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4th July 2003
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Page 12, 4th July 2003 — Bishops' diaries

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Organisations: Ryedale Christian Council, Council of Priests, Annual Civic Service, I.iturgy Commission, St Mary's School, Archbishop's Council, St Ethelburga's Centre for Rectal:denim, &retinal Hume Centre, College of Consultore, Holy Cross Primary School, Licensing Service, Centre for Evangelisation, St Wulstan's Primary School, Upper School, Cathedral Discovery Centre, Youth Commission, Cardinal Newman School, ESEcumenical Service, Holy Souls School, Episcopal Council, Ushaw College, Ethan Christ Church, Parish Service, Catholic Association, Party for Diocesan Representatives, Curial Office, Board of AdniiniStratiOn, St Wilfrid's School, Service of Thanksgiving, Pastoral Centre, Centre for Evangeleation, V Si Marie's RC Primary School, Lady's School, Primary School, St Mary's College, ArehhIshop's Council, Terese's Primary School, St Bernadette's Church, ArchhishorN Council, V St, V St Joseph's School, Bishopric Finance Committee, St Thome More School, Culford School, RC Primary School, V St Gregory's School, Noithem General Hospital, Bishop's Council for Education, St David's School, Liverpool Hope University College


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Bishops' Engagements

Page 14 from 4th July 2008

Bishops' diaries

July 6 to July 12

Cardinal C 'Murphy-O'Connor (Westmei sax): Sat 1201 July:3pm Ordains Rev. Jim Byrne to the Priesthood. St Bernadette's Church, Hillingdon. NIddx.

Archbishop V Nichols (Birmingham): Sun:9:30ant & I 1:30uni C Our Lady & St Brigid, Northfield; 4pm. feed Diocesan Pilgnmage to Hednesford. Tue:1 lam Blessing of a New Classroom, Holy Souls School, Acocks Green. Wed,7.30pm Attends Silver Jubilee for Mgr McKinney. Oscon. Thu :4:30am Archbishop's Council mtg. 7pin: Silver Jubilee Mass for St Wulstan's Primary School. Stourport-onSevern. Fri:10am School Muss, Cardinal Newman School, Coventry; 7pm: Jesuit Novice 'Amipe Month' Dinner and Tat. Sat 12prn 0 to the Priesthood of John Denney, St Auguste ne'e, Meir.

Archbishop P Kelly (Liverpool): Sun: Intun V M St Mary, Mother of God. Kirkby. Tue:2pm Meets with Archdiocesan Deans. St Oswald az St Edmund Amnesmith. Ashton in Makerfiehe 7:30pm M Thanksgiving on that Silva Jubilee of Rev. George Russell. St Charles Borromeo. Liverpool. Wed.10.45ani V Si Marie's RC Primary School, Kirkby, 7:30pm M Thanks. giving Jubilee of Mondignor Petrick McKinney, St Mary's College, Oscar. Thu: I 0:15am ArchhishorN Council, I ivapree A ichrlincesan Centre for Evangelisation. 4pm: Nugent Cart Society Truston mtg, Liverpool. Fri:1pm V HM Prison, Walton. 7:30pm Service of Thanksgiving on

the retirement of Rev. Dr John Taylor as Chair.

man of the Liverpool Methodist District. Metro. tvlitan Ca' 'haired of Claim the King. Liverpool. Stalptil 0 to the Priesthood of Rev. Martin Jenkins, St Mary. lame HUtPle, Si Helens; 7pm: V M ST l_norence, Kirkby.

Archbishop M Bowen ( Southwark): Sun:12noon ()Kennington Park 1ue:2 pi Blew leg of Nursery. English Martyrs. Watworth, Thu:Bpm C Mortlake. Sat3pm 0 to Priesthood of Rev. Brendan McQuillan, Wandsworth, West I fill.

