Page 2, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 2
Page 2, 4th June 1937 — KALENDAR OF THE WEEK

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Locations: Manchester, York, Rome


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Sunday, June 6. Third Sunday after Pentecost. St. Norbert.

St. Norbert was the founder of the Premonstratensians, or White cannns. a PrinrY a the order at Miles Platting, Manchester, end the Canons art lished also in several tither parts of England

Monday, June 7. Of the Octave. St. Robert.

St. Robert, an eleventb-eentury abbot, was the founder of the celebrated Abbey of Chaise4Dien, in Auverg-ne. His body was burned by the Huguenots during the wars of religion, and the ..1.'renc1i Revolution destroyed amok of the monastery. There ()stab Tuesday, June 8. Of the Octave. St. William of York.

William Pitzherbert, Archbishop of York, is traditionally a nephew of Ring Stephen. His life was marked by many a TM eti et; due tn nppusiiirm from his enemies. Ho died within n few weeks of 'toe restoration to the see of 'forklti 12Z7 he was cannnized, and in l283 his relics were translated to a shrine in Yuri: Minister, where they remained until the Reformation.

Wednesday, June 9. Of the Octave. SS. Primus and Felicianus.

The martyrdom of SS. Primus and relivientis took place early in the fourth century, by beheading. The relies of those martyrs are in the church of San Stefano Rotondo, in Rome.

Thursday, June 10. St. Margaret of Scotland.

An annual pilgrimage to Dunfermline honours the memory of Margaret the saintly nueen of Malcolm Tll, King of Scotland. This great Kiiint 1V IL S grunddislighter Edmund lronside, King of Erighind. She founded Dunfermline Abbey and is the titular patron of the present Catholic &arch in the town.

Friday, June Ix. Octave Day of the Sacred Heart. St. Barnabas.

St. Barnabas, mentioned in the Canon of the Mass, is the " good man, full of thc Holy Ghost ILlilj of faith " (ArAti xi, 241 who wa.a set apart to accompioly St. Paul on his missionary journeys. The Roman _Martyrology records that he WRS martyred In Cyprus.

Saturday, June 12. St. John of San Facundo.

This St. John was a Spanish ai.nt of the fifteenth century, famous us a preacher in Salamanca. lie was a religious belonging to the Circler of Hermits of St. Augustine.

BB. John Davey, Thomas Green, William Greenwood, Walter Pierson, and Robert Salt, Carthusians, startled to death between June 6 and June 13,

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