Page 14, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 14
Page 14, 4th June 1937 — A NEW GUILD FOR CATHOLIC TEACHERS Its Purely Spiritual Character

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A NEW GUILD FOR CATHOLIC TEACHERS Its Purely Spiritual Character

The widely-expressed idea for the approval of a Guild of Catholic Teachers throughout the dioceses of England and Wales was among the matters considered by the Bishops this year at their Low Week meeting. Details of the decision and recommendations in this matter were made known by the Archbishop of Westminster when His Grace delivered the opening address at the general meeting of the Association of Convent Schools,

Mgr. Hinsley announced that the Bishops had decided that a Guild of Teachers which should be purely spiritual and leave secular matters to their existing organisations is most desirable; that it should be open to all Catholic teachers—university, college, secondary. elementary, to teachers whether working in Catholic schools or in other schools; and that its rules should he very simple. Accordingly they recommend that such a Guild he established on the following lines: Points in the Constitution

(a) All Catholic teachers in every school should be invited to join an association which should be a special branch of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. lb) Enrolment in the Confraternity, and wearing of a badge on fitting occasions, should be the conditions of membership. lc) Monthly Communion should be urged, and a General Communion on the Sunday following the Feast of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More. (d) The basis of organisation to be diocesan, with local centres. meetings, conferences and lectures to be encouraged in each diocese. (e) A chaplain or chaplains may be appointed by each Bishop. (f) It is suggested that a meeting of representative teachers be called together, who subsequently could call larger meetings in their own areas. (g) The badge proposed for the Association of Catholic Teachers is the medal of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More which was struck for the canonisation of these glorious martyrs, with the ribbon of the Papal colours.

The Archbishop said that he earnestly hoped that this scheme would be accepted by all teachers in his diocese. His Grace added that he was asking three prominent priests to act as chaplains — one for the . London district. one for Middlesex, and one for Hertfordshire. Such a Guild as was proposed, he said, might in meetings and conferences discuss many questions of importance.

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