Bishop K Conry, (Arundel & Brigtion):Sun: I lam M OA Lady Help of ChrisRims, West Bytleer. 5pm: M for Italian Community, Woking. Mon. Mete at Sattrington. Wed: Mtgs at Stisrrington. Thu:9:30am Secondary Heads mtg at Storringtombon: Attends Lour. des Trustees mtg. Storrington. Fri:10:30am Golden Jubilee. St Wilfrid's School, Crawley. Bishop P ['erecter Orharn wilt:Sun:930am & I lam C Small Heath. Mott2pm V St Joseph's School. Stourbridge; 7:30pin C Stourbridge. Tue:2pm V Our Lady's School, Shirley; 7:30pm C Shirley. Wed:7:30pm Attends Silver Jubilee for Mgr McKinney, Oscon, Thu:9:30am Archbishop's Council mug; 2pm: V Our Lady's School. Olton, 7:30p01 C Ohon. Fri:9:45E1in V St John Fisher Sated, Coventry; I lam: V St Gregory's School, Coventry, 7pite Farewell Mass, St Edward's. Selly Park Bishop T McMahon (Brentwood 1: Sun: V C Our Lady of Fatima, Harlow. The: Miss & Interviews at Cathedral House; Spin: Chairs Stock Paresh Cnunci I. Wed: VC Custom House, Beckion, Silverrown. Thu:3pm Mtg of Apostleship ot the Sea, &Medial House. Fri: I Ciam Presides at 40th Anniversary Mats rif St Benedices College. Sat: V C Our Lady Queen of Heaven

Bishop D Lang (Clifton): Sun: V to St Alphese, Bath. Mon Fri: Attends Annual Diocesan Cie! gy Reutat, Downside Abbey. Sat:11am Ordains Alex Redman to the Diaconate at Si Augustine of Canterbury. Downend. Bristol. Bishop NI Evans (East Anglia). Suit: Leads Amulet Si Vincent de Paul Sick Pilgrimage to Walsingham (Mass at 1:30pm 1. Move9aniI I:10am School Visit. Si Felix, Haverhill; 12: I Opm-3:10pm School Visit, St Joseph's, Sudhury. Wedlran Prise giving at St Mary's School, Cambridge: 7!30pm Induction Mass for Rev Patrick Cleary at Parish Priest of St Joseph's, St Nags. Thut Notre Dame High School Year 12 Retreat Day; 7:10pm C St Peter's. Got:lesion. Fri: 10am M to celebrate St Benedict's Day and blessing of new block and Oratory. St Benedict's, Upper School, Bury St Edmwtds. Suffolk. Set; 1 lam Farewell for Rev. Malcolm Braddy.Mahudist Chairman. Culford School, Bury St Edniunds, 4pni: M at Oxburgh Hull with young people of the Diorxise.

Dishes) j lhowithorrne (Hallam): Sure CAFOD Haratnbee, Ushaw College. Mon:7:30prn C St Mary's. High Green. Tue:7:30pm C St Cattierinc _c. Sheffield Wod:6pm Hospital Chaplains. Pastoral Centre. 'Due I I !30am Schools Pudley; 2:30pm I.iturgy Commission. Bishop's HOLM. Fri:11 am Licensing Service, Noithem General Hospital; 7prn Sacred Wan Sheffield Centeniuy Concert Sat:6:30pm M Cathaind.

Bishop A Griffiths (Hextuern & Newcastle): Sun:3prn Hosts Widen Party for Diocesan Representatives. (CoPitioleDFC). Mon:11:45am M St Vincent's Offices, Newcastle upon Tyne and Retirement Buffet for Mr Arthur Stoker; 6:30pm Attends Diocesan Priests' Retreat at Ushaw College. Durham. Tue-he: Da:ocean Priests Ramie at Ushaw College, Durham. Bishop P O'Donnehue (Lancaster t, Sun:10:30ans M St Robert, Carforth; 6pm: C St Clare, Pission. Mon:MI(1m Youth Commission nag; 2pm: Mtg; 7:30pm C St John, Poulton Toe:10:30am Council of Priests; 4pm; Mtg. Wed, C St Wulsten, Fleetwood. 'Thu: 1 lam TribUnel Mass. St Mary, Hamby. Fri: Travel Palezzole for Diaeutwl Ordinations.

Bishop I) Koostanl (Coeds): Mom 10:30arn Bishops' Council, Hinsley Hall. Man-Wad: Diocesan Clergy Retreat. Myddelton Change. Tine 1 0: Men Governors mtg, TASC. Thu r-I Dincekan Clergy Retreat, Mytklehon Grmge. Bishop A Roche (coadjutor, !zeds): Mon: I flarn Biehops" Council, Iiinedey Hall. Mco-Fri: Diocesan Clergy Retreat, Myddelton Grange. Bishop V Malone (L'pool sued), Sun.3pm M with lAIllf&N Sick Pilgrims, St Benet, Netherton, Tue72pm Meets with Archdioeesun Deans. St Oswald & St Edmund Arrowsnirth, Ashton-inMukerfield. 7:30pm C St Mary Immaculate, Blackhronk, St Helens, Wed:12:30pm CES Management Committee mig, London. Thu:10:15am Archbishop's Council, Liveneool .Archtlioceem Centre for Evangelisation: 6:10pm Farewell to Professor Simon Lee, Liverpool Hope University College. Fri:7:30ptit Service of Thanksgiving on the retirement of Rev. Dr John Taylor as chairmen of the Liverpool Methodist District. Metropolitan Cathedrel of Christ die King. Liverpool.

