Page 1, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
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Page 1, 4th June 1937 — DUTCH ELECTION RESULTS Catholic Party Goes Up : Communists Down

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People: Mussert, Collin, Colijn
Locations: Moscow


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DUTCH ELECTION RESULTS Catholic Party Goes Up : Communists Down

The elections which took place last week in Holland have proved that that nation, like Great Britain, maintains its determination to steer a course clear of all political extremes and even refuses to let itself drift even for an instant in any of the currents that might take it too near the danger line.

Contrary to expectations, the immense propaganda of the Dutch NationalSocialists under their leader, Mussert, with the slogan " Mussert or Moscow " bore no results.

Instead of the expected gains and the minimum of five seats, the " leader has only obtained four. Even this number would have proved impossible but for the system of Proportional Representation.

The Communists, likewise, have lost a seat and the Socialists, a very moderate party which like the British Labour Party has refused co-operation with the Communists, has only succeeded in gaining one scat.

Thus the spoils of battle have fallen to the two centre parties. the Prime Minister's (Dr. Collin) "Anti-Revolutionary" party of Calvinist Conservatives and to the Catholic "State-Party."

The Catholic Party has gained 130,000 votes and three seats, so that it will now have 31 seats in a House of 100. Dr. Colijn's party gained 160,000. Other smaller Catholic groupings have failed to obtain seats and they are likely to unite with the State-Party.

Catholicism Sits Up

The increasing influence of Catholicism in Holland which this election has again emphasised is a remarkable modern phenomenon. Brilliantly organised in every phase of life the Catholics, who are models of religious observance, have played a • notable part in maintaining political moderation.

In a world where political and class passion in the great powers has tended to obscure the true Catholic weight in international and national life and where the smaller countries, especially in Scandinavia, have become largely agnostic in temperament, the Catholics of Holland stand preeminent.

They have shown how the Church can, without compromising herself in the least degree. co-operate with a Northern and Protestant race for the common good.

There remain, of course, many points of opposition between the non-Catholics and the Catholics of the political centre, but the country has none the less greatly benefited from Catholic wisdom and moderation.

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