Page 6, 4th June 1937

4th June 1937
Page 6
Page 6, 4th June 1937 — LAY INITIATIVE SIR,—In a recent letter Mr. D. A. Young

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LAY INITIATIVE SIR,—In a recent letter Mr. D. A. Young

stated that I had raised in his mind the point whether existing Catholic societies fulfil the Pope's idea of Catholic Action. Some of the enthusiastic members of existing societies will be anxious to refute your correspondent's statement that their activities are not true "Catholic Action," but should not lose sight of the fact that Mr. Young's impressions are shared by a considerable number of Catholics in this country.

Mr. Young does not seem satisfied with action by groups of Catholics. To my own mind, such action is of the utmost importance. Participation in the activities of local societies has always been encouraged by the Hierarchy and clergy, such encouragement being due to recognition of the valuable part that existing societies play in the fulfilment of the Pope's idea of Catholic Action.

I do not fully agree with Mr. Young that we should not indulge in pet schemes of our own. In my previous letter I pointed out that it is within the bounds of existing local societies that the Catholic can voice his suggestions. The danger lies in the execution of our well-meant schemes without previous discussion with the clergy and lay readers, whose experience of Catholic Action is far greater than our own.

Mr. Young is rather drastic in his suggestion that we Catholics should not suggest new ideas for the promotion of our Faith. If our suggestions do not follow the directions of our Sovereign Pontiff we can rest assured that clergy will make this clear, and if the true spirit of obedience is recognised, we will allow our suggestions to vanish into thin air.

If, on the other hand, our suggestions are of use, we can be sure that they will be put into practice at a convenient date. Why must everything be left to the clergy? The apostolate of the laity is surely an appeal to the lay Catholic to co-operate with the clergy in every possible way,

K. S. Ceistesere.

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