Page 3, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 3
Page 3, 4th June 1937 — MORMONS MAKE C.L.A. LOOK SMALL

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Locations: L.A., Salt Lake City


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Plan Takes 20,000 Off Dole

From a Staff Reporter The Mormons, American Middle-West religious cult mainly famed through their acceptance of polygamy, are working on an ambitious scheme for finding work for their unemployed. Already they have taken over 20,000 of their co-religionists off Government relief.

Polygamy is no longer practised by the Mormons, contrary to popular belief in

this country. The practice was discontinued some forty years ago.

It is a fundamental doctrine of the century-old Mormon faith that all Mormons be self-supporting, so it came rather hard on eighty-year-old Heber Jedediah Grant, Supreme Pontiff of the Mormons, to discover that one-sixth of all the members of his Church were unemployed. To set this evil aright, he and his advisers devised an ambitious relief plan which they set to work to put into practice with char

acteristic Mid-West efficiency. Their results make the high-intended but handicapped efforts of the Catholic Land Association of this country look rather small.

Pay Tithes

The Mormon Church is rich. Its members must pay a tithe of their incomes to the Church; consequently the Mormons' scheme was well financed. Another advantage that the Mormon scheme has over the C.L.A. is that the Mormons are geographically concentrated mainly in and around Salt Lake City in the State of Utah.

Their " Back to the Land " Movement is graphically and cogently shown in the forthcoming edition of the March of Time (No. 12), Anglo-American newsreview filna which is to be generally released on June 12.

Farms, Factories and Shops

Thousands of Mormon men, previously on Government relief, are working on Church farms raising food. Mormon Church stores were opened throughout the country, where families receive all the necessities of life: clothes, food, fuel and medicine, etc., instead of cash. Mormon Church workshops were opened for Mormon women to make and repair clothing.

After the first harvest half-a-million quarts of foodstuffs were canned by Mormon women working in a Church factory.

Catholic Editor Thinks it Excellent The amazing results of this energetic campaign caused great interest in America, and it would be as well if this country took notice, too. Fr. John La Farge, Editor of the Catholic review, America. has something to say about it in the March of Time; his exact words are: " I think it's excellent. I think it would be a wonderful thing if all the Churches were in a position to take care of their own unemployed, materially as well as spiritually."


The Mormon leaders are much troubled because some of their workless members prefer Government relief in hard cash to Mormon work and food: saying No to the Bishop's scheme and taking the dole: " It's money and I can do what I like with it." But in the coming year, with several more projects under way, the Mormon Church is making progress and will succeed, it is sure, in making even. its shirkers self-supporting.

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