Page 14, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
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Page 14, 4th June 1937 — Episcopal Engagements

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Episcopal Engagements Westminster

Page 11 from 29th May 1936

Episcopal Engagements

The Archbishop of Westminster has the following engagements next week:—

Sunday. June 6, Cathedral: Sings Terre and High Mass, and holds Ordination of Priests, 9 a.m.

Monday, June '7, Cathedral: Presides at Procession and gives Benediction for Federation of Guilds of the Blessed Sacrament, 8 p.m.

Tuesday. June 8, to Wednesday. June 16. Leads National Pilgrimage to Lourdes.

The Bishop of Southwark's engagements are the following:—

June 6, Says Mass at Sheerness, 815. Visitation and Confirmation at Sheerness, 3 p.m. Visitation and Confirmation at Sittings bourne, 6.30; 8, Confirmation at St. George's College. Weybridge; 9, Consecration of St. Dunstan's Church, Woking; 10, Clergy Reunion at St. Joseph's College. Mark Cross; I I, Presides at the Catholic Rally at Lewisham; 13, Visitation and Confirmation at Gillingham.

Relief of Spanish Distress

Miss Ciabriel Herbert, the Bishops' Committee's representative in Spain, has just returned to England with an excellent report of the work of the two ambulances. These have covered some two hundred kilometres a day during the past two months, and have been under fire day and

night. Miss Herbert has brought a list of medical and surgical requirements; there is a crying need for anti-gangrene serum; sticking-plaster and cotton-wool are both difficult to obtain, and in the South there is a shortage of anaesthetics and rubber gloves. In particular, Miss Herbert earnestly pleads for donations towards the purchase of fifty portable hospital beds for the wounded brought in by the ambulances, The Committee gratefully acknowledges the following generous donations: £100 front the General Relief Fund, for the refugees, and £25 from Baroness Ravens dale for hospital beds. Further donations will be most welcome and should be sent to the Bishops' Committee, c/o the National Bank, Ltd., 21, Grosvenor Gardens, SW.!.

Spain: A Way to Unity

Among many articles of interest in the current number of The Sower is one in which Dr. Bernard Malley writes of " The Two Spains." He notes impartially the qualities with which both sides in the present conflict are conducting their warfare, but shows how, with the Nationalists, " the defence of religion .. . is the binding force that makes resistance possible," whereas, with the many divergencies of the groups composing the Popular Front, " all are united by one common endeavour, the destruction of religion."

1.00king to the factors which will have to come into play in order to bring about unity in any reconstruction, the writer emphasis the need for religious teaching on a very different plan from that which sufficed in the past. He says: 'The social doctrine of the Church, which is the application Of the precepts of the Gospel, was almost unknown in Spain. How could religion flourish such a medium? In the new Spain it tritest be taught from the beginning.

" New methods, new institutions must replace the old broken-down, useless machinery. Catechetical teaching, as practised in Spain, must be reformed, It must be spiritualised and raised to the level of intellectual education in the highest degree...

" One of the grossest evils of the old Spain was that there was no post-scholastic

study of religion. Consequently the religious knowledge of men engaged in business or the professions was never beyond the early elementary stage."

28,000 For Neutral Relief

In the second progress report of the General Relief Fund for Distressed Women and Children in Spain it is stated that over £8,000 has been received in money or goods and £6.500 has been spent.

This fund, which is entirely neutral, has distributed almost exactly the same amount of relief goods to tither side, £2,239 to Madrid and £2,475 to Burgos up to April 30.

On the Nationalist side the distribution is carried out by a committee of women with headquarters at Salamanca, and the districts helped include Algeciras, Burgos, Malaga, Oviedo, Salamanca, Siguanza and Toledo.

Conde de Arguillo, Chief of the Social Services in White Spain, has expressed his appreciation of the work.

Miss Helen Watford, a member of the Fund Council, is at present inspecting the work being done on the Nationalist side.

St. Francis Leper Guild

All interested in work for lepers will find encouraging reading in the last annual re port of St. Francis Leper Guild. It was just about a year ago that Major Raphael Jackson made this charity the subject of a broadcast appeal as one of the good causes which in this way the B.B.C. does so much to help. The result of that appeal, upwards of £1,560, means the provision of a dispensary in Sheklung, China, and hues and various other buildings for a leper colony in Africa, at Mua-Minga.

There are about 6,000.000 lepers in the world. The chief aim of the St. Francis Leper Guild is to help missionaries, in any part of the world, who are engaged in ameliorating the lot of these poor sufferers.

OLD SONG PICTURES.—Readers are reminded that in Westminster Cathedral Hall, next Tuesday evening, a programme of Old Song Pictures is being given under the auspices of the Cathedral branch of the Guild of Our Lady of Walsinghana.

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