Page 6, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 6
Page 6, 4th June 1937 — BASQUE REFUGEES

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A " Reader " Who Won't Read

SIR,—Il appears that the Basque government at Bilbao themselves expressed anxiety for the faith of the children evacuated into England and France. and that in this country the National Joint Committee for Spanish Relief saw to it that priests were brought with the children to safeguard their spiritual or Catholic interests. This was done by a non-Catholic humanitarian committee without the instigation of English Catholic authorities, whose co-operation was later obtained in looking after the children on their arrival in England.

The gratuitous accusation of hypocrisy you offer to these English "humanitarians,' together with the fatuous suggestion that the Basque children should have been committed without anxiety to the charge of the people who are blowing their parents to pieces, are so alarming a sign of the effect of extreme partizanship that protest is imperative.

Such partizanship is giving rise to a widespread opinion (an almost insuperable obstacle at this moment to the apostolate of thinking people) that the defence of Catholic Truth has little or nothing to do with truth as such, or even with ordinary truthfulness.

It is always dangerous to forget that though the infidel may desecrate our altars only we may defile them; though the Marxist may deny Christ only we may betray Him; that there are perversions of truth and of charity, inaccessible to the atheist or the Bolshevik, of which only the Catholic Press may be guilty through excess of zeal in repressing the disquieting afterthought. Or has the Catholic Herald no afterthoughts?


31, Chudleigh Road, Twickenham.

[We wish our correspondents who wish to lake us severely to task for our alleged lack of Christianity would at least take the trouble to study the articles with which they find fault. We did not gratuitously accuse 'English humanitarians of hypocrisy : we amused some Engliali humanitarians of hypocrisy and we gave our detailed reasons. " With the genuine sympathy for victims of war felt by the majority of ordinary Englishmen no one will quarrel." we wrote. And does our correspondent think that if the roles were reversed and a Nationalist town were being invested the British humanitarian movement as suck would tie quite so keen on evaeuating tittle Fascists arid the 'British Press he quite so enthusiastic? (Mr tiorrespoodent, moreover, seems to overlook the fact that the guaranteed zone uttered by Franco would be under International Red Cross guarantee. Is this so very fattiousF—Editor.]

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