Bishop T Willilants (L'pool awl!): Tue2prit Meets with Arehdiocesan Deans. St Oswald & St Edmund Arrowemith, Ashton-in MukerfieW: 4:3,m Meets with Liverpool LEA; 7:30pm M of Thanksgieing on the Silver Jubilee of Rev. Georx Ravel!, St Charles Boriumou. Liverpool. Wed:2pm Leavers Mass, Our Lady Immaculate RC Primary School, Everton; 7:301ant M St Francis of Assisi, Gamma Thu: I 0: 1. n Archbishop's CounciL liverpool Archdiroesan Centre for Evangeleation.

Bishop J Crowley (Middlesbrough): Sun:3pm Nicholas Tkvagilic Rally, Egdon Bridge Tut:7pm Attends AGM St Stephen's Neighbourhood ['entre, Hull. V1017:30pm Gives talk to Ryedale Christian Council, Ampleforth. Thu:6pm Jubilee Celebration. Bishop's House.

K McDonald (Northampton)Sun:3pm CB'ttorrancie and Thereee, liunsbury. Mon:7pm Bishop's Council for Education, Coffee Hall, Milton Keynes. Tue:4.30pin Mtg with RAINBOWS Ram Higham Paters; 7prn: C St Brendan, Corby. Wed:7pm C Our Lady, Corby. Fri:7:30pin C Our Lady. Aylesbury.

Bishop M McMahan (Nottingham)! Sun V Si John the EeangebseStapleford Mon:10,3term M of Thankegieing, Holy Cross Primary School. Whitwick. Wed:2pm Diocesan Trustees nog. Thu 10th July-Sat 19th July ARC1C Confetence. Bishop C Hollis (Portsmouth): Sun: Illarn Pensh Visitation. Alton Deanery, St Joseph. Grayshott; 3pm: Si John's Cathednil, Portsmouth. C frir Havant Deanery, St John's Cathedral, Portemouth, Wed:7pm Official Opening of St Dominic's Priory Chapel. Lymington. Thu, 10;30/1 turn Conference Planning mtg. Bishop's House, Portsmouth; 7pm: C foe Basingetoke Deanery, St Joseph's, HolliPooke. Fri:7pm C for Watelside pansh, St Michael's, Myths. Sat: I 0:10am-3pm Day for New Catholics, Cathedral Discovery Centre,

APM5nIton.HAnit 5Pn V M Alm° Dc'nerY, St Maly. Bishop T Brain (Salford): SunAlarn & I lam M V Our Lady's, Haigh; 2:30prn Manchester Italian Association Procesminn: St John's Cathedral. Mon-Tae: HMP Chaplains [mg, Mosley Hall, Leeds, Tlle:2pm Board of AdniiniStratiOn mg, Gerald Road. Pendleton. Wed:10:30am Faith tin the hiller nag, Wardicy Hull. Thu: Illurn GMCT mtg. Morton. 2pm: V HMP Forest Bank; Spot: 40th Anniversary Mass, Joseph Cox Charities, St Augustine's, Manchester. Friatn CARITAS ints, London: pm: Justice & Peace Conference, Swunwick. Sat: Justice & Pence Cnnference. Swanwlek.

Bishop it Noble (Shrewsbury): Mon:7:30pm Catholic Association fin Racial Justice: Planning mtg. St Joseph's. Winsford. fue: I lam College. of Consultors, Curial Office: 7pm! C St Monica's, Appleton.

Bishop C Henderson (S'wark Auxil). Mun:5:3Uput Allende Book Launch 'IOW World Pieeers". at St Ethelburga's Centre for Rectal:denim' and Peace. London F.C2. Thu:1 lam Attends 'I:slut-Vim for Parish Service' Awards Mass. St Anselm's, Tooting Bee; Spin: Celebrates Bromley Deaneey Teachers Mass. St Phi lomena's School, St Mary Cray; Attends Si Mary Magdalene's Primary School Show, Buckley. Fri:7:30pm Amends S E Area Unity Communion mtg. Eltham.

