Page 8, 4th July 1986

4th July 1986
Page 8
Page 8, 4th July 1986 — BISHOPS ENGAGEMENTS

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0 a Ordination, M Mass, V = Visitation. C

Centime/Ma Gardiner Hume, Amhbishop of Westminster Tumday: V to the Italian Hospital. apm. M in Westminster Cathedral. 5.30pm. Wednesday: M with Golden Jubilee Priests. Archbishop's House. 12 noon. C. Westminster Cathedral, 7pm_ Thursday: M with French speaking conference, CatherJral Crypt, 6.30pm, Friday: C. Our Lady Gunn of Creation, Hemel Hempstead, 7.30pm. Saturday: Patrick. McLoughlin's C to the Priesthood at Hackney, 2.30pm.

Archbishop Bowen of Southwark Sunder Presides at M. Knights of Saint Columba Youth Day, Aylesford Friary, Tuesday: C. Boatel! Park, 7.30prn. Wednesday: Farewell M or Sister Myra Poole, SND. Head Teacher at Notre Dame School. Southwark, Cathedral, 7pm. Thursday Meets Secondary School Head Teachers to discuss document on education in personal relationships. Diocesan Calechetical Centre, Tooling Ben, Friday C, Streatham, 7.30pm Archbishop COu, e Merrill. of Birmingham Sunday: C, Sacred Heart Acocks Greee., Monday Friday: Priests Retreat, Oscott Saturday V 15 C. Erdington Abbey.

Arehbishop Ward el Cardiff Sunday: Cole M. St Joseph's. Pert Talbot. 11am Corpus Christi Celebration, Cardie Arms Park. 2pm. Raeder G. St Mary's, lainm. Portia 7pm. Thursday Ruby Jubilee Celebrations, Prior Park Preparatory School, Cricklade, I lam. Friday: G, SI Michael's. Barry. 7_30pm, Sawn:tar C, St David Lewls, Newport, 7pm.

B ishop Alexander of Cahn., Sunday V. Holy Rood, Swindon. Tuesdar C M. St Joseph,. StOnehoese. 7.30pm, Wednesday: Clifton Catholic Diocesan Trustees Meeting. SI Ambrose, 10_30ern. Concelebrates M and Commissions Catechists. Si Peter's. Sw [edam-, 7.30pm. Thursday: PTA Thanksgiving M. SI Gregory'S School, Cheltenham, 10.30arn. Meets children preoaring Or C, St Bonaventere's, Bishopston. 7.30pm. Friday: Silver Jubilee 1.1. St John's Priory, Castle Cary. 3pm, C M. St Bonaventure's, Brahopston, 7 33prn Saturday: 0 Brother David lo Diaconate, Downside Abbey, 10am. M and School Revsnion, Sacred Heart High School, Chew Magna, 2.30pra V. Trowbridge Deanery Youth Group. V. Sacred Heart Parish, Wootton Basset!

B ishop Clark or Ent Anglia Sunday: Pilgrimage Waleirgham Tueschne C Mr Our Lady and the Engltsh Martyrs. Cambridge. 7.30prn. Thursday; C M, St Joseph's College, Ipswich. 11 15001 Saturday: V. SI Mark', parish, Ipswich_ Bishop Grey of Shrewsbury Sunder M ol Thanksgiving In mark Golden Jubilee of S1 Peter's

Church, Ludic:Yr./030am. Lays Foundation Stone, St Mary's School, Madeley, 5pm. Mender M of Thanksgiving St Laureneets, Birkenhead to mark retirement of Junior School's Heedmistreea, 7pm_ Teesdale C, Our Lady's, Ellesmere Pori, 7.30ern. Wednesder Meets with Diocesan Church Students Curial Offices, Birkenhead. 11.30am. Crider 0 Lawrence Watson to the Sacred Peesthood, Holy Chas, Church. Olton. Birmineharn. I lam. Saturday:0 David McNamara to the Sacred Priesthood, St. Anthony's, Wythanshawe, 3pm.

