Page 12, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 12
Page 12, 4th June 1937 — Answers To Correspondents

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People: Gill, Hogan
Locations: Liverpool, Paris


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Answers To Correspondents

PURGOLD, Liverpool, 17.

Why are you so tolerant towards Communist effusions which you seem to regard as a matter on which Catholics may legitimately hold different opinions?

Mr. Gill's original statement produced more than fifty letters on the subject sent to us for publication. This is an indication that there are a very great number of Catholics who are worried or puzzled by the question. Would it be the proper part of a Catholic newspaper to throw them all into the wastepaper basket as the effusions of disloyal Catholics? Even supposing that the letters indicated criticism of the Church or the Popeā€”and, with one or two exceptions, none did would it be either wise or charitable to ignore this volume of opinion? Or should one try to help by clarifying the issue and prompting the writing Of so excellent an answer as that given this week by Professor Hogan?

Nor should it be forgotten that the expression of sincerely felt views in a loyal Catholic paper may be of great help to the Hierarchy and clergy who are, to some extent. put into touch, thereby with difficulties. presented in concrete shape. of the people. We should remember that the old saying about the Faith, viz., that difficulties do not constitute doubts, applies likewise to the Church's teaching and lead about social questions.

J. W., Co. Wicklow.

Does the Pope's insistence (e.g., in Apostolic Letter-to Mexico, C.H. 9/4/37) on the Clergy and Catholic Action remaining aloof from the work of re-vindication of political and social rights, imply that the official Church must just stand by and watch results while individual Catholics do the work?

The rope is clearly trying to preserve the Church, with its spiritual mission, and the clergy, with their spiritual function, from entering into the political arena under pretext. of fulfilling Our Lord's command: " Go ye and teach all nations." The Papal Encyclicals and numberless Pastoral Letters Prove that this is not meant to imply that the Church and clergy should not formulate in quite practical and concrete terms the teach ing of the Church and the principles of morality as they apply to the fights in that arena. Individual Catholics are also active citizens. and within the limits of justice they may. and should, fight as citizens for what they believe to be right and for what they want. Where religious and moral principles are directly involved they net under the guidance of the Church. Hence it is not a question of one element watching while the other works, but of two funct ions.

" ACTION," Ushow.

I would be grateful for information as to where Jociste headquarters are, in Bel gium or Britain? .

Jociote Headquarters in Belgium are " Boulevard Poetical* 79, 13russels; in France: 12; Avenue SoeUrsRosalie, Paris (13iente); in Britaiu, The.nsovetuent has not, we believe, been officially established.

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