Page 15, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 15
Page 15, 4th June 1937 — Bridge Notes

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Bridge Notes

By Q. E. D.

The game contract of five of a minor suit is obviously to be avoided if there is a shorter cut, for example three No Trumps. But there are hands in which the suit bid of five is right and the No Trump contract can be defeated; it is therefore most inaportant to get the bidding right on such occasions. These hands from actual play will illustrate my point. N deals, at Love all.

• (None.) ✓ Q x x • Ace K J 7 4 • K Q J 103

W. E.

Q 10 7 2 4 K 9 8 x 9 8 x x V K 5 4 10 9 x •Q x x x x + Ace x S.

AceJxxx Ace 10 x x 9 8 7 6 N has a two-suiter and as such, he must call it; he starts with one Diamond. (E and W are silent throughout) S. One Spade: N. Two Clubs. S Two No Trumps; N three Diamonds: S Three No Trumps (Finish).

W opened with a small Heart: E played the J, and S. took the trick with the Ace.

S leads a small club which E takes with the Ace and a spade lead at this juncture defeats the contract since the Diamond finesse also fails.

The bidding looks natural enough and yet it is wrong; can we detect the error? S should grasp that N is calling a two-suiter, probably of five cards each; and in that case when N calls two clubs on the second round, he must go three clubs as a preference bid. having already shown , his

Spades. This is the vital piece of information; N is really asking, Have you any correspondence in the minors? Name it please at once. The Club bid from S is the clue. Again if N is calling a two-suiter of five cards each, this exhausts ten of his thirteen cards; and S should grasp he must be very weak in the major suits. In No Trump there is almost bound to be a misfit. In Clubs a Little Slam actually lies and can probably be found. In any case game is assured.

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