anima Ousualli. Auxiliary for Westminstee Sunday: First Communion M, Tower Hill, lOarn. C, Islington, 6pm. Monday: M, Poles Convert, 5.30dn. Tueadar Tower Hamlets deanery conference, 10.30am. Committee for Uneellevers, 2pm. C. Kilburn, 7.30pm. FrIdey: Deans & Pastoral workers' meeting, irlsh Centre. 10_30em, Saturday: Garden Party, Commercial Road. 4pm. V, Haverstock kern Bishop Hannigan of Nieman Sunday: V & C. Liardovery. Tuesday Chapter Meeting, Wrexham. C. Holtwell. 7pm. wednesaller St Joseph's Schad Silver Jubilee Celebrations Wrexham. am I. pm. Theredar 0 Of Stephen Tarpey to the Diaconate, Connah's Ouay, 7pm. Friday: Stall Retirement function. St Joseph's School, Wrexham, pm. Seturday: C. Llanetli, 4pm.

Stew Hanley, Auxiliary ear Westminster Sunday: C, St Paul. Wood Green, 9,30arra C. St Mary Magdalen, Whetstone. 12 noon. Tuesday: Service lor Haringey School Leavers, Wood Green, 10.3Darn. Meeting. Catholic Marriage Advisory Council, Sprn. .wednesder C 0). All Saints, Kenton, 7.45prn. Thursday: Deans' Meeting, han. C II. All Saints, Kenton, 7_45prn.

B ishop Herrn of Middiesbrough Sunder 0 ta the Priesthood, M, Ampleforth Abbey, 113am. 7th Centenary Celebrations, Haztewooe, 2.prn. Monday: Meeting of Noribern Bishops at Haziewocia.Tuearlar C, SI Arphonsus, Middlesbrough, 7prn. Wednesday: &strops Council at Bishop's House, 10.30arra Thereder Whitby DeaneryConference, 10.30am. C, St Hilda's, Whitby, 7pm. FrIdey: Concelebrates M in Cathedral for Retirement of ilenteacher. 7prn Seturdar Diocesan Justice & Peace Commission Meeting in York, 10.30ana

B ishop Henderson, Maarten/ for Southwark Thunder Meeting of Denominational Mission Secretaries, Westminster. 1 prn. AGM ol 21s1 Lewisham North Scout Group, Lea. 7.30pm. Friday: Young People's Evangelism Steering Grout). (BCC). 12 noon. 0 to the Permanent Diaconate, Cambenvell, 7 30pm

Bishop Jukes, Auxiliary for Sorahwerk Sunder V to Tenterden. Temeny C at Mortosaarn. 7.30prn. Weeinesder Meeting of Family and Social Action, hewn FridnynSaturder V MirlStel

Brehm Kelly of Salford Sundar V to Wardley Halt and M with St Mary's UCM. Morecambe. Tuesday Ecumenical Meeting with Anglican Salford Chapter, 9.45am. Thureany Talk to EcumerliCal COnfereece. Crawahawbooth. iMiniatries Today'. 9.45am. St John Vienney Schaal, Heaton Mersey, 1.10prn. Friday Retired Priests V to Wardley, 4 to 7_30pra Sweater Ci to the pneslhood of John Atherton, St Viacents, Over Hutton, 3pm.

&shop annuitant of Leeds Sunday: H. Hazelwood Castle, 2pm. Wedneaday: V Great Yorkshire Show_ M, St Anne's Dewsbury, 7 30ran Thursday: M. Our Lady's School, Weetwooc, Leeds. Friday. Leeds Church Leaders Meeting, 2pm Saturday: C, St Anne's Cathedral_ 7.30pm Bishop Lindsey of Hatter & firmcaele Sunder Concelebrates M for 7th Centenary or the Consecration of St Leonard's Chapel, Hazelwood Castle. 2pm. Clergy Reheat, ma until Friday. Saturday:Golden Jubilee NI for John CM MHM, noon. Bishop MeCwile, Auxiliary fet Wastmlnatm Sunday: M & C. SS Peter A. Paul, Lichfield. 10am. 1.15 C, SI Dunstan. Kings Heath, 3pm. Monday: 4A 5 C, All Souls, Ceventry, 7,30pm, Tuascley: IN & C, St Osburg, Coventry. 7.30pm. Wednesday: M 1. C, St John Vtanney, Covent ry, 7.30prn_ Thursday Mt Holy Trinity Cortvent Kiddermtnster, 2.30pra M & C, SI John, Banbury, 7pm, Saturday: Garden Party, Vietnamese Centre, Handsworth.

