham, 7,30 Wednesday, Priregiving at Sr Joseph's Scheol, Beulah HIP, 6 pm School Thanksgiving M. UPeer Norwood, 8 pm

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