Bishop J Hine wart Aimee Sun:9arn 6prn M Si John Flehor, Rochester, I lain: C St Michael's, Chatham. Mon-Tue! No Official Engagements. Wed:10:30run Mtg of Diocemn Education Commiture, Executive Group, Archbishop's House, Southwark. The-Fri: No Officio' Engagemente. Savam Attends .Aylesfrird Youth Festival; 12noon: 0 to Pricohnod et St Teresa's, Ashford.

BishopII Tripp (S'wark Audit I : Sun:6:30pm C St Anne's. Vauxhall. Tue.8.45run Meets with the Chaplains of St Francis Xavier Sled' Kati: College. Thte2prn Meets with Head Teachers and Governors of Mitcham and Merton Schools Pri:7:30pm Celebrates Muss on the retirement of the Headreacher Sr Stloseph, Sr Terese's Primary School. Merden Sat: I 2noon C St Chad's. South Norwood.

Bishop A Hopes (Weninster Sun:11nm M Ethan Christ Church; 5:10pm C M in the Cathedral. Mon: Interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House. TUe:9:30111n V Donny Martyrs Schou', pm:Interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House. Thu: Interviews and Engagements. Archbishop's House. Priam Archbishop's House, pm: interviews and Engagements, Archbishop's House. Sat:6,30pm C M in the parish of Stamm..

Bishop B Langley (W'minster Auxil). Sun:1 I ren 0 le the DiaconXe oflulian L'Aithe„ Hermiston Oratory: 4pm: C Our Lady, Queen of Heaven. Queensway Mon:10am &retinal Hume Centre, Westminster; 7.10pm Mtg casts Deans. St John's Wand Tee! I Inns Tower I lannets Deanery Day of Recollectinn. Thu I lam East London Church Leaders nug; 7:30pm C Sr Jamee, Twickenham. Fri:10am ArehhIshop's Council, 6.30pin C Si Anselm St St Cecilia. Lincolns hue Sae3prn Attending Ordination of Brendan McQuillan, St Thomas's. Wasuiewonh. Bishop J O'Brien (W' minstee Hats areue Fri:7:30pm C Our Lady. St Mary of %tieingham. London Colney. Sat:2pm Presents 'Bishop's Cup' St Albans Bishop C Stack OV'minster Areal: Sun:1 I am Annual Civic Service, Westminster Abbey (preaching); 6pm: C St Charles Borrorneo, Ogle Street. Tue:1 lam Barnet Deanery mtg. West Hendon. Wed:12:10pm CPS Management Commitex mtg. Thu:10:1(late Feast Day Mass, St Thome More School. Wood Green: 2pm: Education Directors mige 7:30pm C Sr Michael's. Ashford. Fri. I am Archbishop's Council; 7:30pm C St Thurna.s' parish, Marro% on the Hill. Sat:1 lam C Out Ludy of Dolours. Hendon; tipm: C St Vincent de Paul parish. Osterley.

Bishop T Burns (Emcee): Sun: Clergy Silete Jubilee Mace. West: Naval Chaplaincy Department Dinner Thu:3pin Episcopal Council. Fri: College of Consultore mtg and Bishopric Finance Committee: pm: Tmst rings WALES Archbishop P Smith (Cardiff): Sate 1 lam Was Mg Chidgey's Diamond Jubilee of Ordination, St David's Cathedne, Cardiff; 2-5pm: IJCivl Pilgrimage to Cardigan. Mon-Fri: Clergy Retreat in Merville. Sat: 2:30pm Inauguration of Most Rev. Burry Morgan ne Archbishop of Wales in Llandalf Cathednd, Cardiff.

Bishop M Jabaie (Meneviali T11es5:30pm M for First Holy ammonites children, St David's School, Swan.sea. Thu: 'Own Dioemart Trustee mtg.

Bishop E Regan (Wrexham.); Sulu UCMW Pilgrimage at Cardigan. Mon: Tapestry of Light & Faith, Wreshem, Tue: 10am tvl at Hillbury House Nursing Home, Wrexham; 12n000 Chapter Mass(Cathcdoili and nag (Bishop House); 7pm: C Our Leidy Star of the Sea Lein dudno. Wed: NBRIA mtg. Thu:12noon A tipt, Centenary Celebration Mass, Prestatyn. Sal Prospective Deacons' mtgs. Bishop's House

Key: M-Mass. C-Confamutam. V-Visitation. 0Ordination. Mtg-Meeting. Sch-School. ESEcumenical Service.

Wc regret we cannot guarantee the inclusion el bishops' engagencrio received later than midday on die Monday prior to publication.

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