B ishop McGuinness of Naninghem Sender Church Students 'Walk Out', Qathadrat, Monday: OA, St Mary's School, Nottingham, 2_30prn. Tvesdir for 1SOth Anniversary, Al, Saints, Glossop. 7.30pm. Wednesday: NT. St Ralph Sherwin School, Derby Thursday: NI, Good Shepherd Church, Amore, 7.30prn Frhtler V. Sisters of Charity of St Paul, Glossop. 6pm, Saturday: PA, SI Thomas More School, Derby, 6.30pm_ mishap Moverley 01 Hallam Sunday: JublIee of Saint Leonard's chapei at Haziew000, 2pm.

Wednesday: V of Saint Thomas or CanleMury School, Sheffield, 10am, Thursday: Primary schools' presentation of 'Lite of Christ' at he Cathedral. lOarn Friday: M at All Saints' school, Sheffield. 10 30am.

B ishop Muffins, Ares alshep In Cardiff Sunday: Civic Serene Penarlh, 10_30am Archdlocesen

Corpus Christi Celebration, Cardiff Arms Park, 2pm. Monday, Edueatien Meeting Newman College. Birmingham. I lam. Temday: Pwyligor Pisetwarcanmtwyddiant Cylielthe'r Beibi, Aberyetwyth C at Swansea, Crydach, 7_3trpm. Wednesday: C, Our Lady Star of the Sea, Mumbles, 7.30pm. Thursday: FORIT of higher Education Archbishop's House Westtninster. 10.30am.

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor Cl Arundel & Brighton Sunday: V. H eattri tele. Monday-Friday: Leads Lancaster Diocesan Retreat, Hazelwood Castle. Seturater 0 Rev David Sutcliffe to the Pnesthood. Carmelite Convent Chichester, 3pm.

Bishop J O'Brien el Hertfordshire Sunday: V & at St Thomas More, Knebworth Tuesday: Golden Jubilee, St Francis Crinvent. Trine, 10.30am. Wednesday: Centenary. St Paul's School, Wood Green, 72m. Thursday: Chump Leaders meeting Abbeygale House, St Albans, 10am_ Friday. Wi,JCWO Weekend on Human Eights at Oxford. 7pm. Saturday: V at St Bartholomew's, SI Mains.

Bishop V. O'Brien, Auxiliary In Middlesbrough Sunday: Celebration at Hazelwood Castle. Humberside Pastoral Council, 7.30pm. Monday: Inner City Fraternat 12.30pm. Wednesday: Bishop, Council in Middlesbrough. V of All SWnts, Thimk. Thursday: IN /or chiiciren of Ail Saints Primary School, Thirsk. Saturday: Teachers MI B ishop Swinatehurst Auxiliary Ica elexham a Newceslie Sunday: C, St Williams Trimdon, 3pm. Wedneadiy: Finance Committee Meeting, Bishop's House, Newcastle, 2,33prn Thursder Bishop Cunningham Anniversary, i4, St Mary's Cathedral, Newcastle, Noon Isiallop Thome. of Northampton Sunder V. Northampton South. Momier C. Holy family, Langley, 7.30pm. Wednesday: Cornerstone Trust Millen Keyne5. 10.30ern Thuredey: Perpetual Profession rd Turvey Abbey, I lam. C. Holy Redeemer, Slough, 7.30ona Friday la St Peter's School, Marlow. C, Burnham, 7.30pm_ Saturday: V C, Marlow_

B ishop Trapp, Auxillary for Southwark Sunday: V to Waterloo. C at Cathedral, 3_30pm. Monday: V to Waterloo. Wednesday: Meeting of CCLEPE at British Council or Churches, /lam. Thursday: Diocese-. Catechetical Centre for launching 01 Publication Cl Guidelines and outnne syllabus for "Educatian in Personal Relationships". 2pm. Fddey Induction of Father Paul Hoagh as Parish Priest al Waihngton, Bern.

B ishop Wairmley KM Fames Sunder Celebrates

▪ RAF Uxbridge. Middlesex, 10.30sm. W•dmwdAr

intercare Meeting, Farnborough, Iiiper. Thursday. Celebrates IN, Marylleid Cornent, Hook, Hants, 545ern Saturday: Leads USCA Pilgrimage, Douai Abbey, Berks. 12 noon.

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